Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [16th Jul – 4th Aug 2014]

04 Feb

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK #1 , LINK #2

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend

Parc Jae Jeong (or Park Jae Jeong) hits all the right notes on his <First Step>. The dramatic Soul Jazz ‘Stalker’ (At First Sight, The Platonix Remix) is a super sick rendition of the (livelier Jazzier) original piece that Parc (or Park) sang for Superstar K5. What’s even more genius, is the twisted perspective of the original title and its creepy monochrome MV. (I freaked out when I saw him chopping something…only it turned out to be a carrot he was chopping. LOL. In short, there’s nothing to be scared of. Except that tattoo girl who shocks rather than frightens.)

‘Because Of You’ is a Mid-tempo Latin-ish Acoustic Ballad. Decent, but somewhat of a letdown after ‘Stalker’. ‘Ice Baby (feat. Beenzino)’ is a playful Jazz-Pop, appropriate for the rookie’s age and vocals. (And even for Beenzino.) If the soloist and his band (and that cute boy representing Beenzino) were the only cast in the MV, I think ‘Ice Baby’ would have looked fine. I’m not against the girls. I just find he has enough charisma on his own. Why take that away? (LOL he should have sat on a solo sofa and sang, and he would have looked just fine. Either that or a cute MV wherein he’s all stiff – suitable character since he’s still unnatural in front of the cam – and his crush just worsens things. HAHA! ) [Check out the ‘Ice Baby’ teaser here.] The last track is an Electronic Jazz-R&B piece, ‘도도한 GirL (Cold GirL?)’. Lightly catchy, but can be flat. ‘Stalker’ is the undisputed star of the mini-album for me and it might have raised the bar a little too high. Because clearly, my mind was stuck on ‘Stalker. (heh) I am happy with the range of music in the mini, but was a little disappointed with the remaining songs. The last three tracks seemed like they were there to rely on PJJ’s ability, rather than to impress with its sound. Regardless, I’m already eagerly awaiting his next work. 🙂 Other sources: k2nblog

Handsome rapper Beenzino mans a 24-hour Coin Laundry for his Chill Hip-Hop ‘How Do I Look’ MV. What can happen right?  The verses are rather flat, but Beenzino’s looks the catchy chorus makes up for it. Almost everytime I listen to Beenzino’s songs, I can’t decide if I like it or not. LOL. Case in point: Hip-Hop ‘Jackson Pollock Dick’ – Unique instrumental but no climax. If you are a Hip-Hop fan, go for Electronic Hip-Hop ‘Crazy’(feat. Don Mills). Beenzino’s vocals and rhythm are so right for the song. Urban Hip-Hop Ballad ‘Up All Night’ is the best thing on the EP. And who can resist Mayson The Soul’s voice?  The album ends with Hip-Hop instrumental track, ‘I Don’t Have To Work’. Other source: k2nblog

Comprising of Jessi, J’Kyun and former TOUCH vocalist J’Yo (OMGGG), Lucky J introduces themselves through RnB-Hip-Hop Ballad. ‘Can You Hear Me’ is a quality track but lacks novelty needed for a strong debut. I’m definitely surprised to learn that Jessi can sing. I’ve always thought that she was a rapper. (#girlcrush: She’s so sexy!) (#crush: omg J’kyun looks so hot rapping and playing the piano at the same time. heh) The bigger surprise? Jun Yeong. I’ve liked him ever since his TOUCH days. And when I recognised him, I literally went nuts. (Did he age? LOL XP) Please release an R&B solo, J’Yo. I beg you.  Other sources: k2nblog

Swings completes his [Mood Swings] episode with <OCD>. Electronic Hip-Hop R&B ‘Phone Number(Feat. Verbal Jint, 40; so sexy oh gosh)’  and Hip-Hop Rap ‘역주행 (Feat. Dok2, Genius Nochang 천재노창; this sounds extremely familiar. I’m not kidding… Did I review this before?)’ are my recommendations of the mini. If you are into angry(?) Hip-Hop Raps, do try Gray-produced Electronic Hip-Hop ‘공약 (feat. Elo)’ and ‘Gravity (feat. Mad Clown – oh he’s awesome here, Giriboy)’. ‘I Want To Stop Thinking’ is far from the intense Hip-Hop Rap songs and rightfully so. One can feel that things are slowing down, but in a happy-ending way.

Seo In Guk shakes hearts with close-to-tears R&B Ballad ‘Finding Myself’. (D.ear <3) Maybe I’ve forgotten, but if I’m correct, Seo has never challenged something like this before. It sounds so different from what he usually brings and it’s a sweet change.  This is exactly what the likes of Ra.D and Ju Yeong will comeback with.

