Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [6th Jun – 25th Jun 2014]

28 Jun

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK #1 , LINK #2

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend

Ballad quartet Tritops sings a mid-tempo Ballad for <Golden Cross>. Somewhat typical, but the chorus and Tritops’s vocals (<3) are excellent together. Interested in Tritops?

The band consists of Ban Hyeong Mun, Jang Yu Jun, Kim Il Gun, Lee Wu Gun and they have been around since 2007! Past releases that I recommend: Dec 2013 release – Say Love, Dec 2013 release – Your Temperature; new MV in 2015 → THEY ARE ALIVE!!!) Covers: VIXX’s ‘On and On’ cover, Shinee’s ‘Dream Girl’ cover, Infinite’s ‘Chaser’ cover. Credits to Tri Tops.

DIABLO, Yu Sae Yun, Polydive and VASCO come together for a Heavy Metal Rock track ‘Breathe’. For those who love unwinding with a crazy, noisy, fierce Rock song. Don’t really know why there had to be scantily clad women..

Lel and 2pm’s Woo Yeong for ‘Fireflies Glow’, relaxing early 2000s-styled Urban Ballad piece. If only we could hear more of Lel. Otherwise, ‘Fireflies Glow’ is a song you can tune into when you are feeling nostalgic. 🙂 According to Soompi, the song encourages us to stay optimistic in spite of what life throws at us. (Thanks Lel >.<)

From the Dream Team 2 episodes he was on, Son Jin Yeong might seem like an unlikely singer, and a Balladeer at that. So since I didn’t know about his stint on , I was pleasantly surprised with Son’s melancholic mid-tempo Soft-Rock Ballad track, ‘Sorry’. An understated but addicting release.

Lee Seung Cheol’s ‘I’m In Love’ is a sweet, melodious remake of JYJ Junsu’s version (2013) of the same title.  I do feel that the song better suits LSC, but to me, both are about the same.. Credits to KVideosSubbed, Global Kpop 2

The Friends and Fiestar collaborate for ‘I Love Korea’, an anthem to rally on Korea’s national soccer team (Red Devil?) in the 2014 Brazil World Cup. LINK Credits to ktmusic

Solo Ballad artiste Venny (Bae So Min) presents a haunted, dark low-tempo Ballad. Beautiful; spot-on execution. Now this is one song you shouldn’t miss. [Youtube=]

Tahiti turns 2am’s Jung Jin Woon into comedian Han Min Kwan in ‘Oppa Is Mine’. (Scary..) Tahiti, the powerful Jazz RnB version was much much better. Even the teaser was classy, yet funny to watch. And I had such high hopes. SIGH. Hence, I’m recommending the short RnB piece. >.< Watching the teasers for Tahiti’s single, I wonder if any group has ever thought of releasing their title tracks in more than one genre… Credits to dreamstar.

2pm’s Jun.K sings about a breakup for his solo single ‘No Love’. I did think the song was flat and overly dramatic in the beginning, but the RnB Ballad is a solid piece with an addictive side to it. (I don’t know why I can’t stop listening. :O)  Anyone forgotten how good of a rapper Junsu was? Btw, is it me or is there a Rain vibe in the MV?

San E raps while Raina sings in their co-ed duet ‘Midsummer Night’s Sweetness’. A mid-tempo RnB Ballad that makes me think of a couple chilling at a beach, with the cool breeze blowing on a Summer’s night. [ Oh! Cute boy 😛 Live performance! MV link Credits to 1theK.

40 is black…I mean back!!!!!! The R&B singer chooses classy, dangerous ‘Black’ for his <Canvas> album. An interestingly addictive yet smooth mid-tempo Urban R&B Ballad title track, featuring Swings. (The guy should do something sexy too. LOL. For a change >.<)<Canvas> is filled with other quality Jazzy R&B Ballads. That voice of 40’s is a gem tho. [‘Counting Stars’ was covered in a previous post of mine.] It’s just, they were rather flat for me. If the singer is familiar to you, you might have come across his past solo album, and his collaboration with Im Jeong Hee in ‘Like A Movie‘. Credits to book kiss

Rock band Thornapple releases their second full length album <Abnormal Climate>. My favourites are ‘남극’ (softly sung Alternate Rock Ballad track with a 70s OST drama feel), ‘시퍼런 봄’ (pure rock track with a good chorus), ‘암실’ seems like a Rock track for a sexy dark and dangerous, Melodramatic Noir drama/film) and mid-tempo Rock Ballad ‘아지랑이’ . ‘백치’, ‘살아있는 너의 밤’ and ‘물가의 라이온’ are not bad either. You may try the full album out at this link. Overall, something different from the usual fare. From what I’m listening, the band does not just stick to a single type of Rock for each song. They mix the various types into one track, which is their unique appeal. Craving more of their music? Here’s one of my favourites from their previous album: ‘플랑크톤’ (Plankton?).Credits to 하정민, lays25, Martin Garmendia, Moon Hyewon.

