Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [26th Jun – 15th Jul 2014]

03 Feb

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK #1 , LINK #2

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend

Co-ed Indie duo Herz Analog intends to cool you down with their laidback music – ‘어서오세요 다락방’ (Good-natured Acoustic Indie sung by the male half), ‘애정결핍’ (Acoustic Indie and Bossa Nova. The whimsical feeling intensified by the female half’s vocals. One of my favs.)                           , ‘It Won’t Matter’ (Carefree Acoustic Indie. Suitable for a feel-good get-away. A male-half solo.), ‘연애상담인듯’ (If I’m not wrong, the song = Like a Romance Consultation. Simple Piano-and-percussions backed Indie-Pop track. First duet in the album. ), ‘Sea’ (Low-tempo, soothing Bittersweet Ballad. I can just imagine this being played while one reminisces, on the way home after a breakup. Sung by the female half.), ‘위로마이셀프’ ( Low-tempo Jazz Indie. This gives me serious pub/Jazz bar band vibes. Sung by male half.), ‘밤골목탐험’ (Acoustic Indie Instrumental. Simple, but adorably fun.), ‘지구를 떠나겠어’ (Slightly catchy Acoustic-Jazz Indie. Another for the Jazz bar? Male-half solo.) and ‘Summer Night’ (Low-tempo Piano Ballad for some quiet time alone. Female-half solo.). Songs were likeable and good-natured. For those into laidback, slightly catchy Indie tracks, Herz Analog should satisfy that (musical) palette.

Talented veteran, Rock soloist Shin Hae Cheol makes an awesome comeback in Garage Rock ‘ADDA’. Catchy and engaging. Just watch it – Haha, he’s adorable. >.< The mini-album also includes 90s Garage Rock ‘Catch Me If You Can’ (Funky melody and fun beats. Is that Psy at the end?), 90s Alt-Rock Pop Princess Maker (Mixing Retro foundation with Modern styling.) and hushed 90s mid-tempo Rock-Pop Ballad (Always enjoyed such Rock Ballads.). PLAYLIST RIP Shin Hae Cheol.

Illinit is on the go with ‘Let’s Walk’. Rhythmic rapping, and a unique chorus makes the Hip-Hop track featuring Deffinite a refreshing comeback. 

Brand Newjiq’s ‘Good Morning’ is a stylish but sexy off-beat Urban Hip-Hop Rap track featuring RealShow. The lyrics are just zz.. Do check out the discovered section for an older song of his.

No wonder Kim Na Yeong’s vocals were familiar – she featured in Jungkey’s ‘Alone’! The Balladeer has dropped her solo single, ‘Sometimes (I)’, a low-tempo breakup Ballad. 

Verbal Jint, San E and Swings add realism to ‘Just Another Rapper’. The lyrics caught me by surprise – in a ‘serious?’ way – and I liked it. It offered a more down-to-earth side to Hip-hop than just sex and arrogance. (Aww VJ. I actually thought fans saw you as a romantic rapper. ) *Goes searching for Walking In The Rain.*   

Air Man Girl takes sweet Mid-tempo RnB-Pop Ballads songs to a whole new level in ‘끌림’. The falsettos~  

While keeping up with the times, G.O.D brings back the good old days from the 90s (and Nostalgia) with their 8th Volume. ‘15’ is a fairytale-ish piano piece which includes the instrumentals of past G.O.D songs. ‘Normal Day (Original)’ is a 90s mid-tempo RnB Ballad using modern-styled instrumentals. High quality. Pre-release ‘Sky Blue Promise’ is a head-shaking fan-dedicated upbeat mid-tempo Ballad. Their fanbase is *goosebumps* daebak! #nojoke ‘Saturday’ is a catchy mid-tempo Dance&Disco track, accompanied by a whacky OTT MV that is sure to tickle your funny bone. My favourite arcs were Yoon Kye Sang’s and Danny’s, and the ending. Yoon Kye Sang’s expressions were the best. LMAO. Such a joker. And (Jun! or) Jun Hyeon’s ‘Your Back!’ made me laugh so much. >.<  (So they eventually went to Danny’s club. LOL) Hilariously titled ‘Uncles & Megan Lee’, the album’s 5th track is somewhat of a skit introducing Megan Lee to the G.O.D members. She expresses her favourite G.O.D tracks as a result of her mom’s influence, and sings them on demand. But falters at ‘Lies’. HA! Mid-tempo Ballad, ‘The Story Of Our Lives (feat. Megan Lee)’, has G.O.D reminding us of the people around us. Though the title alludes to something sentimental, I wouldn’t have guessed from the skit track. Really liked the raw-ness in Megan’s performance – it gave a nice contrast to Tae Woo’s strong vocals and the harmonising. ‘Smile’ is a gentle, warm romantic modern mid-tempo RnB Ballad. A cozy track as you snuggle up with your loved one~ ‘Stand Up’ is a funky mid-tempo Jazz Dance track. Those Alt-Rock Electronic guitars though. I’ve got to say, IU’s vocals bring on a sweeter, endearing direction to the light mid-tempo RnB-Jazzy Piano Ballad, ‘Sing Me A Song’. ‘I Like’ is a G.O.D flavoured lovely 90s mid-tempo Love Ballad. Although a love song, it gives me wistful yet bittersweet feeling. ‘G’swag’ is a Jazzy mid-tempo RnB piece. Very engaging and satisfying. (‘Ugly Duckling’ was covered in a previous post.) Indeed, a high quality album. As expected from the Legendary group. Congrats to their achievements – Sky Blue Promise| Story of Our Lives