Eddy Kim enjoys a snuggle-y Summer with his ‘Darling’. It’s not really my kind of music, but I think Eddy’s vocals are a sweet match for the Light mid-tempo Acoustic.  I prefer the original MV as it’s more cohesive but if you would like to take a look at the Playboy version: LINK. (Now this is something new. O.O)

Skull makes a controversial (sexualised?) return for his <King O Irie> album. Besides that, the album actually satisfies. Tracklist: Hip-Hop Reggae Rap ‘Deh Pon Top’ (I didn’t know Skull could rap this well. O.O His rhythm was legit; I wished the singing verses had more relevance to the song. It kinda felt out of place. And the MV was uncalled for too – where’s the link?), Mid-tempo Acoustic Reggae Ballad ‘Ooh Baby’ (This song was meant for Skull to sing!; So do breakups justify one’s womanising ways?!), Mainstream Mid-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad ‘I’m Getting Married (feat. The Seeya’s Yu Jin)’ (The duet is the best part – both lyrically and vocally. , Catchy Reggae Dance ‘Who Gives A F***’ (The expletives are *sigh*. But so fun and addictive. >.< #guiltypleasure), Reggae-ish Hip-Hop Rap ‘진짜배기 둘 (Feat.YDG)’ (The instrumental makes the song work), emo(?) Hip-Hop Reggae Ballad ‘Once In A Year (feat. AD)’ (Lol. I though AD was Haha at first. I actually like the melancholy expressed in the song.), likeable Urban Hip-Hop Ballad ‘Shining Star (feat. ANNA)’ Pleasant Ballad ‘Love My Life’, easygoing Hip-Hop Reggae ‘Life’s Drama’ (I’m surprised how laidback the song sounds.), Mid-tempo Reggae-Pop ‘꽃이 진대도 (Feat. Rilord, KUMA)’ (..I thought Rilakuma featured. LOL), Electronic Hip-Hop Ballad ‘I Love You Girl (feat. Oh Seul Gi)’ (The chorus! It will make you dance for sure; Does Oh have any releases? Her strong vocals are whoa.), Laidback Reggae Ballad ‘I Was A Selfish Jerk’ (Skull only sounds different when he sings/raps – cool. MV LINK) and carefree Mid-tempo Reggae ‘Keep On Pushing’. ‘Hope Road’ is an instrumental lacking contemporary instrumentals for most of the song. (The short song includes singing from Jamaican locals?)  Other sources: k2nblog

Kim Ye Rim and UL join in on Park Myeong Su’s entertaining Jazzy Pop ‘Myeong Soo’s TteokBokki’. The lyrics are as expected of Park’s image on his variety shows –  a scrooge. LOL. And that repeated ‘Get Lost’ made me laugh. >.< (Who’s UL though??) Side note: I can visualise Block B having fun with this.   Other source: k2nblog

Tae Wan (or C-Luv) rules with his sweet vocals in rhyming mid-tempo Hip-Hop-y R&B ‘History (feat. San E)’. Solid, but safe.  Other source: k2nblog

Woo Side joins the July batch of comebacks with his mini-album <Round One Love>. Mid-tempo R&B ‘7.5 Years (feat. JDoq as the vocals contributor)’ is a solid track to start the ball rolling. Falling for JDoq’s voice <3.  (Please totally check out their previous collaboration – Hip-Hop R&B ‘탄탄대로’ – listed under ‘Others’) Electronic instrumental-backed mid-tempo R&B track is ‘Exactly My Style’. 😛 First reaction: Niihwa!! (heh) The bass beats are so dope!   The third track is a solo R&B Rap by the rapper. ‘Summer Night’ was actually ok until the autotune ruined it. 😦 R&B Ballad ‘You Were Always Like This (feat. Jeong Jin Cheol)’ ends the mini satisfyingly with its strong rap-and-vocal pair. (And I thought Jeong was 40. Another vocalist discovered. 🙂 ) 

Female R&B quartet Mamamoo adds a R&B-styled Soul Ballad to <Marriage Not Dating> OST. Who dares say no to Mamamoo? LINK 

For all the Rock fans out there, here’s Ria with her 2-tracked Project Single – Garage Rock ‘Nothing To Say (feat. MC Sniper)’ and Indie Blues Rock ‘꽃잎’ (a drastic change). Power vocals nonetheless. O.O

GB9 shows off their vocal prowess in <Trot Lovers>’s heart-wrenching Ballad ‘Remember Me’.   Hearing the duo let their emotions get the better of them makes ‘Remember Me’ so good, despite it being a typical Ballad in most ways.