Younha is the new featured artiste for Justin Oh’s ‘Stay With Me’. (A version with Jennifer Yun was done in 2013. Link) Ethereal(?) Club music (Younha) or Laid-back Urban (Jeniffer Yun) – which do you prefer? Credits to Southern Sun, hul kpop

Just Music aims to create a <Ripple Effect> in your playlist. Is it me or is the album a compilation of old and new songs? Do refer to the k2n link for the artistes who contribute to each track. My top choices: Edgy RnB-ish Hip-Hop intro ‘Welcome’ by 천재노창’ (Too short!), Track 6/Hip-Hop Ballad ‘Rumour’ by Swings, Giriboy, Vasco and 천재노창, retrospective Hip-Hop ‘Still’ by Swings and 천재노창, Hip-Hop Rock ‘Jungle’ by Swings, C Jamm, Vasco and 천재노창, and (Kinda cute) Urban Hip-Hop with electronic instrumental ‘Hongkiyoung#2’ by Swings, Giriboy and 천재노창. The album mostly contains rap-only tracks. Which was your top pick?

Zizo’s ‘Spy’ is a retro Soul-Hip-Hop track featuring female power vocalist Nan Ah Jin. This is a definite must-listen. Gosh!

Chrome Entertainment debuts their own power male vocalist duo in Jjan Jjan(??). Great voices but why did they have to make the song title a joke?

Bumkey shows his romantic side for his wife in ‘I Will Build A House For You/ Home’. Well, Bumkey always has this knack of making R&B so effortless and natural. 😀  His wife must be so happy. >.< And congrats on topping charts!

Lena Park and Team89 collaborate to churn out her latest single, <Synchrofusion>. Significantly different from the Ballad route that she has ventured into, ‘Double Kiss’ is an enjoyable vintage Rock&Roll Pop piece. The MV’s ending – LOL. (Lee Yong Jun!!) ‘Dream Sphere’ is a mid-tempo 90s Ballad with a touch of fantasy – like a fairy tale film OST. [‘Next Year’ was a pre-release in April. Anyhow, it’s a mid-tempo 90s Ballad. And it sounds just right for an OST.] I definitely recommend ‘Double Kiss’ – it shows a different side to the cute Balladeer and it’s fun. 🙂

Dynamic Duo’s ‘Summer Time’ is a too-chill-for-summer Urban mix of Jazz and Hip-Hop, a genre fusion that suits Choiza extremely well. I don’t exactly know why but I kind of wished they made the MV funny – of them at the beach being quirky cops. 😛 Or are they just playing pretend?

House Rulez is back with their 5th album <Road To Venue>, which includes more new names various features like Boohwal (T.T Boohwal is the only name familiar to me >.<). (The group is a new name for me, is it the same for you?) Fans of light, likeable Electronic Pop/ Electronica will have a time with the group’s music. Most of the songs are in English and are instrumentals. The ones with some Korean lyrics are ‘All I Wanna Do’ and ‘Wake Up Call’. Credits to NICKNACK K-POP SHOP2

My top pick for MJ’s mini-album <철없던 그때> would be ‘Are You Listening To This Song?’. Not only is the song good, MJ and 410 show harmony in their respective roles for the mid-tempo Jazz Hip-Hop track. I look forward to hearing more of their collaborations. (AND WHO IS 410?? His voice is to die for >.< ) Here’s the full link for the 4-tracked mini-album, which includes genres like sweet Pop Ballad and mid-tempo RnB Pop.  The feature in the title seems to be an error. [Older tracks of MJ’s: MJ is one half of the rap duo Sunny Side. If you like, do try their Reply 1994 song, sweet Pop Ballad featuring Song Ha Yae.] Credits to NICKNACK K-POP SHOP2, 1theK.

