Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [16th May – 5th Jun 2014]

18 Jun

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK #1 , LINK #2

Credits to Soompi and k2nblog for the music sources.

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend

IU explores some of Korea’s top oldies in her nostalgic album. My favourite remake is Cho Deok Bae’s ‘My Old Story’, to which IU gives a dreamy, delicate touch while keeping the vintage sound. (Lol, I didn’t even recognise the MV’s actor – Choi Woo Shik >.< Oh and I liked what IU wore too.)  Regardless, it is a sweet thing she’s doing, and I can’t deny that the songs were well produced. Here’s the full album link (Credits to Ximee w009)

Discovered on <Hidden Singer 2> for successfully surprising Wheesung/Hwi Seong and fellow audiences, Kim Jin Ho releases an OST for weekend drama <Hotel King>, The intense Ballad is welcomed, amidst the sombre, emotional Ballads. Bonus: Kim Jin Ho covers Wheesung’s ‘Day and Night’. (Credits to the singer’s youtube channel and JTBC Ent)

T-ara’s Ji Yeon is all grown up for her solo debut mini-album. ‘1Min1Sec (AKA Never Ever)’ is a suitable mid-tempo Dance Ballad for Ji Yeon’s husky vocals. As for the lyrics and the MV, I actually think that Ji Yeon should have taken a step further and made ‘1M1S’ sensual like how Seon Mi interprets her sexy concepts. (I may appear to be some sort of discipline mistress when I review sexy group/solo acts. But it’s because I feel that the the concept is mostly used for the attention, leaving the song choice and MV neglected in the process.) It was rather awkward seeing how the lyrics didn’t seem to complement the way Ji Yeon sang, or the choreography. The MV wasn’t much help either. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the title track. ‘Yeouido Cherry Blossom Street’ is a refreshingly, happier mid-tempo Funky Dance Pop. The feel-good track ends before you know it. 🙂 (This reminds me of Pascol’s ‘Like The Lines of A Romantic Comedy’’)  Although ‘Marionette’ is a mid-tempo Dance Ballad similar to ‘1M1S’, I still prefer ‘1M1S’. I feel that ‘Marionette’ would have been better if it had gone all out during the chorus. Overall, a satisfying solo debut. The main genre, Dance, gave a slick, clean sound to all the songs and it complements with Ji Yeon’s husky vocals. Credits to K-POP K-OST 2014 V4.

Ladies Code (My condolences to the 2 members.) sings a Vintage mid-tempo Dance Ballad for Channel M (tvN)’s . A solid song from the girls; it’s been some time. :/

Lee Se Jun’s sends us back to the 90s/early 2000s with his first solo album. Most of the songs are light/simple Acoustic/Piano Ballads, with the exception of ‘G.U.I.L.T.Y’. Every one of the Ballads give me drama OST vibes. One thing I really like about the album is that the Ballads do not overlap with one another. They and Lee’s gentle voice give a warm sense of familiarity without overwhelming or underwhelming you. For his songs, please go over to this youtube channel.

MC haNsAi (pronounced han-sae) alternates between fierce rap and gentle singing in his ‘Miss You’ single (credits to Both his rap and singing skills are legit! LINK Credits to MC haNsAi Yoon.

Lee Ki Chan sings a heartrending Ballad for <Doctor Stranger>. Be careful of the spoilers!!

Rapper Pharoh’s five-track-ed EP is of the Hip-Hop genre. Sexy mid-tempo Hip-Hop and RnB ‘Want U’ is a collaboration between Pharoh, Loco and C-Luv. Although it’s not exactly unorthodox, the chorus stands out nonetheless. Mid-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad ‘It’s Been’ features Ulala Session’s Myeong Hun. Great choice of vocalist.  Mid-tempo Hip-Hop ‘어렴풋이’ is lightly catchy despite the dull, lazy tones. It also reminds me of Crucial Star’s style. Wa$$up’s NADA and RED ROC participates in Pharoh’s Techno Hip-Hop ‘Dompreii’. So dope >.< ‘Fuck You’ is an unexpected mid-tempo RnB Ballad. The song reminds me of ‘어렴풋이’, only higher in tone and more at ease than its depressing counterpart. Credits to EXO TV and Sungyong Hong.

With those husky vocals, Kim Dong Wook adds a sense of abandonment to <Big Man>’s depressing mid-tempo Latin Ballad OST. LINK Credits to music kpop OST.

Actor Kang Ha Neul’s musical contribution to his drama, an Acoustic version of the Low-tempo Ballad ‘Three Things I Have Left’. I’m not sure if it’s the fan-made video or Kang’s warm voice that made me all gooey inside. >.<   Baek Ah Yeon sang the original. Which did you prefer?