Park Ki Yeong and Acoustic Blanc takes you on a surreal journey with <Acoustic Blanc. Part 1>. ‘To A Child Dancing In the Wind’ has Acoustic Blanc’s vocalist humming low-tempo Folk Ballad. Pretty yet surreal. Latin Acoustic-Orchestra Ballad ‘Bella Waltz’ reminds me of Japanese animations set in a quaint little town.  톡톡톡’(sound of tears dropping?) is a hushed low-tempo Acoustic Ballad about heartbreak. The former is a straightforward breakup Ballad whereas mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad Ver 2 is the aftermath of the breakup. There’s a subtle acceptance and regret in the latter. ‘Story’ switches up the mood with its happy mid-tempo Acoustic Folk Ballad. Mid-tempo Latin-Acoustic ‘A Feeling’ paints me an interesting picture of a person looking back on the exciting days spent with his/her ex-lover in a foreign country, while Latin-Acoustic instrumental ‘Nana’ ends the chapter as I ‘see’ the lead walk on the streets of Paris, smiling. Credits to Song4UCH3

Indie artiste Loptimist is back with a two-tracked single. ‘The Street I Passed By (featuring Kim Ha Yan)’ is a quiet, contemplative mid-tempo Acoustic RnB number. Less is more, in this song’s case.   ‘씨 (featuring Carmine Loanna – a guy??)’ is a dream-like mid-tempo latin-spanish Hip-Hop track. Familiar execution but unique instrumentals. I have always been fond of songs that ‘take my mind away’. I will be sure to listen to his future releases. 🙂

Previously only a vocal feature for Epik High’s song, Younha gets the green light for a solo edition of ‘Umbrella’. Which do you prefer? (Congrats to Younha!)

Powerhouse vocal quartet Bubble Sisters sing for <Joseon Guman> OST. Sounds like the song will likely be used for a drama-mama love-that-cannot-be scene. 😛 Vocals are applaudable! LINK Credits to Melodies For Your Soul.

Tiny-G’s ‘Ice Baby’ is a mid-tempo RnB-Pop Ballad that is easy on the ears. (Ahh~ Falsettos; Legit rap; Suits the trio’s vocals) But I’m confused. Are the girls happy that they are done with bad rubbish or sad about the breakup or…both?   Check out the Soompi link for an interview with the girls back when they were still a quartet. (Whoa, Mint was a b-girl? That last move was amazing!) 

F(X) slows down for <Red Light> comeback. Electronic-dub-step title track ‘Red Light’ started out strong and unique. (The hook at the end was great though.) But the chorus just didn’t cut it for me. I loved the gothic, rebellious concept of the song and my, it’s so different from the rest of the girl groups.  Here’re my suggestions for the album: ‘Milk’(adventurous Mid-tempo Pop goodness. I feel like I’m in a jungle…), ‘Butterfly’ (Urban Electronic Dance Pop with great Bass beats. Interesting chorus.), ‘Rainbow’ (Electronic HipHop and a surprisingly soothing hook-chorus.), ‘All Night’ (RnB-ish Mid-tempo Disco-Dance Ballad. Is it funny how I actually feel right at ‘home’ with this song? The kind of Ballads I’m so used to now sounds strangely comforting.), ‘Spit It Out’ (Funky, psychadalic Fast-tempo Electronic-Dubstep Pop. Exciting club track.), ‘Dracula’ (Fast-tempo Hiphop-ish Dance Ballad. Deep Bass Synths and the musical flow. *thumbs up*) and ‘Paper Heart’ (Uplifting Urban Acoustic-Pop Ballad. Nice ending to the album. Falsettos<3).  There’s a lot of US influence, as expected from the people behind the album. Overall, a swell album! Congrats to the girls!! Other source: k2nblog

Actor Kim Jeong Hoon serenades in ‘One Day (or Spring in Japanese)’. The recurring Piano bits give a melancholic mood to the low-tempo Ballad. ‘The Time During Which We Spent Time Together’ is a romantic low-tempo Piano-RnB Ballad. This puts you in such a happy mood. Especially for the female fans. 🙂 The full mini-album can be viewed in here. Credit to Kjukebox. 