Park Ga Eul’s <불면의 밤> was really tough to find. >.< From what I could hunt on youtube, the male singer collaborates with other artistes for his 90s/early 2000s Jazzy album. Smooth vocals are what you can expect from the male soloist. Do check out: sweet mid-tempo Jazzy RnB Ballad ‘Back To You’ (feat. Little S and Tox), mid-tempo Hip-Hop-y Jazz-RnB Ballad ‘Playing Games’ (feat. Little S and Park Su Hwa) and mid-tempo RnB Jazz ‘Pretty Wings’ (feat Kim Jun Hyeon). Credits to Park Ga Eul/박가을 [What about an old Jazz RnB track of Park Ga Eul and Lee Dong Ha’s: ‘Cruel Blessing‘]

4D Rock soloist Jeong Jun Yeong drops his 2nd mini-album, <Teenager>. ‘To Me’ stands out as the only Garage Rock track. Awesome electric guitar solo at the start and a surprising rap from Jeong. Up next is ‘Teenager’, a Rock-Pop Ballad with an adrenaline-pumping chorus. Definitely a track to consider performing at concerts. 🙂 Punk-Rock Ballad, ‘Teeth(?)’ gives a bluer, melancholic vibe. Hard-and-Alt Rock Pop, ‘Friend’ to me was like an instrumental conclusion of ‘Teenager’ and ‘Teeth’. Rock Ballad ‘Hold On’ is similar to ‘Teeth’ in mood, yet mellower in the verses.  That electric guitar solo again!! ‘돛단배’ ends the mini-album as an Acoustic-Rock Ballad. On the whole, the songs are actually not bad at all – the verses, the lead up to the chorus and the chorus itself. (And with Rock, there’s this fun, guilty pleasure-like feeling as you go crazy with the song… Or is it only me? >.<) It’s just that I find the structure of the songs to be too similar to one another, with the exception of ‘To Me’. Credits to NICKNACK K-POP SHOP2

Sonnet Son and The One duet for Ballad ‘Wistful’. The One<3 LINK Credits to 1theK

Kim Bo Kyeong’s ‘Remember You And Me’ is a moving Ballad, with the accompaniment of an inspiring MV. (Watching a young boy work hard towards his dream was impressive and so touching. How many are able to sustain that motivation till they achieve their goal?) Love the way she sings – beautiful.

The Stray’s ‘You Are Not Here’ is a light mid-tempo Alt-Rock Jazz. I like what I’m hearing from the band – they remind me of Royal Pirates, a Jazz-ier version of the latter. The more I listen, the more I like them.   Audio Ver Credits to hul kpop

GOT7 crushes on their noona(?), Miss A. (See what I did there >.<) ‘A’ is the septet’s JYP-composed title track – an ‘energetic, uptempo R&B song mixed with hip-hop rhythm’. ‘A’ isn’t stellar, but I’m happy to conclude that ‘A’ is a good comeback from the boys. Not only is the song age-appropriate, it is also cute and catchy. Both the singing and dancing seemed effortless and light-hearted. MV was also adorable, sans the ‘noona’. (She doesn’t look noona-ish. Hmph! YOU LIED, MARK GOT7, YOU LIED!!! But seriously, couldn’t there have been a better acting (real) noona?) Gahh their smiles >.< ‘U Got Me’ is a Hip-Hop RnB track, but one that should have really been just a pure Hip-Hop one.. I really liked the rap-talk parts – it had all the makings of a really swag song. Rap lyrics in English is quite rare. Jackson<3 I was really surprised with ‘Bad Behaviour’. The Hip-Hop Dance track sounds very different from what I have heard from the group. Although not perfect, it’s quite novel and so imo, a definite step forward. ‘Good Tonight’ is a Hip-Hop RnB Dance track. The chorus is: WHOA. Should not and cannot miss this! Falsettos ❤ ( :P) RnB Ballad ‘Forever Young’ takes the Ballad position of the mini-album. Not a bad addition; The chorus will grow on you with those gentle voices and with a repetitive melody on its own. The final three songs are remixes of ‘A’ – which is your favourite? Collapsedone’s is a chill Acoustic turn on ‘A’ whilst TOYO’s is a fast-forwarded midnight RnB version. FRANTS’s remix gives ‘A’ an electronic/Club-track overall to the original. A much much better comeback and mini-album than their debut. Even the teasers were refreshing – the backtracking was a nice touch. So don’t dismiss them just yet! See how hard they worked for their Showcase!  – ‘A’ | ‘Forever Young’ | (What’s with the showcases not capturing the flips?! (Cameraman jealous? :P) Credits to MarbleTeethMusic Chart

Davichi’s ‘Don’t Move’ is a sad Urban Ballad with a Vintage style. The MV captures the equivalent visual effect, in spite of the acting skills or lack thereof.  