Infinite searches a bookstore for an elusive lover in their anticipated comeback. <Season 2> should be a treat for people who like exciting, fast-tempo songs. FYI: Infinite’s signature musical branding is their 90s/retro, heavily synthesized style.  ‘Last Romeo’ is a fast-tempo intense Pop Ballad with Jazz instrumentals. The chorus was so darn catchy. >.< And those dance moves were impressive! I can’t say that for the MV’s storyline though… <Season 2> was a good mix of energetic Pop and Ballads. Intro track ‘Season 2’ introduces ‘Last Romeo’ instrumental-ly. The piece has a melancholic start before plunging into the thrill and danger. (Also played in the MV before the title track began.) ‘Back’ started off as a mid-tempo Ballad before the Techno bits altered the pace and intensity of ‘Back’. (y) ‘Diamond’ is an Orchestra-supported Ballad where not only does the instrumental share the same amount of work as the vocalists, it also assists them in the singing. Such a Ballad, gives vocalists the chance to truly shine. The middle portion of the album gave way to fast-tempo songs such as fast-tempo Pop-Dance Ballad ‘Follow Me’, fast-tempo Rock-Pop ‘Rosinante’ which reminds me of ‘LR’, Techno-and-Disco Pop Track ‘Breathe’. Then Sung Gyu’s cheery 90s RnB Ballad solo ‘Light’ and Infinite H’s ‘Alone’ (Similar to the duo’s ‘Without U’) provided a much appreciated break away from the high energy Pop songs. The later half of the album included 90s Ballads like upbeat Pop Ballad ‘Memories’, ‘Reflex’ and Infinite F’s ‘I’m Going Crazy’, low-tempo emotional Ballad ‘A Person Like Me’ and Woo Hyeon’s mid-tempo 90s Ballad solo ‘Close Your Eyes’. ‘Shower’ is a fast-tempo Pop-Dance with Funky electric-guitar instrumental, and which ends the album in true Infinite fashion. On the whole, my one criticism is that the tracks were that they were somewhat similar to one another. Regardless, I thought the album deserves praise. Every song was enjoyable. 🙂  Congrats to the group’s achievement! On top of that, you can never go wrong with speedy, catchy Pop/Dance tracks. 🙂 EXTRA: The group’s showcase | Who’s up for Infinite’s Instrumental album <The Origin>? Ohh. That’s cool. More covers to be expected? Details on the album | Playlist Credits to K-Pop Subs~ Requests [CLOSED] and MarbleTeethMusic Chart II.

B-Rock and Timber’s K.Brown duet for a romantic mid-tempo Piano Ballad.  ‘You Are My Everything’ was just pure perfection. Such lovely vocals. <3.<3 The MV was also refreshing. It seemed like credits after a drama/movie – just like how the relationship has ended. (It was funny watching the cat walk ‘backwards’ though. :P) Funfact: Original was sung by another pair called Davichi. Which do you prefer?

Broken Lips and 45RPM’s J-Kwondo releases a mid-tempo RnB track ‘U Do’. Love the song omg. So WHY does the friggin’ MV have to be so dirty??!! Sigh.

Humming Urban Stereo’s is an eleven-track-ed EP. [The ‘WaltzSofa 10th Anniversary’(Outro) and the last five are instrumentals, so I will skip those. Please refer to my previous post for a review on ‘Scully Doesn’t Know’.] ‘Salad Days (feat. Brown Bunny)’ is a Funky mid-tempo Electronic Pop with a 90s feel. Smooth vocals singing a lightly catchy track. And cats. What’s not to like? So I have been reading the youtube comments and realised that the group’s female vocalist had passed away, which explains this EP. The album contains songs that have been tweaked to cater for present times. Relaxing, pleasant mid-tempo Electronic-Pop ‘Hawaiian Couple’ is an old song when Lee Jin Hwa was still around and whose vocals I feel, suit the nature of the track better than Brown Bunny and Ladies Code’s Ashley’s. Lee gave a cute angle to the original, which totally fits the endearing film. (*Proceeds to finding the movie*) English track ‘Insomnia (feat. NS Yunji)’ is a hushed Acoustic-Piano Ballad when you need to wind down (in spite of the sad lyrics). Such a song is quite rare in the music industry. Either that or I have no fate with its kind. Credits to inHummingUrbanStereo. Lastly, ‘Bullshit (feat. Narsha)’ is an Electronic-Rock Pop. Well put-together! Those bass beats were so full of swag. And Narsha’s featuring is just the right icing on top of an already delicious cake.

Anyone interested in Rock Ballads? Then Human Race might make you a fan after listening to their ! All the tracks in the album are mid-tempo Rock Ballads and there’s an uplifting, encouraging effect after listening to them. The lead vocalist of the band has a strong, but steady voice to boot! MVs: 추억의습관 | Song For You  FYI: ‘Go’ was used for <Mr Perfect> film OST. Credits to BandHumanRace and KpopMar Shadow Fiend (Nevermore).