After his bold ‘That Kind Of Man’, Bro finds true friends (and his sense of humour) in his latest mid-tempo RnB Ballad ‘Confession’. The way he sings and the accompanying instrumental/bgm – daebak. It’s as if he’s experiencing the same emotions as he sings.  Watch him at it LIVE! Aww he looks cute. HAHA >.< You can also view his live perf of ‘That Kind Of Man’ here

Jolly V is charismatic in her mid-tempo Hiphop Rap ‘MIC’ single. Gosh, that attractive low tone and rhythm of hers. >.<  Find her familiar? She’s also in <Unpretty Rapstar>.

Clazziquai Project does what they do best – Electronic Pop – for their ‘Love Satellite’ single. #Eargasm  Starring Go So Hyeon(Model) and Ju Seok Jae(Musical actor), MV’s kinda creepy – from the blueish hues, the stalking to the alien dialogues. Yet at the end, you feel sad for Marvin. 😦

Airplane takes musical references from 60s British Rock (and Green Day’s ‘21 Guns’?) for their ‘Back To The Future’ release. Oh how I’ve missed Airplane, this time attempting the Alt-Rock Pop genre fusion.  

Han So Ah falsettos her way to my heart with low-tempo Orchestra Ballad ‘You Are My Present’. The bass beats provides a good balance against the soloist’s falsetto and heavy instrumental. LINK Credits to MarbleTeethMusicChannel 3.

Xena takes on Hip-Hop for ‘Who M I (feat. Illinit, New Champ, MYK)’.   Perhaps you aren’t into auto-tuned tracks. But before you dismiss Xena, here’s the plot twist: LINK Credits to KoLad Music Korea.

Navi makes Planet Shiver’s Electronic-Dance product, ‘Sin’, work with her strong vocals. Doesn’t ‘Sin’ remind you of Philtre’s songs and MVs in every angle? That’s because PS is the DJing, Composing, Arranging and Composing anchor for Philtre’s (and DJ Friz’s) works! 

I have such a soft spot for gentle, yet sorrowful-sounding male vocalists (Park Ki Yong<3). And here’s Honey G to take that spot in their latest soothing mid-tempo Acoustic-Piano Ballad OST

Kim Na Yeong (Didn’t she just make her official debut??) and Lee Eun Ha for 90s mid-tempo Jazzy RnB Ballad OST.  

Ripply’s (Ripley’s….Believe Or Not! Sorry. I had to say it. >.<) ‘Poker Face’ is a subtle, mildy catchy Jazz RnB backed by Electronic guitar. Something playful and sexy, yet matured.  

Nu’est survives the torture of heartbreak in ‘Good Bye Bye’. Not only does the Pop-Dance Ballad title track not disappoint, their manly transformation (Min Hyeon’s and Ren’s: dayum!) and the use of colours in the MV were *thumbs up* good! Besides that, I thoroughly enjoyed watching MH and R’s scenes – so heartbreaking!   Just like how dangerous the title sounds, ‘Judgement’ is an intense, haunting HipHop Rap intro. Hip-Hop-Pop Ballad ‘Big Deal’ follows in ‘Judgement’’s footsteps as a dark, edgy number.  ‘Lend Me Your Shoulder(s)(feat. Kye Beom Ju)’ is a mid-tempo RnB-Piano Ballad that totally should be Kye Beom Ju’s featuring Nu’est’s JR and Aron. LOL. (This collaboration should be a result of Aron participating in Kye’s past MV…) What else does one need? – Addicting beats? Check. Melody? Check. Rap rhythm? Check. In my opinion, the weak links were ‘Love Without Love’ (mid-tempo Piano Ballad with simple beats.), ‘Climax’ (Futuristic Piano Ballad possessing one heck of a piano score. I kind of wished it went more Ballad than mainstream Pop.), ‘Storybook’ and ‘Hey, Love’ (both are mid-tempo Pop Ballads). Nu’est has always picked good title tracks, and I am absolutely pleased with ‘Good Bye Bye’. Not a stunning comeback. But the good wins the bad by a huge margin. 🙂 PLAYLIST Credits to MarbleTeethMusicChart. Other source: k2nblog

J.Muziik makes a sexy comeback in mid-tempo Jazzy RnB ‘oohlala (feat. Dari)’. Hot dang! J.Muziik’s voice is perfect dj material. His Jazzy vocals gives me Mayson The Soul vibes. (There’s no link for the track on youtube, hence fyi: in case youtube confuses you, the song is entirely different from BU’s debut, also featuring J.Muziik.)

Talented soloist Niihwa takes dual roles in his ‘All Night Long’ (or ‘Rooftop’) return. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, NIIHWA?!  The chill Hip-Hop R&B number has a smooth, addicting tune and I thought his voice sounded similar to Crush’s at some parts of the song…

Paul Lim displays his husky vocals in heavy mid-tempo Ballad, ‘그저 그렇게. I think he has the potential to do Rock Ballads or Soul.  You will find more covers by the singer in the youtube channel. (Is that his official yt channel?) 