Male rapper 1sagain and female vocalist Ju Bo Ra for Rap/Hip-Hop Ballad duet, ‘If You Leave Me’. Ugh so good; Can’t stop listening >.< (Bo Ra sounds like Lyn :O )

December’s Yun Hyeok returns through ‘느닷없이 눈물이’. LINK Credits to MarbleTeethMusic Channel 2

Known for their simple Ballads (main instrumentals by Jeong Da Woon) and clear vocals (Jeong Hye Seon), you can sit back and enjoy J Rabbit’s <Stop&Go>. Here’s the rundown on the full album: mid-tempo Jazz Ballad ‘There Will Be Good Things’, relaxing, feel-good Indie Acoustic Ballad ‘We’re in Love’, playful Classical Jazz Ballad ‘Romantic Outing’ (love how they make use of the Piano to relay the mood and rhythm. Makes me feel like I’m in a french animation.), low-tempo Piano-based lullaby ‘Good Night’, evening Acoustic Ballad ‘Round and Round’ (the acoustics give a winding down feeling, which makes me think of evenings.), mid-tempo Ballad with a sadder tone, ‘내 모습 이대로’, Vintage Jazz Ballad similar to ‘RO’ ‘Let’s Fall In Love’, bittersweet low-tempo Piano Ballad ‘나 그대의 사랑이 되리 (선잠)’, light modern RnB Ballad ‘I Promise, I Do (With 반광옥)’ (what a lovely duet >.<), sweet and lightly catchy Ballad ‘Stop&Go’, J-rabbits’s Christian Ballad ‘In This Time’. My favourites are track 1-3 and 9-11. Fun fact: Track 8 was an OST for Monstar. 🙂 Credits to MarbleTeethMusic Channel 2

So Ji Seob talks about his life as a tv personality and an actor 18 years after his debut, in haunting mid-tempo Hip-Hop track ‘18 years’ (feat. Saetbyeol). A good song I must say. SJS, however, is still lacking in his rap skills – he can become quite monotonous. The MV speaks strongly on how he’s ‘become soulless’ just to satisfy the crowd. An atypical fusion of Hip-Hop and Rock-Pop ‘Boy Go’(feat. Souldive) makes for some needed de-stress.  🙂 The You In My Imagination’ (feat. Souldive) is a straight Hip-Hop song. That repetitive hook-chorus tho. XO Credits to MarbleTeethMusic Channel 2

Untouchable is hungry for romance(?) in ‘Take Out’. The slightly catchy and groovy Jazz RnB reminds me very much of Primary’s ‘Question Mark’ (sung by Zion T and Choiza). But a great fit for Mayson The Soul’s smooth vocals. 🙂 A classy comeback, song/melody wise… Sticking to the genre fusion, ‘Irony (Weird)’ maintains the same (good) quality. Overall, I find ‘Take Out’ to be more engaging. What about you? Craving for more of Mayson The Soul’s music? ‘Gray’ is the singer’s latest single featuring Brother Su. LINK. A year ago, the vocalist also released ‘Holiday’ featuring Beenzino. ‘Holiday’ can be found under this link’s ‘discovered’ section. Credits to MarbleTeethMusic Channel 2

Wow, I didn’t even think ‘Drunken’’s Min Hun Ki was the same MHK as collaboration track ‘Put It Down’ with Kisum !  A low-tempo Ballad done with those charming vocals. ❤  If you want more, here is his OST involvement in <Twelve Men in A Year>, Lee Jeok’s ‘That’s Great/ Thank God’. Credits to xTenshiAi, TheMusicformyself.

Ballad track ‘Walking Backwards’ is RnB duo 2Bic’s follow-up for their repackaged mini-album <Soulmate>. Do check out their Acoustic version as well.  I really like the symbolism in the MV. The rope you happily tie to yourself when you are still in love, can now be the same rope that causes pain, holding you back from moving on. Credits to Sinook Park.

Fatdoo and Sunbee’s ‘자살 직전에 듣는 노래’ is a depressing, angry haunting Hip-Hop Ballad. If I’m not wrong, there’s a line where a female asks if he’s eaten and he responds by saying what a question to ask to someone who’s going to die, *cuss* I’m cold and hungry. The end of a rap before Sunbee’s last input also sounds terrible: Death is better than living. Even the lead of the mv is suicidal, as he takes it to the roads on one night, going to a nearby water body or an overhead bridge.