Lucia (real name: Shim Gyu Seon) wants her ex back in low-tempo 90s Ballad ‘Be Mine’. I wasn’t expecting myself to like the Ballad. But it was so soothing and she sang it so well. The other songs in her album that I also recommend are ‘One Person’ and ‘Demian’. The former’s a sweeping low-tempo Ballad and is used as an OST for western film, . The latter seeks to empower through a low-temp Soul Ballad; Beautifully done song and MV! Credits to pastelmusic.

AOMG’s Loco releases ‘Hold Me Tight (feat. Crush)’ and ‘No Manners (feat. Gray)’ in his May single. ‘Hold Me Tight’ (mid-tempo RnB with rap) was mistakenly covered in a previous post under the Discovered section, so it’s just ‘NM’ for this period. ‘NM’ is a fun Techno Hip-Hop track. Both the rap and chorus parts are different, and yet they complement each other smoothly. Credits to JO_MUMBLESTASH09.

Home to artistes like Verbal Jint, San E, Phantom, Troy and Miss $, Brand New Music adds one more Hip-Hop duo to the mix. Champagne&Candle debuts through ‘What’s My Name’, a legit Hip-Hop Rap single. This was awesome. It was just simply them doing their own thing and it worked!

Superstar K5’s Neighbro debuts through mid-tempo Acoustic-Piano Ballad ‘Let’s Hang Out Today’. Such pretty vocals >.< There’s a warm tenderness to the song that I feel it should have been released in Autumn. Will be sure to watch out for their next release!

JYP’s powerhouse duo 15& sweeten things up with ‘Sugar’. According to Soompi, the Jazzy Soul-Pop title track ‘has its foundation in Motown, and has a retro feel with a pop melody’. There was nothing I didn’t like about ‘Sugar’. The track was fun and adorable; The girls were obviously enjoying their time. And, they showed off their vocals (and rap), without getting to Ballad-y. (Maybe one thing – those yellow pants on Ye Rin has got to go :P) As usual, my remaining picks from are ‘Rain&Cry’ (Ahh, plain old mid-tempo RnB Ballad with prominent Bass beats. Pure goodness.) and ‘Shy Ma Boy’ (Lovable mid-tempo Electronic-Rnb Soul that puts a smile on your face. Cute!). ‘Not Today Not Tomorrow’ was not too bad. The fast-tempo Electronic RnB-Pop’s chorus was groovy and all, but I preferred the verses. I would have preferred if they skipped on the Pop genre. Otherwise, ‘NTNT’ could be seriously awesome. The duo’s vocals assure you of quality tracks, so do check their new songs out. [The last three tracks were released as singles before the album. As such, I have already reviewed them in my previous posts. :)] Live Performances: soompi verJYP youtube channel ver

Baek Ji Yeong wants to be passionately in love for her melodramatic low-tempo Ballad ‘Still In Love’. Such an elegant song~ No complaints with regards to the MV either. Beautifully shot, with competent acting from the young actor(Yeo Jin Gu) and actress(Bestie’s Hae Ryeong?)! That fighting scene especially, was just the right kind of intensity. 🙂 I almost cried >.< (I thought she was going to give him more powder towards the end. heh :P)

The Barberettes‘ go back in time with their retro album, Barberettes First Album #1>. Excellent job by the trio. Here’s what the album includes: ‘가시내들’ (Low-tempo Retro Jazz), ‘쿠커리츄’ (Lightly catchy Retro-Folk Soul; Last track is the English version of this song.), ‘한 여름밤에 부는 바람’ (Retro Ballad sung in a Choir style), ‘한 여름밤의 꿈’ (Retro Ballad in the 50s-60s), ‘봄맞이’(Retro Ballad in the 30s), ‘비가 오거든’ (Retro Rock with Deep Bass Beats), ‘사랑의 마음’ (Low-tempo Retro Jazz Ballad) and last but not least, ‘Mrs Lonely’(Retro Ballad in the 50s-60s; similar to ‘한 여름밤의 꿈’) Note: Track 3 and 4 has been switched.

Jeong Jun Young and Younha combines Classical Piano and Electric Guitar for mid-tempo Ballad track, ‘Just The Way You Are’. I remember this was popular when it was released. What I really like about the song was its MV and lyrics. I was so overcome with emotions when I saw the acceptance subtle in the scene where both leads played with each other for the first time. This has been one of the most meaningful song I have listened to in a long while. And for that, it deserves to be recommended.

Rapper San E and Miss $’s Kang Min Hee for <you’re surrounded=””><You’re Surrounded> OST, Piano-based mid-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad ‘What’s Wrong With Me’. The endearing song is easy to like with its breezy melody.