Yu Seung Woo gets inspired by DJ Younha in his sentimental Acoustic Ballad. ‘Because The Night Is So Precious’ allows one a quiet moment with the simplicity of the guitars and the soloist’s honey vocals. It’s funny that I preferred the ‘live’ (or radio) version of the song. Just having that one guitar accompanying Yu’s voice was satisfying already. Creds to MBCKpop. Other sources: k2nblog

Anglee and Baechigi are partners again in Anglee’s official single. 그때 그때로’ (ie. Back Then?) is a catchy, groovy disco-Hip-Hop Dance number. Ugh. Anglee and Baechigi should just always do collaborations together. The end.  #HappyEnding (Link to prev collab). They were made for each other.  Sort-of/BTS MV: LINK Credits to Rainbowbridgeworld (RBW, Inc)

Swings, Dok2 and Genius Nochang collaborate for dark mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap track, ‘역주행’. Although not my cup of tea, the three are some of the good rappers I have come across. Fans of rap tracks would like this. 🙂 

Balladeer Park Jun Hee goes back in time for her <History> EP. Low-tempo, heavy Ballads have never been my strong suit. But she presents good quality music. If I were to choose, it would be ‘History’, a surprising Rock Ballad. Nostalgic Jazzy Ballad ‘A Short Story I Do Not Believe’ would have, in my opinion, somehow, fared better with Alex Chu’s featuring. (Doesn’t the background vocals sound like Alex?) On a side note, Park looks like Michelle Yeoh and Kim Hee Ae. MV LINK Credits to J2 Music

Male vocalist Letter Flow and Sesame&Cotton Candy’s Yu Ji Su for low-tempo Ballad duet. Beautiful! They do well on their own and together.  Falsettos~ *Evil smile*

Lim Yi Rang’s ‘Secret’ is a subtle-sexy mid-tempo Acoustic Jazz-R&B addition to the music scene. There’s a ‘love it or hate it, neither here nor there’ factor to it. So which side are you? 

Ailee sings the remake of 2LSON’s ‘I’m In Love’. Flawless performance by the capable soloist. Be sure to be touched by this heartwarming low-tempo Soul Ballad. 🙂 Wonderfully shot MV! Other source: k2nblog  

B1A4 enjoy their quirky time alone in ‘Solo Day’. While the Acoustic-Folk Pop track isn’t, imo, among the best that B1A4 has come up with, ‘Solo Day’ is a feel-good lightly catchy song regardless. The carefree, friendly nature of the title track goes swimmingly well with the image that they have. (But what’s with the MV having specific characters and the ufo? LOL. I guess..if you’ve been with the group long enough, this shouldn’t surprise you.) Using a pretty guitar solo for starters, ‘What Does That Make Me?’ follows the same likeable Acoustic route as a mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad. Mid-tempo Electronic R&B ‘Drive’ is the best piece of the mini in my opinion. It was as if a legit R&B group was behind the song although you can clearly tell Jin Yeong’s and Baro’s voices.  Commendable effort by Shin Woo, Jin Yeong and Baro who contributed as composers and writers of the song. And of course, as vocalists and rapper of ‘Drive’. In what I deem an unlikely move, Seon Mi features in the quintet’s sweet Urban R&B-Pop ‘You’. Seon Mi sounds amazing here. Now I want an R&B duet between Sandeul and Seon Mi. >.< #pleasemakethishappen Urban Rock-Acoustic-Pop ‘A Glass Of Water’ was not too bad; Energy-bursting Pop music. Whilst ‘Are You Happy’ wasn’t quite the song I was looking for.   Overall, I can’t say the mini didn’t meet my expectations. Thing is, ‘Solo Day’ didn’t seem title-track worthy for me.

Jerry K and Verbal Jint rap together for Hip-Hop Rap number, ‘I Lived A Little Selfishly’. Ooh, dark! 😀 If only there was more of those haunting background vocals. The song would be perfect. (Darn, I can never ever see Verbal Jint the same way I did after his appearance on RM.) 

Lodia heats up Summer with club track ‘I Got A Feeling’. Time to dance and let everything go~   Strong vocals the girls have eh? REMIX Ver. So which version do you prefer? Credits to CJENMUSIC Official.

JYPE mates Jo Kwon and Miss A’s Fei collaborate for <Temptation>’s Low-tempo Latin Ballad OST. This was unexpected news. But good choice of vocalists. I personally preferred the English version (click the link if you don’t mind <Temptation> spoilers). How about you? Other source: k2nblog Credits to Fei yun. 