Crush returns for a full-length comeback after testing the waters back in April with ‘Sometimes’.  [For those who do not know who Crush is, the singer has been a popular feature artiste in many RnB/Rap/Hiphop tracks. You can check out his collaboration with the likes of Zion.T, Dynamic Duo, Lessang’s Gary, Loco, etc.] I remember I wasn’t very excited about ‘Sometimes’ when it came out. Now it’s one of the album’s better pieces for me. (heh) My recommendations for the album include: ‘It’s Friday(feat Jinbo)’ (is my favourite track of the album. The chill mid-tempo Hip-Hop RnB will end the album perfectly if you have already listened to ‘Sometimes’.), ‘Give It To Me(feat. Jay Park and Simon D)’ (is a low-tempo RnB with deep Bass beats. The chorus ties in with the verses nicely. Both Jay Park and Simon D were added value to the song with their respective singing and rap. Why it was not promoted: The song was banned on tv for the use of ‘nutella’ and sexual innuendos.) and ‘Hug Me(feat. Gaeko)’ (starts out innocently as a pure mid-tempo Electronic RnB and then switches into a mid-tempo Electronic mix of Hip-Hop, RnB and Dance (Crush dances too!). The variety of genres in the representative track sufficiently holds one’s attention.) LINK: street version or what I call the fashion shoot ver | LINK: Jazz-Acoustic ver. Tracks like ‘I Fancy U’, ‘Beautiful U(Feat. Choiza)’, ‘I Want (u)’ were not too bad. 🙂 ‘I Fancy u’ is a mid-tempo Hip-Hop RnB track supported mainly by Bass beats, and  Crush’s vocals fill in for the minimal instrumentals adequately. The song has an understated element. (Or if you will, Chill Hip-Hop.) So for those looking into something that’s richer and easier to ‘get into’, ‘I Fancy U’ might not satisfy. ‘Beautiful U (feat. Choiza)’ is a chic Electronic RnB-Ballad. The light Electronic coupled with the sweetness of an RnB Ballad makes this a feel-good, yet classy song about romance. ‘I Want (U)’ dips into the heavier Ballad genre. The song is a fusion of mild Electronic Hip-Hop and Ballad. I am disappointed with Crush’s debut album but I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the singer. His voice may not suit every kind of Hip-Hop or RnB tracks, but there’s no denying that he shines when he sings the songs that go with that unique set of vocals. Case(s)-in-point: Gary – ‘Shower Later’| Crush’s cover of Jeff Bernat’s ‘Call You Mine’ | Rhythm Power’s ‘Stupid Love’ | Supreme Team’s ‘그대로 있어도 돼’| Park Kyung’s ‘Getting Over’. Credits to 1theK, orozo vincent, 92Yoora, Choding Pyodori.

Into Oldschool, Underground Hip-Hop? Here’s ‘Just’ by Swings, Giriboy, Vasco, C-Jamm and Genius NochangLINK Credits to Best Of K-POP #5

Sonnet Son brings a fragile low-tempo Ballad to the OST scene with ‘Awkward Love’.  Listening to Sonnet here reminds me of Baek Ji Yeong. LINK. Credits to Kpopwars Channel OST.

The One (why does he remind me of Kim Myeong Min..) participates in a <Hotel King> OST. The mid-tempo Ballad is actually not bad. 🙂 The One’s vocals gives the song a Sageuk love story ambience. heh.

Sanota presents a feel-good catchy Jazzy Pop Ballad for . Doesn’t it put you in a skippy mood. 😀 LINK. Credits to TheDramaOST16.

Akdong Musicians/AKMU are back with a youthful, happy Pop version of last year’s ‘Bean Deok Bing Su’. The sibling duo’s ‘Bean Deok Bing Su Summer Dance’ is also used as a commercial jingle for Paris Baguette. CF ver | Audio ver Credits to Linh Huynh, | KPOP Uploader |

Boyfriend takes up the double title track challenge for their <Obsession> mini album. The following are my recommendations from the boy group’s return. ‘Back It Up’ sounded like it could be a really sexy Hip-Hop R&B. Why didn’t they at least make it a legit 1:30 song? >.< ‘Obsession’ is a mid-tempo Hip-hop-y Dance number supported by a mix of heavy bass beats and hip-hop styled electronic funk instrumental just like the instrumental intro. The chorus is interestingly light and likeable. 🙂 [] ‘Deny’ is a funky mid-tempo RnB Ballad with a slight 90s flavour. It’s nothing we haven’t heard before, but I appreciate the effort the group takes to make ‘Deny’ different from the many groups and artistes who have taken up the genre. If I could choose this would have been a better second title track option. LINK The sextet’s Melon showcase – LINK. Credits to NICKNACK K-POP SHOP2, 1theK.