Wheesung/ Hwi Seong provides the right emotions for <Man On High Heels> low-tempo Piano Ballad film OST, ‘I Don’t Want To Know’. (That film’s gonna be a real tear-jerker. >.<) The MV is a spoiler, so:

Mystic89’s Kim Ye Rim (AKA Lim Kim) and Eddy Kim’s vocals take you through variety show <Roommate> via similarly titled ‘Roommate’. Backed by prominent Bass beats and mild Electronic Guitar instrumentals, the mid-tempo Ballad has a casual, friendly charm. 😀 [Spoiler Warning: Scenes from the variety show are in the MV. ]  

Just like how Hoon sings ‘Men are simple’, the U-Kiss members are seduced in their ‘Quit Playing’ mini-album comeback. The sextet’s (for now, as AJ completes his college degree, and Dong Ho replaced by Jun) title song is a light mid-tempo Funk-Electronic-Dance RnB piece, which smoothly blends in every member’s vocals and rap. Despite Jun’s rap being rather typical when it first started, the rap duet of sorts between him and Eli was good. (Speaking of the 97er maknae, he gives me serious Mir vibes – he looks like Mir and he sounds similar to Mir. :O He also reminds me of APink’s Eunji on pictures…and then Kim Su Hyeon in their showcase…LOL!) In my opinion the issue’s not with the mature concept. Heck, I wasn’t even bothered by the scantily clad female dancers. The MV was just low. (And that’s a total understatement of how much is pent up .) Sigh. The song was actually quite good. ‘One’ is a likeable mid-tempo RnB Love Ballad. There’s this subtle ‘to-the-fans’ touch to the song. It can come across as typical Ballad material to some. ‘Come To Me Again’ slows things down with its OST-like low-tempo Ballad approach. Thankfully, there’s the rich instrumental to balance things out. *In love with the chorus* I was also surprised by Jun. HE CAN SINGGGG. PROOF 12(around 5:00). ‘It Must Be You’ is a mid-tempo Ballad accompanied by Acoustic and electronic instrumental. All the songs are enjoyable. The Ballads can be generic for some, but the rich instrumental offsets that criticism. 🙂 Credits to ARIRANG K-POP and hoontokki2.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t like Tae Yang’s ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’. The low-tempo Piano-based RnB Ballad is what I deem a solid, gripping piece of music. The simplicity of it all is amazing, be it the song or the MV. Even the explosion of his ‘ex’’s picture makes for a destructive yet aesthetically pleasing effect. (I just wished Tae Yang was not half-naked. lol. I’m weird sometimes..) Read here on how the song came about. I also recommend ‘Rise’ (A Hip-Hop RnB Ballad intro with a band instrumental. There’s a concert-y high feeling when you listen to ‘Rise’; Love it! It does make you and ‘This Isn’t It’ (Sweet and soothing Low-tempo Acoustic Ballad). ‘Body’ and ‘Love You To Death’ are not bad either. Altogether, I can’t say the album was groundbreaking. But I’m with the majority on ‘ENL’ – it truly deserves to be a chart-topper. Congrats to Tae Yang on the achievements! Credits to NICKNACK K-POP SHOP 2.

Jungkey packs high quality Ballads into his first full album <Emotion>. (In case some of you find the song familiar, some of Jungkey’s songs were released prior to . For eg, Baek Ji Woong’s performance of ‘Sincerely’ in the audition programme.) ‘Things I Can’t Say’ (sung by Navi) is a low-tempo Piano Ballad. The way in which Navi sings the beginning of the chorus, breaking into a heartrending falsetto, crying ‘You Loved Me, You Wanted Me’. T.T Navi<3 ‘Alone’ (sung by Kim Na Yeong) is a low-tempo Urban Ballad. Once again, the featured singer was a good choice. Her husky vocals and control is what the song needed.  (link) ‘From The Bottom Of My Heart/ Sincerely’ (feat. Im Se Jun) is a low-tempo Piano-based RnB Ballad. Too awesome, I can’t >.<  ‘I’m Sorry’(feat. Welldone Potato) is a low-tempo Jazz-club-y Ballad. The song is literally made for a dimly lit posh pub with a melancholic ambience. ‘Be Forgotten’ (feat. Yang Da Il) is another low-tempo Piano-based RnB-ish Ballad. It’s melody is reminiscent of ‘Sincerely’. Yang Da Il’s husky, high-pitched vocals give off a depressing effect and they sound similar to Ulala Session’s Myeon Hun’s vocals. LIVE ver:  Low-tempo Piano-based Ballad ‘Meet U’ is a bittersweet track featuring Baek Ji Woong and that falsetto of his. >.< ‘Introduce – Great Day’ is a low-tempo Electronic Jazz instrumental. ‘Complain’ will be a favourite for those into Jazzy Soul and Blues music; Jo So Yeon’s voice doesn’t disappoint. The MV’s female lead, is very human. She tries to take singlehood in her stride head on, only to crumble when life forces her to admit her dislike towards . ‘Being Left’ is a collaboration between Jungkey, King Bak(male singer) and Kim Min Jeong(female singer). A beauty, this low-tempo RnB Ballad.  Jungkey and Yang Da Il teams up for a second time as ‘이토록 뜨거운 순간’ adds one more to the list of low-tempo RnB Ballads in . ‘Winter’(feat. Seonwoo Jeong Ah) is yet another Ballad. The main theme of Jungkey’s album being ‘Heartbreak’, ‘Winter’ follows in that same vein. Weren’t the MV’s couple also portrayed in ‘Alone’ too…? ‘Beautiful Day’ is a Piano Ballad instrumental. ‘MAMA’ is a remarkable Soul Jazz piece. The live version of the song, which features Gu Yun Hee, Han Ye Seul, Shin Jong Wook, Kim Na Yeong, would be fascinating to watch. 😀 Now this is what I call a high quality album. 🙂 Credits to 1theK, JUNGKEY and Melon40 (Soundcloud).