Dynamic Duo returns with RnB-Hip-Hop ‘AEAO’, featuring DJ Premier. The chill urban track masks the dark (or realistic?) nature of the lyrics. The song’s highlight imo, is Gaeko’s chorus.   Edgier Hip-Hop ‘Animal’ takes the vintage (film) approach in its instrumental. This makes me think of vintage James Bond films..LOL. A stray from the usual – what do you think about it? Other source: k2nblog


Say Yes wants me to ‘Get Out’ because I didn’t know they debuted last year. (>.<) They give me the pop/punk-rock-playing LEDApple vibes (and CNBlue ones from their debut last year). What I recommend is the chorus of ‘It Isn’t A Dream’. Heh. The verses are familiar, but the chorus changes the game. Subin<3 ‘Get Out’ MV LINK Credits to ktmusic. Other sources: k2nblog

Jang Hee Yeong sings ‘You Are My Love’ for <Jang Bori Is Here>. Great vocals, but a typical Ballad. LINK Credits to KVideosSubbed

One More Chance duo seeks love in their second mini album <One More Chance>. ‘Fall In Love’ is a romantic low-tempo RnB Ballad. The main vocalist(Park Won)’s husky tones also bring upon some slight Rock tendencies to ‘Fall In Love’. I usually only listen to mp3 versions on youtube. But watching the group Live (which was the only version available) has opened my eyes – Park Won’s use of emotions to sing – I could just keep watching. I was so absorbed, it almost felt like he was singing for me. >.<   This reminds me of a lovey dovey scene from <I Need Romance>, where the main nuna-dongsaeng couple went to watch a Live Jazz performance. Mid-tempo ‘Happy’ is another love Ballad, backed by skippy Acoustic instrumentals and Park’s warm vocals. Pleasant and sweet. A stray away from the previous Ballad styles, upbeat Acoustic Ballad ‘Sunshine’ should put you in a good mood. ‘For That Day We Meet’ (as in preparing for that day ‘we’ meet) is a low-tempo Jazz Ballad. Love it at the song’s climax. Another enrapturing Live performance.   ‘Walking (Away)’ is similar to ‘For The Day We Meet’ – Low-tempo Ballad, but more solemn and heartbreaking. Hence the ‘uncontrolled’ belting out even at the song’s first chorus. ‘I’m Meeting You’ ends the EP through a low-tempo Christmas-y RnB Ballad, sung by Jeong Ji Chan, guitarist and sub-vocalist. 

Rapper B-Free releases a full album entitled <Korean Dream>. My top picks are ‘Feel (feat. Kid Ash…or Keith Ape??)’ (Chill Hip-Hop Ver | Let’s Go Hyper Live Ver), ‘It Ain’t Easy (feat. Jinbo)’ (Mid-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad; Awesome chorus!; Audio | Live), and ’Same Old Love Song’ (90s-affected Mid-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad). ‘Cream’/’Good Year’ (Jazz instrumental suits B-free’s chill rhymes), ‘Fly’ (Hip-Hop Rap track), ‘Song For Mama’ (meaningful Jazzy mixture of Blues,Rock and Hip-Hop) and ‘Pray’ (edgy Orchestra-backed Hip-Hop Rap) aren’t too bad themselves. B-Free has a chill rap style, evident in all of his songs. But he makes it work. 🙂

Nice Weather (feat. Outsider)’ has Hip-Hop trio Rapstar asking for a date. I find the mid-tempo Hip-Hop RnB more suitable for a Spring release. Regardless, a lovely track for the romantic. 🙂 That cute vocalist and his sweet RnB vocals. >.< (Who plays badminton in a dress???) YOUTUBE LINK The collaboration carries onto the single album’s second and last track, mid-tempo Hip-Hop ‘Haze’, a stark contrast to ‘Nice Weather’. If only the singing bits weren’t so heartbreak-y ballad-y, I think this would have been quite a track. Credits to ASSACOMZ

Rookie quintet Penta-G debuts with hopes of having their album <Sold Out>. (Are they an idol group?) Steady vocals; Average songs.

<Vampire Flower> OST includes Rainbow’s Hyeon Yeong’s cute mid-tempo Pop Ballad ‘나를 너에게 줄게’ (I Give Myself To You – what?!), A-Jax’s mid-tempo Rock-Pop ‘Fate In’ (Falsettos~ But A-Jax’s falsetto-i/c vocalist (Jaehyeong?) has to improve in his falsetto execution. Jae Hyeong was unsteady in ‘I Will Be Here’ too…), Tangtang Groove’s sweetly pleasant mid-tempo Ballad ‘Sweet Boy’ and Yu Mi So’s Mid-tempo Ballad ‘By My Side’.

Specially For You’ is a sugar sweet Mid-tempo Acoustic-Piano Jazz Ballad sung by Ryeong Hye and Stud. Ahh, Stud’s vocals~ 

T-ara’s Hyo Min brings back the 200-Pounds Beauty nostalgia talks about female body image in ‘Nice Body’. The mid-tempo R&B Pop is something simple and light and one that suits HM’s vocals. Loco’s featuring was a good decision. ‘Pretend’ is also a mid-tempo R&B Pop Ballad minus the Electronic instrumental, featuring Bravebrothers’s rap. ‘Overcome – Mild/Guts’ is a more intense Hip-Hop-flavoured Rap Ballad. Though <Nice Body> wasn’t exactly killin’ it, the EP songs were very suitable for Hyo Min’s vocals – a crucial point for solos. ‘Overcome – Mild/Guts’ is a good reminder/intro for those who have not seen the rapper in Hyo Min.  Other source: k2nblog

Mose works with Phantom’s Han Hae(Rap I/C) and B2ST’s Jun Hyeong (Production I/C) for catchy mid-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad. Familiar but enjoyable. LINK I preferred his Ballad participation in <Jang Bori Is Here> more to his official single. That sweet voice of his~  

Wings’s ‘Flowers In Blossom (feat. Baechigi) is a Urban mid-tempo Acoustic-Pop Ballad. Enjoy! YOUTUBE LINK Credits to WingsOfficialVEVO

Heo Gak and APink’s Eunji for their second duet ‘Break Up To Make Up’ (Or the literal title – Let’s Stop Fighting) – a simple, warm OST-like Ballad. Congrats to both of them on making it to the top in spite of the competition! 