Duo Paran The Pace’s latest single contains a mid-tempo Rock&Blues Ballad ‘Paradoxx’ (oh, husky vocals~)  and Rock Ballad ‘Hello’ I’m impressed. Admittedly, both songs can get dull at times. But they sure are well produced.

Ballad Duo Two Piano (omg, the grammar nazi in me is screaming >.<) collaborates with ROO for R&B Ballad ‘Breaking Up Today’. Vocals? Check. (I’m a sucker for sorrowful male vocals. :P) Quality track? Check. 

SMRookies’ Tae Yong will leave a deep impression with his short Hip-Hop Rap ‘Open The Door’. Wow. I’m speechless, since SME rarely has legit rappers. (hehe)

Rex.D is a badboy in chill Jazzy Hip-Hop Rap ‘To Violet’.  In addition, the talented artiste returns shortly with Hip-Hop Ballad ‘Ordinary Love (feat. Sanchez)’. Not my cup of tea, but a good song nevertheless.  An artiste to look out for in my eyes. (He looks like the equivalent of Vanness Wu + Myname’s Insu. HEHE) Craving more from Rex.D? Do go over to ‘Discovered’.

Kim Jae Joong takes on a Rock Ballad for <Triangle>’s ‘Coincidence’. I wished Kim’s vocals was not muffled. This could have been even better. Rock Ballads require strong vocals! 

Daybreak adds colour to the music industry with their engaging Alt-Rock Electronic-Pop tracks and a Ballad (‘Someday’). Highly recommend ‘Waterfalls’ (Alt-Rock Electronic Ballad with a long intro), ‘Hot Fresh’ (fun 90s-inspired Electronic-Pop) and ‘Girl In Front Of My House’ (Alt-Rock Electronic remaster of the 90s track).  

Male balladeer Eru sings heavy low-tempo Latin Ballad ‘Temptation’ for <Temptation>. Good choice of vocalist.

Nior goes in the <#sexy> direction for his newest single. Totalling six tracks, two of which are the originals – ‘I Told Ya’ (Chill Hip-Hop styled R&B, feat. Goga) and ‘Sing This Song’ (Hip-Hop Rap), remaining four are remixes (feat. Tylo and Keebomb; feat. Tylo)and their respective instrumental versions. Did you like the original or the remix better? Or both? 🙂 I personally thought there was no need to change the rappers in ‘ITY’. 

Rock Band The Strikers want to entertain with <Television>. Despite the mini containing heavy Punk Rock tracks, the songs have a likeable mainstream melody. This will do wonders for a sleepy Monday morning. >.< I couldn’t get youtube links of the songs except ‘TV-Monster’ and ‘Comedy House’.

Block B are mesmerised by ‘HER’ in their anticipated return. The Electronic Hip-Hop-y Jazz Pop is so Block B – the extremely catchy fast-tempo track and the wild MV – what is Zico talking? 😛 (This reminds me of Bruno Mars’s style, especially the start – sounds like ‘Runaway Baby’; P.O’s gruff voice suits the chorus so darn well!) Not quite the comeback I was expecting. I trust that ‘HER’ will grow on me. Heck, it’s becoming an earworm already. Plus, Block B always seems to have so much fun that it makes it such a positive experience for the listener. (LOL at the last scene where they are the stars, the singers and the band. >.<)  Included in <HER> are two new tracks (Taeil solo, Low-tempo Piano Ballad ‘Embrace Me Now’ and pleasantly light mid-tempo R&B ‘You Are A Sex Professional’ ‘Unordinary Girl’ (OMG TAEIL<3)), ‘Jackpot’ and ‘Very Good’ (Rough Remix/ Garage Rock ver.). Side note: All the songs were co-produced by Zico except Taeil’s Solo.  

Boni and The Suite are amazing in their mid-tempo R&B duet, ‘Answer Me’. ‘대박!’ is this single’s definition. More please!!  For the live version: 

Music listeners are in for a ‘treat’ as Taurine enters the industry through Jazz-Soul Pop ‘Wish List’. Awesome vocals – a given since they are all musical actresses;  Harmonisation spot on as well.   More please! Here’s their cover of Dynamic Duo’s ‘Solo’ (and teaser featuring Yu Jun Sang going bonkers for the birth of ‘Wish List’), thanks to Soompi

Exo’s Chen tops charts with ‘Best Luck’, the mid-tempo Orchestra-backed R&B-Pop Ballad OST for <It’s Okay It’s Love>. As much as I love to admire Jo In Sung, please click on the link provided. 