MSG’s ‘Sunshine’ is a mid-tempo HipHop backed by deep Bass beats, (So dope XP) while ‘River’ (Feat EachOne) is a mid-tempo Jazzy Hip-Hop RnB track with a sexy chorus. MSG, please return sooner!! Credits to k2nblog. More Hiphop at dynastymuzik’s soundcloud!

Superstar K3’s Lee Jeong Ah releases a Ballad album <Undertow>. ‘Song of the Wind’ is a Vintage Ballad. It’s heavy, yet bittersweet. :’) It feels like an OST for a coming-of-age film where the main lead leaves his/her countryside for the big world. Or a Vintage Romance Ballad for a couple about to split up as the main lead moves out of the village. (Don’t ask my why it’s always leaving villages. >.<) ‘Hands of Love’ is an emotional Ballad sung in fluent English. It has a (Disney) fairytale vibe.. ‘Light Beginning’ is an upbeat Acoustic Indie Ballad. There’s something so carefree about this song. Like ‘HOL’, ‘Hold On’ is another emotional Ballad sung in English but done in a more matured way – like a track that’s performed in a dimly lit Jazz club. ‘Thank You’ is a slow Piano-Acoustic Ballad. Like it’s title, the song’s tempo and instrumental makes you want to take things slower and appreciate what life gives. English version. ‘I Want To See You’ is a heartbroken low-tempo Orchestra-backed Ballad and one of the few songs in that challenge Lee’s vocal abilities. Goosebumps-Live Version:  If happy, light-on-feet RnB Ballads are what you are expecting by its name, ‘Spring’ will surprise you with its dark and heavy Ballad production. There’s a Sageuk/50s/war-time element in the song as well. ‘Sweet Dreams’ is yet another low-tempo Piano Ballad with a vintage flavour. The low-tempo fairytale/ vintage romance Ballad ‘125’ sounds like a cover OST for ‘Hands of Love’ in the beginning. A high quality Ballad album in total. I was hoping for some light Ballads, but I couldn’t complain. I did find songs I wasn’t too thrilled about, but that’s only 2 (ie. ‘우리의 삶이 항상 날씨 좋은 그 어느 날 같았으면 좋겠어요’ and ‘June/6th Month’) out of the official 11 – Track 12 was an instrumental Outro and track 13 was the English version of ‘HOL’. 🙂  (post) If you are interested in her live performance, please go over to mwave for her full coverage of her first album. (Though I doubt it will be in the order following the playlist…) Credits to NAM_MUMBLESTASH10, Nicknack K-POP SHOP, m-wave.

Mr Tyfoon’s ‘Fxxk You’ is an urban electronic gangsta Hip-hop with a nice instrumental and beat rhythm, in spite of the expletives. -_-

It’s been some time ever since 8eight came up in the news and the trio’s female vocalist, Ju Hee, is back for <Witch’s Romance> mid-tempo Ballad OST. Her strong voice was missed. ❤ It could have been better without the generic Ballad instrumental.

BAP asks ‘Where Are You? What Are You Doing?’ for their low-tempo feel-good European-styled Acoustic Ballad single. Love the fashion in the MV, and in particular, Bang Yong Guk’s. >.< BAP continues the romantic concept onto their ‘Today I Must’. The Acoustic Ballad should sweeten the smile of every Baby. Credits to Ariimoto.


Epik High collaborates with Chinese soloist Bibi Zhou in a Korean-English mid-tempo Ballad. The quiet nature fits the depressing love story and the beats will get you hooked in no time. (The audio track starts out quite loudly, so remember to tone the volume down. :))

Kim Greem is in a conflict between curiosity and trust in her Electronic mid-tempo RnB comeback single ‘Slide To Unlock’. 2bic’s Kim Ji Hwan himself features as the guest harmoniser. 😛

While it’s not a hyper summer song, Urban Zakapa’s ‘Like A Bird’ should be a favourite for those who are seeking some alone time, wherever they may be. It’s a refreshing Bossa Nova track, accompanied with a quirky, but cute MV.

Melody Day and 2AM’s Changmin sing a mid-tempo Love Ballad ‘The Very Last First’, which describes the promises between a couple who are getting married.