Ra.D wants to ‘fly away’ in his latest single. I’m usually with Ra.D in his releases, but this time, the mid-tempo RnB didn’t really speak to me.  Now, that’s one heck of an MV idea. Aww, the team >.< If you are into Electronic R&B, my Soshimhan Boys song recommendation should be right up your alley. ‘I Only Know Love’ is an early 2000’s Electronic R&B song – easy to like with the trio’s warm vocals and zippy instrumentals. I am not exactly taken by the remainder of the mini-album. But please go ahead and explore the other 2 tracks if you must. 🙂 YOUTUBE LINK

Lee Ji Yeong’s full album comprises of Low-tempo and Mid-tempo Folk, Retro/Nostalgic and Solo Acoustic Ballads.  My favourite is feel-good mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad, ‘Duet’ sung by Lee and Kwon Jin Ah, ‘수지’  LIVE ver (Live Ver) | Cover by unknown artiste – highcode?? (I doubt this is sung by the original artiste, but I find their vocals more suited for the song. :P) Credits to 라뉴히 and HappyRobotRecords. 

Kim Hyeon Joong works with 2month’s Lim Kim(Kim Ye Rim), Troy’s Kanto and Phantom’s Hanhae for <Timing>. My favourite track is funky Electronic Pop ‘His Habit’. Credits to MarbleTeethMusic Channel 3. 

After hearing Bebe Mignon’s Ben in so many Ballads, it was refreshing to hear her in a chippy Jazz BalladYOUTUBE LINK Credits to TheDramaOST15.

Zizo disturbs train passengers on ‘Run (ft Nam Jin Ah?)‘. 😛 The likeable Hip-Hop Acoustic Ballad has Zizo rapping and singing, and partying – IT’S SUMMERRRRR!!!. I find Zizo best in chill, casual tracks like ‘Run’ and ‘Winter of Haeundae’. Anyway, here’s the tracklist of the rapper’s mini-album. Credits to Soompi, K2nblog and 1theK. 

Rememberus and Double K present a smooth, melodious mid-tempo RnB Ballad for the Summer. Nothing out of the norm, but the vocals come together really nicely. 

Female duo Hansalchae is at it again with their sweet soothing tunes. Summer may be fun and exciting. Maybe their version of ‘Summer’ can chase the heat? YOUTUBE LINK Credits to MarbleTeethMusic Channel 3

The Hidden is heartbroken for their ‘Only You’ OST. Not a bad ballad; Will be looking forward to their comeback. #Fan. 🙂 YOUTUBE LINK Credits to KVideosSubbed.

C-Clown pleasantly surprises me in their Hip-Hop title track, ‘Let’s Love (or literally, Let’s Meet)’. From the song title to their Ballad image, the thought that the sextet would venture into Hip-Hop never struck me. (I know they did ‘Justice’ but that song was conveniently erased. Heh) But lo and behold, ‘Let’s Love’ was really awesome. #newjam  RnB Ballad with Hip-Hop styling and Rap breaks, ‘Yeah’ is the familiar mid-tempo romantic Ballad genre I associate C-Clown with. I wonder how ‘Yeah’ would sound if the song went total Hip-Hop, while keeping the sweet chorus (and falsettos). Not to be mistaken, the song is still fine on its own. 🙂 To be honest, after ‘Yeah’, the quality of the remaining (new) songs dropped. ‘To Crown’ and ‘My Lady’ are still alright, but they can be rather predictable. In the playlist link, Track 7 and beyond are remixed versions of the group’s past songs. Other Sources: K2nblog

Boys In Groove or B.I.G officially greet with ‘Hello’. Can’t get enough of the Hip-Hop instrumental and the rap-chorus. >.< The song is easy to get hooked to, but there’s an amateurish quality to it. I wished the boys debuted with a mini-album at least. So that we can actually see more of what they can do – for now it’s so limited! – rather than whether they can follow trends (well). 

Rocoberry asserts that she’s fine for her collaboration track with Lee Bo Kyeong. A bitter mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad, ‘I’m Fine’ tells the feelings of a girl missing her ex after a breakup. YOUTUBE LINK

Known for her strong and husky talent, Ali sings a low-tempo Ballad for <Gunman In Joseon <OST>. In the same month, the soloist drops her low-tempo Jazz Ballad single ‘Ladies first’.  