Kemi will make you sleepy with quiet low-tempo Piano/Jazz-ish Ballad ‘Tonight’. It’s a fa…zzz..ct… But seriously, this is the perfect song for a drama – whether it’s for a sad rainy scene, or a piano scene for women to fall head over heels for. Lol. Live version:  His falsettos! Clean audio version: 

Andrew Band’s first album houses sombre Blues&Rock Ballads, which I find will do best when you are in a melancholic, wanna-get-wasted mood. I’m fine with one or two tracks, (and they aren’t exactly bad perse). Not an album I will be tuning to though..

CoreMagaZinE refreshes your music playlist with their Urban mixture of Fast-tempo Electronic Rock – Indie Rock, Alt-Rock, Synth-Rock, Rock, Rock Ballad. Haunting Latin-ish Rock Ballad ‘Let Me Down’, is, hands down the best song of <Rude Banquet> imo. But if you are into fast-tempo songs, don’t worry, the album will satisfy that musical craving of yours. I recommend ‘Shall We’ to end off the album, like an end to a Rock concert. ‘I Feel Sick’ (studio live ver) is basically a simultaneous record of the band and Hong Kyeong Min preparing and performing the song. 

Jay Park and Loco sing ‘Nana’ as they party the night on with their AOMG crew –  spot familiar faces like Dumbfoundead, Gray, Simon D and Beenzino’s girlfriend. If you thought that ‘Nana’ was a fast-tempo club track, no, it isn’t. Jay’s new release is actually a laidback Piano-based Hip-Hop track with a similar paced MV to match.  …Before ending off crazily. lol.

With E.Den (studies) and Rasa(military) out of the group, LC9 makes a mature return in ‘East of Eden’. Quite a transformation from their ‘Mama Beat’ days. (King<3)  Is it me or does J-Hyo resemble Alex Chu? LC9 did a splendid cover of Nelly’s ‘Just A Dream’ before and come to think of it, Rasa resembles Skull. HEHE

High4 are so taken by Lim Kim (Kim Ye Rim) in flirty ‘A Little Close’. I usually adore Kim Ye Rim in everything she does, but I felt that High4 alone had enough vocal chops to deliver the Jazz R&B. And if you are ‘Who’s Who’ about the rookie group, watch out for the ending. 

Swanky mid-tempo Jazzy Hip-Hop ‘EBIT’ sees the collaboration between MGFC and Samuel Seo (Quick, make a comeback!!). Gosh, the lyrics are so 19+. 

In another collaborative project, rapper Molly.D teams up with Han So Hyeon for the Ballad ‘Girlfriend’. I found the original generic and chanced upon the low-tempo Piano/Acoustic ver featuring two male singers (Lee Hoon Ju and Jeong Hyeon Gi) – the simplicity of the Piano and the overlapping singing and rapping were what won me over. 

Do you know, the low-tempo Acoustic Ballad OST, ‘It’s Okay It’s Love’ for the similarly-worded drama title, is sung by Davichi

G.Clef’s mid-tempo Electronic R&B ‘Secret’ features rapper Woo-Side. Oh gosh, I can’t get enough of this! >.< 