RnB duo Fly To The Sky is back together for their <Continuum> comeback. ‘You You You’ is the emotional mid-tempo Ballad representative of the duo’s 9th music volume. The Ballad-ful album was not my cup of tea. Despite that, Brian’s and Hwan Hee’s vocals are still amazing. ‘So Cool’ and ‘We’ are the lighter Ballads – one is a sensual mid-tempo RnB Ballad while the other is an understated, urban RnB Ballad. Credits to Rhett Redmon and EXO TV.

‘Future Wife’ is my recommendation out of hybrid-Hip-Hop trio Phantom’s <Phantom Power> album. The song is, to my surprise, a Techno/Electronic Club track. It’s sooo addicting. Omg >.< The remaining songs in the album didn’t go beyond what has already been tried before. Tracks like ‘Seoul Lonely (feat. Ga In)‘ and ‘You’ (Sanchez’s solo) were not bad, but they don’t quite pack a punch for me.

Female duo, Hansalchae (=1 year apart)’s ‘Two people’ is a soothing light mid-tempo Piano Ballad. Think Jrabbit and ‘ 풋풋 Poot Poot’ put together. LINK Credits to AsianDreamVOD

Big Mama’s Min Hae offers simple and sweet Acoustic Ballads in her <You&Me> solo debut. ‘Spring Wind’ and ‘Angel’ are the quintessential Ballads of the vocalist’s mini-album.   FULL ALBUM LINK Credits to music kpop4

Sweden Laundry (Not to be confused with the idol drama.) releases low-tempo Piano Ballad ‘Night’. This is great for unwinding! LINK. Credits to Song4UCH3.

Berry Good (right..) has a dreamy wedding for their ‘Love Letter’ debut. The 90s mid-tempo Pop-Dance Ballad is sweet and pleasant, befitting their girly image.

Leessang’s Gary and Jeong In’s ‘Your Scent’ is a pleasant mid-tempo Acoustic RnB track. Jeong In’s unique vocals gives the song a blissful, contented impression, while Gary switches to his romantic side for his rap portion. Though I’m not with the majority on the song, congrats for the win – 1 2!! LINK Credits to Heybilee Heybilee.

Jeong Jun Il’s participation in a singing programme sees the release of ‘Missing You’. That melodious voice of his!

So Hyang participates in Ju Yeong Hun’s 20th anniversary, singing low-tempo Piano Ballad, ‘Rain’s Rhapsody’. Such clear vocals. LINK Credits to InHo Lee

Rapper Lil Cham has a Techno-Hip-Hop rap track out, featuring male rapper Jijark. Love her rhythm and chill swag.

Melody Bread (Co-ed duo?) sings with BubbleSisters’s Seung Hee for sweet mid-tempo Acoustic RnB Ballad duet ‘Dugeun Dugeun Alarm’. Love the vocals; they really blend well together. LINK The above title track is my pick from the duo’s (? Error Carry Forward. :P) mini-album. Most of the songs are ok – ‘Smiling Idiot’ (low-tempo Keyboard-Piano Ballad, resembles a drama OST), ‘Your Embrace’ (mid-tempo 90s RnB Ballad with an engaging chorus), ‘Melody’ (lightly catchy Jazz/ Bossa Nova Ballad), ‘What You Want’ (mid-tempo 90s RnB Ballad) and ‘Because it’s Spring’ (Funky, light mid-tempo RnB Ballad). Credits to DanalEntertainment

Molly.D’s latest mini-album is a mix of Hip-Hop, rap and RnB! ‘5AM (feat. demonicc. Curiously, Pulseday’s Son Min Jeong is the feature on…)’ is a relaxing rap track with a simple but pretty piano instrumental. (link  ) ‘Snapback (feat. Maeng Seung Ji)’ is a gentle mid-tempo Hip-Hop RnB number. The chorus is sweetly endearing. Aww~ Despite the repressive nature, mid-tempo Hip-Hop-RnB ‘Aint Nobody (feat. Basick, Gu In Hwi of Pretty Brown)’ is quite the engaging track. The bass accompanied with the tough raps give the song an edgier sound. ‘Can You Sleep?’ is a song that you can grow to like within a couple of listens. Against the dainty, repetitive piano instrumental, Molly.D’s way of singing the mid-tempo RnB’s chorus is so addictive. As I’m unable to find ‘Wanna Catch A Movie Together?’ on youtube, I shall end the review on Molly.D’s mini-album here. (Please leave a comment if you ever find!!) Altogether, Molly.D’s been a good discovery for me. His music may not be the best, but it’s not bad at all either. I particularly enjoyed his ‘Snapback’ and ‘Can You Sleep’ the most. 🙂 Credits to Dongin lee and neuron music.