Seong Hyeon and Woo Bin join hands for feel-good mid-tempo Acoustic ‘I Like You’

God First wants a ‘hug’ for their mid-tempo RnB Ballad single. Generic, but they show potential. 

<Doctor Stranger>’s OST is filled with various artiste such as Jeon Hye Won’s ‘Such A Nice Day’(Low-tempo Ballad sung using her husky voice.), Girls’ Day’s Minah’s ‘You And I’ (Urban Mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad) and Park Jeong Ah’s ‘Because Of You’ (Fast tempo Dance Pop). [Lee Ki Chan’s ‘I Will Meet U’ was reviewed the post before – LINK ] ENJOY!

Henry manages to become a violin master in ‘Fantastic’ thanks to an elusive girl. In my opinion, I find Henry should pursue a mid-tempo Ballad route. Hence, I recommend ‘Bad Girl (ft. EXO’s Chan Yeol)’ (mid-tempo RnB Ballad with Jazzy instrumental), ‘Butterfly (ft. SMRookies’s Seul Gi)’ (mid-tempo RnB Ballad; Seul Gi sings well.) and ‘You’ (mid-tempo Ballad).  Credits to k2nblog.

Park Ji Yun top charts with zippy Summer Ballad,‘Yoo Hoo’. The song should grow on you with its cheerful, carefree disposition. (It’s pretty funny watching Park sing it live. HAHA. The song just doesn’t ‘look’ good on stage. >.<) Park looks awesome, MV is visually appealing. 🙂 This should pair up nicely with Jap Dramas. ‘A Step’ ends the single as a bittersweet Piano-and-Electronic-instrumental based Ballad – for a trip coming to an end, as one reminisces memorable parts of the trip. Other sources: k2nblog   


Legend chooses a Hip-Hop-styled Ballad for their debut track. ‘Left Out’ was quite a surprising find. It had a generic sound to the verses and the instrumental was rather rough around the edges. But boy was I blown away during the bass-supported chorus and by leader Listen (Yes, that’s his stage name.). And I was so sure Jaehyeok (he looks like lee hyeon woo + C-Clown’s Rome) was the leader. >.< Give it a guess: Where did Lito get his name from? (LMAO. And I thought Lito was legit. The history of it is heol~ daebak. >.<) Off to a promising start! Other sources: k2nblog.

Specialising in Indie/ Lazy Acoustic, Side Ponytail releases a three-track-ed single. Especially suitable for a cool, breezy Sunday afternoon. 🙂 ‘Sunday Curry(?)’ has a Latin Acoustic instrumental accompaniment. I feel like I’m having fun in Paris alone. (Lol)

Dickpunks and 4minute’s Ji Yun collaborate for Rock/Punk-Rock Pop track ‘Soulmate’. A fun single that will keep your high spirits up. 🙂

Z.Hera’s (or Ji Hyeh Ra) ‘D Island’ is a mildly haunting mid-tempo Urban Ballad. 

M.Pire’s vocalists, Lu Min and T.O duet for low-tempo Ballad ‘Love Sick’. Decent pipes, but generic Ballad. Other sources: k2nblog 

B-Rock’s ‘Scribble’ is a mid-tempo Hip-Hop-RnB Ballad featuring Dead’P and Tanic. Addicting chorus. (I still miss his R&B Ballad collabo with Timber’s K.Brown. >.<)

Girl’s Day wants to be melted by their ‘Darling’ instead of the Summer heat in their catchy R&B-Pop single comeback. On one hand, I really like the combination of colours in the MV. On the other, the MV was focusing too much on the girls’ bodies. I get that Summer is here and K-Pop groups are ‘obliged’ to show skin (or bodies for that matter). But, no. The mini-album also holds ‘Summer Party’ (Pop Intro ft. David Kim), ‘Timing’ (RnB-Pop Ballad with deep Bass beats. Chorus rocks!) and ‘Look At Me’ (Mid-tempo R&B Ballad with a natural flow. Describes the sad truth of crushes). ‘Darling’ and ‘Timing’ would suit the fun-loving sort to a tee. ‘Look At Me’ is the requisite Ballad of the album that comprises of a modern mainstream melody and which would cater to most. Typical Pop comeback to some, but embodies the playful nature of the season.   Other sources: k2nblog

Ji Hoon sings a low-tempo Piano Ballad for <God Quiz 4>. Such a warm voice~ (Not sure why, but the ambience the song creates gives this a Christmas Ballad-y feel. LOL) 

Jeon Min Ju (chorus vocals), Yuna Kim (rap – made her debut with MFBTY’s Yun Mi Rae, Bizzy, Tiger JK) and Bromance’s Hyeon Gyu(verse vocals) perform ‘Goodbye Rain’ together for the KPop Star 2 contestant’s HipHop Ballad-ish ‘Neo Classical R&B’ Solo. FYI – Jeon and Yuna will also debut in a new group called The Ark. I’m actually anticipating the girl group’s debut. YOUTUBE LINK I would have preferred the dancers wear plain black t-shirts rather than the bulky-looking attire… Credits to 1theK. 