Eumlansonyeon’s mini album is a basket of laidback Acoustic and RnB Indie tailor-made for a lazy Sunday. PLAYLIST Credits to EumlanSonyeon. (Support the singer’s channel!)

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong casting in <Triangle> naturally spells OST. ‘Even Though I Hate It’ is a heavy mid-tempo Ballad. LINK Credits to HeeMin Jung.

Gummy makes an elegant, yet surreal mini-album comeback with title track ‘I Loved..Have No Regrets’ (or ‘It’s Enough That I Have Loved’). The low-tempo Ballad track may not be aggressive (i.e not trying to be unique or mainstream), but it is a quality song and one that suits Gummy’s vocals. 🙂 (Falsettos are just so irresistible. I can’t >.< )   In the soloist’s 8th mini album are a mix of Acoustic Pop (Lightly catchy, carefree ‘Let’s Play’ feat. JYJ’s Yu Cheon in the second half – A song that’s unlike Gummy’s usual fare), mid-tempo Ballad (‘Please Be Happy’ with a Vintage Jazz styling and deep R&B Bass beats, Retro Jazz ‘Because I’m Alone’ and modern RnB ‘Rest/Lie Down’ feat. Loco) and emotional Low-tempo Ballad (‘Please Love’ – Gummy’s husky vocals are brilliant here!). Gummy’s mini-album is (thankfully) not just restricted to the Ballad genre. But if you are more of a Pop/Mainstream genre lover, Gummy’s songs might not appeal much to you. (Perhaps ‘LP’ or ‘Rest’ might..) Regardless, my favs are ‘IL..HNR’ and ‘PL’. 🙂 Credits to NICKNACK K-POP SHOP2.

Popular actress Park Shin Hye releases a honey-sweet aegyo-tastic mid-tempo Acoustic-Piano Ballad, featuring Beast’s Jun Hyeong. While I’m not a fan of both the song and its clichéd MV [stalker-ish, (conveniently) rich and cute florist], there’s an endearing side to the song. (..*cough* and cute guy *cough*) LINK Credits to S.A.L.T. 엔터테인먼트.

Lee Ye Jun debuts as a female soloist with low-tempo Ballad mini-album, <Farewell 1,2,3>. A rather typical Ballad entrance into the scene. On the other hand, the singer’s husky and matured vocals are rightfully suited for Ballad genre. (Lee was on the blind audition programme, <Voice Korea 2.) Refer to PARK_MUMBLESTASH02’s channel for her songs.

Shout out to fans of Pop or of B2ST’s! Returning with a darker image, B2ST/Beast is so done with a cheating lover in ‘Good Luck’. My no.1 pick off <Good Luck> would be ‘History’, a mid-tempo RnB-ish Ballad with heavy Bass beats. (post) While I wasn’t as absorbed by the new songs as I was with ‘History’, congrats to B2ST/Beast on their achievement! (For NM | For Overall album) (Dailymotion might be a better destination for B2ST/Beast’s latest album as most of the youtube videos have been affected as a result of copyright issues.)

Team H’s Jang Geun Seok and Big Brother’s energetic Electronic-Pop ‘Take Me’ is a fun-loving Summer track. The vintage cinematography<3 LINK Credits to PrinceJKS

The first part to Vanilla Acoustic’s 3rd volume is out! The 7-tracked <Eudaimonia> is a mix of sweet (‘You Make The First Step For Once’, ‘Two Stars’, ‘나 요즘’ ) and sad Ballads (‘Break Down’, ‘Rain Is Falling’, ‘사랑이 이별보다’ and ‘Hey You’). My personal picks would be ‘사랑이 이별보다’ and ‘Hey You’.  PLAYLIST Credits to TheShofarMusic, Pannaphat T.

Is Hyperboyz a new name for you? The RNB-Hiphop vocal and rap trio’s new single featuring Ppak Gu is a catchy light, Hip-hop-ish RnB Ballad for those who like the sweeter spectrum of Hip-Hop. 🙂 (Some really great pipes they have >.<) Fast becoming a jam!