SNSD’s Tae Yeon is afraid of rejection for her ballad single OST participation. ‘사랑 그 한마디 (Love, The Only Word)’ reminds me of her <Hong Gil Dong>’s ‘If’. LINK Credits to Suree Dong

Kim Yeon Woo decides to ‘Move’ on‘, albeit reluctantly, after a breakup. (Or maybe it’s a forced ‘Move’.) The title track featuring Block B’s Park Kyeong is a mid-tempo Retro Electronic Dance Ballad. Though Kim Yeon Woo handles the song well, the verses are not exactly anything new. But, the chorus is a real mind-changer. I wonder why the MV included the skinny female model.. There are many ‘healthier’ looking why her? In my opinion, I wouldn’t mind watching the dancers throughout the video – there could have been a really slick choreography. ‘Call Me (feat. Troy’s Kanto)’ is a more engaging version of the mid-tempo Retro Electronic Dance Ballad mix of genre. [Antidote was covered in a previous post of mine.] ‘Do Re Mi Fa Sol’ is an entertaining Electronic Dance piece with Rock-Pop foundations. It was somewhat childish in my opinion. Heh 😛 I initially thought ‘I Belong 2 U’ was a low-tempo Piano Ballad, as expected from the Balladeer. But the pace picked up in the chorus, giving the song an overall Electronic Jazz Ballad sound. I always like it when a singer tries out something new, and a veteran at that. I was disappointed, given how good ‘Move’ sounded in the teaser. But I got to give it to Kim Yeon Woo. The mini-album was a totally different approach from his Ballad image, sans ‘Antidote’. Do watch his showcase!

Jo Jeong Hee’s ‘Blue Bird’ for is a low-tempo European-esque(??) Ballad. Her husky tone is so gorgeous. But I have to say, the song requires an accompanying scene or MV for an effect.LINK Credits to KVideosSubbed.

N-Sonic’s ‘Crazy’ is a stylish mid-tempo Dance-Pop Ballad supported by Latin and Jazz Instrumentals. Originally a pre-release, the song can also be found in their mini album <Reset>.  ACOUSTIC VER Credits to N-SONIC (Official)

Acoustic Collabo is a co-ed duo that focuses on soothing Acoustic, led by Yu Ji An with her clear, lovely vocals. My picks would be ‘I Do’(Lightly catchy Acoustic Love Ballad), ‘My Heaven’ (low-tempo Acoustic Love Ballad – what a precious song!). ‘Dream’ sounds like a Davichi song. :O The duo’s album should be a favourite for fans of pleasant Acoustic tracks. PLAYLIST I’m wondering why the male half of the duo didn’t sing like he did in their earlier release ‘You And Me, Fluttering Heart’ (<3). Credits to Nicknack K-POP SHOP.

Vocal group Sweet Sorrow’s mini-album <For Lovers Only (Sweet Sorrow 4 Part. 1)> should warm you up with their gentle Love Ballads. I liked ‘빈틈을 줘’ the most.  Playlist link! Credits to Nicknack K-POP SHOP

Btob’s main vocalist Eun Kwang sings for <Cube Voice Project>. The low-tempo Ballad solo single will give you a chance to really focus on the boyband member’s vocals. LINK Credits to Best Of K-POP #5

Davichi’s ‘Again’ is a mild mid-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad. I think the MV had a good plot – it can totally be a drama/film! (Seung Hee/ Female lead looks great with that short-hair wig. She reminds me of a mix of Go Ah Ra and Park Han Byeol with the short crop.) Congrats on Davichi’s achievement!

ZE:A wants to be your <First Homme> (while Infinite wants to be your ‘Last Romeo’. :P) for their comeback. Representing their mini-album is fast-tempo Pop Ballad track ‘Breathe’. The song is light on its..erm..feet and generally likeable. (Min Woo<3 Jun Yeong<3 Dong Jun<3) ‘First Homme’ is an upbeat Latin Acoustic Instrumental piece with minimal rap and singing in English. Urban Pop with Acoustic Instrumental track, ‘Wobble’ continues naturally from the intro. The first half of the second song’s chorus was really good. Then it became somewhat generic.. T.T Coming after ‘Breathe’ is sweet mid-tempo RnB Ballad, ‘Stagger’. With the album in the higher pitched spectrum of music, ‘Stagger’ ties in with the rest of the compositions quite well. It’s not that bad either. ‘One’ is a rather generic Pop Ballad. So while I acknowledge that ZE:A’s songs aren’t bad, the group isn’t unique enough with their releases. Regardless, <First Homme> should be for fans of light, high-pitched Pop.

Expresso and Diani’s vocals are so clear and sweet in ‘Call Me’ that the refreshing and relaxing low-tempo Piano Ballad will be the right song to relax with after a hectic day. LINK Credits to Hul Kpop

K Pop Star 1’s Baek Ji Woong returns with a low-tempo Piano Ballad, ‘뻔한 얘기’. The chorus started out great, but a typical Ballad if you ask me. Catch ‘I Miss You’, an older low-tempo Ballad of his here, which I thought had a better flow than the current song. (A Live performance of the song here) I kind of wished he did sweet RnB Ballads instead of the slow, old-fashioned Ballads. But his stable vocals also make him a strong candidate for musicals…and Ballads. See his audition clips: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (Original: Jungkey – Sincere/seriously.) Credits to MBCkpop, 1theK, KPOPSTAR, helenelee 19, BEST OF K-POP #7.