If you enjoy Jazz-y RnB, The Stray’‘Love Is Coming’ would seal the deal. I’m still not over ‘그대는 없는데’ yet. >.< I even hear the latter in the former. O.O YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Kpopwars Channel 3.


BrandNewjiq — Good Night Good Morning [Slightly groovy Mid-tempo Jazzy R&B] LINK Credit to kt Music.

Han So Ah – ‘Maybe’[Hushed Mid-tempo R&B] LINK Credits to Amy.

Geeks’ Louie’s full album – Earlier single, ‘Twilight’ and ‘Where U At’, was reviewed. PLAYLIST                                                                                        My favs: ‘Are You Up’, ‘Walk’, ‘High’ and ‘Change The Game’, ‘Parce Que C’est Moi’ | Not bad: ‘Side Mirror Girl’ | Bonus: ‘Secret’  

 ft Yu Seong Eun and Young Luffy – ‘Are You Up?’ [Mid-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad – Oh wow, Yu’s vocals!]                                                                                ft Phantom’s Sanchez – ‘Side Mirror Girl’ [Likeable mid-tempo Acoustic R&B; Sanchez<3]                                                                                                      ft Crucial Star – ‘Walk’ [Adorable Mid-tempo Acoustic R&B; why does Louie sound like Block B’s Kyeong??]                                                                        ‘High’ [Electric Hip-Hop-Rap. Does expletives define edgy Hip-Hop Rap tracks?]                                                                                                          ‘Change The Game’ [Rock-Pop vs Alt-Rock & Blues feat. Yong Su. The Rock-Pop sounded..more Rock. LOL! …This sounds like a track Jeong Jun    Yeong will do..]                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ‘Secret’ [A slowed down/ Rap Ballad form of ‘Where U At’?                                                                                                                                                      ft Geeks’ Lil Boi & Stella Jang – ‘Parce Que C’est Moi’ [Intense, Haunting Hip-Hop Soul Ballad]

Jerry. K feat Kuan – ‘We Are Still In Love’, ‘화창한 봄날에’  [Mid-tempo R&B Ballads]

J.Muziik feat. Meong Sen – Lady [Mid-tempo R&B] LINK Credits to Claudia Gonzalez.

Air Man Girl – ‘Hide&Seek’ [90s Mid-tempo Falsetto Piano-based Ballad] LINK Credits to Air ManGirl.

Giriboy ft Swings – You Look So Good To Me [Slick Urban Mid-tempo Hip-Hop]   (I shared Giriboy’s ‘Camp’ before, but the MV is a must-watch! Giriboy’s so cute :P) 

Drawn to Soshimhan Boys‘ music? Here’s ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’ LINK [Mid-tempo Acoustic R&B]



Suju’s Shindong’s dance team, Shin Family, does a street cover of JYP’s ‘Honey’.  0:56 – 1:06 was funny – the dancer wittily improvised the loss of his shoes. >.< If only they got the handsome one to ‘annoy’ the girls… Would things be different?

Soompi’s ‘CallMeNOONA’ wrote a post featuring 2Bics covers which they have done thus far. Enjoy!

Give them One More Chance with these covers: Jason Mraz’s ‘Im Yours’ etc | Lee Jeok’s ‘Thank God’ etc. Altogether, I’m not surprised by the Ballad genre. On one hand, Park’s vocals are suited for (Love) Ballads and on the other, the Ballads can be a miss. Like I mentioned earlier, I can just watch Park Won sing the whole day and I just won’t feel bored. He’s a wonderful Live performer and audios can dismiss that entirely. I just wonder why they don’t delve into Rock Ballads. hehe. An article for more on the duo! Credits to kimanna0413!

Female trio Bab.B’s cover of GD’s ‘That XX’ is slower paced accompanied with bare Acoustics to fill the instrumental gap – a nice adjustment to put emphasis on their vocals. (it’s ok, should put?) 

What if you take ‘La Bamba’ and Junggigo and put them together for a Korean version? You get ‘Latin Summer’. I don’t know. This just sounds so weird. LOL. LINK Other sources: k2nblog Credits to MarbleTeethMusic Chart

Newly debuted BTL takes to youtube for their <Show Me Your Charm> series. My word, Jean Paul! (I totally said that like a french. LOL)  


K.Will releases a promotional short alongside So Yu, for his ‘Day 1’ comeback. Funny how this wasn’t one of the teasers.  K.Will tells his crush So Yu that no handsome guys are nice. And he double takes when So Yu says he’s a really nice guy. LOL Well, the consolation is: Nice guys finish last, and the ones who laugh last, are the ones who laugh the best. 😛

Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Seong and Lyn’s ‘Buen Camino’ is a 2014 remake of the Bossa Nova piece. Other sources: k2nblog

Hyungdon&Daejune rap about atrocious names in their Hip-Hop Rap comeback, ‘Park You’, with Park Jun Gyu joining in on the fun!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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