AOA and Brave Brothers continue their partnership for AOA’s <Short Hair>. Brave Brothers have a certain style to their Pop music – they are known for their sweet sounding modern Hip-Hop Pop tracks like those of BIGSTAR’s and AOA’s ‘Miniskirt, and of which are getting somewhat stale. AOA’s ‘Short Hair’ actually sounded good in the teaser. The full version was too focused on the Pop sound when it could have very well been a naturally sexy mid-tempo funky RnB piece. 😦 Mid-tempo Pop Ballad ‘My Other Half’ is my pick off the mini-album. ‘Can’t Get Through You’ is not too bad with its groovy fast-tempo Hip-Hop Pop style and Electronic Jazz instrumentals. (Choa is awesome!) If you like Brave Brother’s brand of music, you should listen to this album. On a side note, I see some resemblance in AOA’s musical growth with Sistar’s – main powerhouse vocalist, check; collaborations with brave brothers, check; sexy-cute hip-hop pop tracks, check. I can totally anticipate AOA having something similar to Sistar’s ‘Alone’ soon. And I’m waiting for a track of that calibre. Credits to KVideosSubbed.

J-min makes a comeback with Acoustic Ballad, ‘After’, which is also an OST for the drama starring Lee Seon Kyun and Lee Yeon Hee. In case anybody’s planning on watching the drama, here’s the mp3 version. More of J-Min’s work here.

4Men’s Shin Yong Jae and Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri duet for Acoustic project 1 <Cloud>. ‘Your Empty Spot’ is a mid-tempo Acoustic single. A simple after-breakup MV would have been great. 🙂 

HISTORY’s Latin Jazz and Hip-Hop Dance track ‘No Sun’ is my pick off <Desire>. Old-school 80s Hip-Hop Dance ‘It’s Alright’ and Vintage Latin style Dance ‘Blue Moon’ are not bad either. Only thing I can say is that I am still hoping for the group to go back to their musical-like Soul-Dance tracks.  >.< PLAYLIST Credits to MarbleTeethMusic Chart

Powerhouse vocalist quartet Bubble Sisters release low-tempo Ballad, ‘독한 넌 쓰다’.  LINK Credits to DanalEntertainment.

Nolza debuts with hip-hop club track ‘So High’. With their group name meaning ‘let’s play’, it’s no surprise they are taking up fun tracks like ‘So High’. The only qualm I have with the song was the typical use of powerhouse vocalist (Yeong Ji). For me, the electronic instrumental was good enough to sustain the song even if there was no rap or singing. The beauty of the choreography, as one youtube commenter has pointed out, was its simplicity. It makes one want to follow along. 🙂 Beom Sang<3

Espresso’s ‘내 눈을 보아요 느껴지나요(Feat. 디아니)’ is a sweet relaxing mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad. LINK (If I’m not wrong, the title is Do You Feel Me Looking At You?.. That’s..creepy..) Credits to newkpopmelody20.

Club Soul’s sorrowful Ballad ‘Maybe it’s Love’ (feat. Jeong Wu Yeon) for TV Novel, <Gold Land>. LINK Credits to kpop republic

Remember Mamamoo from their ‘Don’t Be Happy’ featuring Bumkey? Turns out, that wasn’t the RnB quartet’s debut and now the girls officially greet with <Hello>. ‘Hello’ is a mid-tempo retro RnB Jazz Ballad intro similar to christmas Ballads. Retro/50s RnB-Soul track ‘Mr Ambiguous’ is coy and catchy. It doesn’t take much to like the song. They already had me at their vocals. I would have preferred them to wear pants for the choreography.. But brownie points for the various stars cast in the MV. (None for the prank. :/) Third track ‘Heeheehaheho’ is a mid-tempo RnB Ballad that features Geeks. ‘Baton Touch’ is a Vintage fast-tempo track that combines the main RnB sound with Jazz and Electronic instrumentals. Wha Sa’s ‘My Heart’ is a surprising laid-back swag Hip-Hop number. (Wow, girl can sing and rap. :O) Lastly is the above-mentioned ‘Don’t Be Happy’ with more Bumkey.  It goes without saying that the girls are a talented bunch. Album wise, I’m happy to say that it’s got variety. But songs wise, I’m not over the moon over it. ‘DBH’ still takes the cake for the entire album for me, and I’m still waiting for the full version of the short song played after ‘DBH’ in the latter’s MV. >.< Regardless, I will still be looking out for Mamamoo just ‘cos they are awesome. Credits to NICKNACK K-POP SHOP2.