M.I.7 (Are they a new group?) works with Dok2 in their mid-tempo Hiphop Techno single, ‘We The Best’. This is actually not bad.

Mamamoo and GeeksHi Hi Ha He Ho’ is a mid-tempo Soul and RnB Ballad with minimal Electronic instrumental. Love the vocals. The song on the other hand, isn’t anything new. LINK Credits to TheLostShadow25.

1sagain, FatDoo and ROO continue with their ‘Memory Erasing Hospital’ series in a pleasantly sweet mid-tempo Hiphop Ballad. (FatDoo’s rap reminds me of Yu Sae Yun’s. Haha.) I do like it, but it also has the standard sound normally expected of sweet Hiphop Ballads. (Hmm..Memory Erasing Hospital..this could be a nice plot for a drama. >.<) MV<3

Veteran Lee Seung Cheol’s ‘The Day To Love’ is a simple, lighthearted mid-tempo Pop Ballad influenced by the 90s/early 2000s music style. LINK Credits to Jasmine Green

Namolla Family N(ew)’s mini album is out! ‘Ugly Emotion (feat. 다소나)’ is a mid-tempo Latin Hip-hop-Pop Ballad Collaboration that borders on generic Hip-hop-Pop Ballad territory. But the Latin flavour gives the song its twist. Originally a pre-released single, ‘거짓말 좀 보태면 [Feat. Kim Song Yi (female singer), Q-Zik]’ is an engaging Acoustic piece for Spring! ‘Coincidentally/Fate (feat. Kim Song Yi)’ is a light, mid-tempo Hip-hop-Pop Ballad for the romantic season. Love Is Childish (feat Kim Song Yi)’ is a typical upbeat sweet Hip-hop Ballad. I’m not sure if Namolla Family and Namolla Family New are related. But if they are, I am quite shocked when I found out the trio were former comedians before their musical career. Their raps and songs are legit! Credits to hul kpop, Blueberry-G2.


Bay.B – Quecera cera [mid-tempo Latin-ish Ballad.] (Not bad, vocals are great. The actor in the mv looks familiar) [source]

illinitxi11evnOne Life Studio [Rap Hip-Hop]

Kanto’s Hip-Hop mixtape recommendations: [Initial Step] ‘I’m Fly’, ‘NTP(feat. Dumdum)’ (Kanto’s speedy rap!!),                                       [Young Blood] ‘Day Break’ (feat. Miss $ Kang Min Hee), ‘Those Who Know The Taste’

XXXY – Flower Selling Girl [Low-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad] (One of the interpretation being that the female lead’s a prostitute.)

Na Yun KwonGive The World To You [Early 2000s Hip-Hop-influenced Dance Ballad] (<Story of A Man> OST)

TOPPDOGG’s Kidoh and Supreme Boi – Out Of My Mind [Fast-tempo Hip-Hop Rap track] (Wow..the amount of expletives. But great rhythm and instrumental.)

Dia Tree – ‘Please Find Her’ [Low-tempo Ballad.] (Ohh those falsettos)

Heize – ‘I Do Go To Clubs’ [Mid-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad] (Erm, ok..),                                                                                                                 Heize (feat. Crucial Star) – Let’s Wait For Awhile More [Mid-tempo RnB] (Featuring was made for Crucial Star.)

TymeeRising Star [Rap-Dance Ballad] (Previously known as E.via. Was the pitch lowered or is it a guy singing?)  [source]

No Reply바라만 봐도 좋은데 [Sweet, romantic Ballad along with a mix of Jazz and Electronic instrumentals.] (Giving me serious Brown Eyed Soul vibes!), 내가 되었으면 [Low-tempo Ballad combining Electronic, Classical and Acoustic instrumentals.] (Reminds me HowL and J’s ‘Perhaps It’s Love’.), This Is How I Live [Low-tempo Piano Acoustic Ballad], Never Ending Song [Mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad that’s slightly catchy.] (Whoa. 7 minutes?)

From Sugarbowl’s mini-album, ‘Half Joking Half Serious’ [light tempo RnB Ballad] (MV describes a relationship where one half is playing hard to get, like that of the title. Btw, HONG YUN JAE. OMG)


2014 marks 2ne1’s 5th anniversary (Congrats! Many groups in the past couldn’t pass this milestone. But times are clearly changing!) and the girls have decided to present an MV for their ‘Gotta Be You’. Enjoy!

Catch 15&’s Ji Min and Ye Rin in their comeback interview for ‘Sugar’. Love their chemistry. 😀

The documentary-like MV for Dynamic Duo’s ‘Life Is Good’ is out! Do you spot some familiar faces? 🙂

BTS’s Jin, RapMonster and Suga’s ‘Adult Child’ dance practise! The dance pract seems so much more carefree than the MV..? Credits to BANGTANTV

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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