As a radio DJ for the comeback mv, K.Will gives his listener (actor Park Min Woo) confidence to start ‘Day 1‘ with his crush (Sistar’s So Yu). The title track is a mid-tempo RnB Pop Ballad. Easy to like, but nothing special. Amusing lyrics, especially for the chorus, though. LINK. Mid-tempo RnB Ballad ‘You Are So Pretty’ starts the ball rolling for . Those falsettos, oh lord. Mid-tempo ‘Sweet Girl’ continues in the sugary sweet RnB Ballad direction, featuring EXID’s rapper LE. With a title like ‘A Bright Day’, the song is a surprisingly depressing low-tempo Ballad. ‘Love Love Love’ (or ‘Shall We Date And See?’) is a brighter, happier Jazz RnB Ballad. ‘Last Digit’ is a mid-tempo RnB Ballad with some Dance elements. Melody is interesting. A safe comeback for the singer. I’m still hoping he will do more RnB and Hip-Hop. >.< (Btw, I almost thought it was Shinhwa’s Dong Wan on the album cover. ) LOL. I always like K.Will’s teaser. >.< Song sounds really sweet and romantic. ) Credits to 1theK

Shinjae’s own official song! This guy’s been doing OSTs for awhile aside from his standalone releases – Ballads for dramas such as <49days>. So gentle<3 LINK Credits to Melodies for Your Soul

R&B duo Takers seek romance in light R&B track, ‘Wish You Call Me Oppa’. I remember Park Sang Wook was such a cutie in their previous release ‘Poison’. >.<  LINK

Rock band Napolean Dynamite anyone? So it seems the rock band has returned with a complete album of 11 tracks. You can expect Hard Rock, Rock-Pop and Trot-ish Rock, (surprising) Acoustic Ballads. Perhaps try out ‘Butterfly’ (Hard Rock) and, Alternate and Hard Rock ‘Rerecording’?

Fame-J and Illinit’s ‘It’s Alright’ would delight those in search of lighthearted Hip-Hop Rap-Ballad fare.


Naitae feat. Prime Kay – Sit Down (Low-tempo RnB Ballad) [Such pretty vocals I almost mistook Prime Kay(? Is he the male vocalist? Do correct me if I’m wrong.) for a female. >.<]

Hello Gayoung (feat. Park Won of One More Chance) – I Like You (Low-tempo Acoustic Ballad) [What an adorable song!] Credits to 백가영

JACE’s Jo Seung HyeonGoodbye My Ray (Mid-tempo Rock Ballad) Credits to KpopMar April

Simon D feat. Zion T – Stay Cool (Mid-tempo Hip-Hop-y RnB) [Oh how could I ever pass up an RnB piece with Zion T? Ssam D mianhae >.<)

Cherry Filter오리 날다 (90s Garage and Punk Rock track) [Oh cat! ; This deserved its achievement :)] Credits to orienkorean

Story About – Come Out (Low-tempo Rap RnB) [There’s something really attractive about the way she sings.]

JunielThe Next Day [Lovely sweet Pop Ballad that reminds me of the kind of songs Electroboyz release. Easy to like, but can get typical after repeated listens.] Credits to VVn_MW

Yun Do HyeonI Guessed I Loved [Low-tempo Ballad] Credits to psjjun4u

Tim – I Loved You [Low-tempo 90s Ballad] 

YirumaRiver Flows In You [Piano Ballad; Classical Piece] (STUNNING) Credits to YirumaVEVO


YG gives us a look into how Taeyang’s <Rise> came to be – the arduous 4 year journey involving parties like GD, Tablo, the YG staff and most significantly, Taeyang. MV BTS | The ones behind <Rise>. With ENL’s popularity, comes the string of covers – Haru | AKMU | Tablo (Ugh. It’s always hard to stray from the original when it’s already so good. But Tablo makes it work as if it was a new piece. Hands down the best for me.) (YES) Who’s your fav? Credits to BIGBANG.

‘Obsession dance practise brought to you by male group Boyfriend and their backup dancers. Stable camera | Zoom in Zoom Out

Eddy Kim (Love ya <3) challenges with a Live version of ‘It’s Over’ amidst the Amsterdam train station announcements. Train stations and its announcements often means departure, creating an apt setting and overall ambience for the Live edition.

A Pink’s ‘Crystal’ MV is out. 🙂 The belated MV is for the group’s 4th mini-album track. Click here for my review on the album 🙂 Credits to Apink (에이핑크).

Spica’s Kim Bo Hyeong participated in <100 Seconds War>, a singing programme where there’s only 100s to win the audience over. And impressive KBH was, with her rendition of Kim Wan Seon’s ‘The Pierrot Laughs At Us’. In the video, she introduces herself as Spica’s youngest-member-cum-main-vocalist. As a fan of industry seniors like Lee Hyo Ri and Kim Wan Seon, she particularly wants to make her rendition a success

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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