Wonder Girls’s Ye Eun (Ha:tfelt) unleashes an intense performance for her debut solo ‘Ain’t Nobody’. The Electronic Dance Pop Ballad is a far cry from the songs that Yenny has done when under WG – it’s a nice stray away for a solo debut and when differentiating her from her WG acts. I don’t know, but Ye Eun actually sounds different – differently good. I didn’t even expect a song like this from her and she nailed it.  While the bare feet dancing seems all too familiar, what Yenny is trying to convey through her choreography is entirely different – despair and emptiness. I was freaking out towards the end when she was dancing on the staircase. (It looked so dangerous!!) But damn, I didn’t know Yenny could dance like this! As for the remainder of the mini: #1: ‘Iron Girl (ft. Hye Lim)’ (Contemplative mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad. I’m not sure about you, but this kind of music makes me want to just walk alone and reflect a little. (LOL – Yes, this is a song about staying strong, rain or shine.)). I also liked the following – #2: ‘Truth’ (mid-tempo Urban Ballad. I like the raw-ness of Ye Eun’s voice in this – it’s as if she’s releasing all that pent-up stress she’s been keeping inside.), #4: ‘Bond (ft. Beenzino)’ (Sexy, flirty Electronic mid-tempo Hip-Hop-flavoured Pop. Naughty Yenny. >.<. This sounds like a sequel, musically, to ‘Ain’t Nobody’. But ‘Bond’ is so Beenzino. Would be pretty fun if it could be performed live.), #5: ‘Wherever together ‘ (Familiar urban/electronic dance Pop Ballad, with the use of dubsteps.), #6: ‘Peter Pan’ (A wistful mid-tempo acoustic-pop ballad. Yenny did a great job here) and #7: ‘Dawoon/Nothing Lasts Forever’ (Urban ballad. slowing things down.) <Me?>, in essence, is a mature product by the JYP singer-songwriter, who penned and composed the entire mini. It’s obvious the kind of musical direction that Yenny wants under her own name – songs that are close to her heart, songs that express herself. This is especially so in the last track, done in memory of a dying fan that WG visited before he/she died. I can’t say I loved everything Ye Eun did, but her voice is already a winner. And I particularly admire the fact that she’s not afraid to be different from her peers and the industry standards.  Other sources: k2nblog

Hyperboyz and Black Bandana’s collaborate for mid-tempo Jazz-y R&B, Hip-Hop ‘Swimming’. Swag beats there~ 

Papercut Project presents a feel-good Indie Acoustic Ballad track, ‘오늘도 대기 중’. The only way to express my contentment: 아~ 좋다~ The vocalist behind this is the equivalent of Junggigo and Sugarbowl’s vocalist. All he needs is a guitar and all ovaries will explode. >.<

Soulstar releases just the track for a rainy day – 90s mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad ‘Walking In The Rain’. Coupled with sweet vocals, mid-tempo Acoustic Ballads are basically OSTs for nostalgia. Sigh~ 

Hunter Dog’ is a dangerous(?) edgy Hip-Hop track by Marvel J, featuring MIB’s Sims. This screams ‘badass’. 

Clazziquai Project expresses  the quick, intense feeling of being ‘Madly’ in love through modern dancing. It was funny how the two dancers just started dancing out of nowhere. But they pulled it off really well – I’m stunned speechless. :O And the times when the male dancer smiled, it wasn’t even creepy. He looked so happy. (LOL… Sounds pervy..Wait, is he the only one looking happy? HA!)  To top things off, is the classy Jazz-y Electronic-Pop that matches the dance and ambience of the MV! Go to others for the interview with the MV actors and dancers!

Cute Balladeer Kim Woo Ju gives an urban Electronic R&B spin to the original – Choi Yeong Jun’s Jazz-y Acoustic Ballad (How could I have missed this??). Which do you prefer?   Vs 

G.O.D members Son Ho Yeong and Danny Ahn are a singer-rapper duo for emotional G.O.D-styled Ballad OST, ‘One More Day’. Son is amazing here. (y) 

Sool J and STi want to make it clear that ‘욕해’ is not a love song. (Why am I reminded of <Soulmate>’s OST? lol) Catchy Urban mid-tempo Hip-Hop Pop to add to your playlist. 🙂 

San E and Bumkey are starved in ‘Kinky Sex Breast Body Language’. Ok fine, I actually liked the Electronic Hip-Hop track. I mean, come on, it’s San E and Bumkey. Sigh. And the mainstream nature of the song makes it very easy to give it a ‘thumbs up’.  The MV…I shall just comment that the concept was actually something new (albeit kinky) and San E’s reactions are really entertaining. Bonus?: Troy’s Jae Woong and that GD-looking model. 


Stud releases his sorrowful Ballad single ‘I Love You’. Melodious vocals, but typical Ballad. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to 김서은.

Deffinite’s Beautiful‘ is a subtle mid-tempo R&B Hip-Hop. Smooth beats and an addicting chorus. Seems like Deffinite ‘specialises’ in such songs: 예뻐보이네, 마주칠까봐, 좋아. Credits to Blueberry-G2 & Song4UCH3.

Yun Kye Myeon(or Glenn Yoon) and Seung Hee Ran duet for Indies Pop&Blues Ballad ‘Bicycle’. Pleasant break away from the usual fare. Isn’t that the actress from Fatdoo’s ‘Memory Erasing Clinic’? YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Gyemyun Yoon.

Cho PD and his TOPPDOGG boys collaborate for mid-tempo Acoustic R&B Ballad ‘This Isn’t Right’. Pleasing melody that is easy to follow. 

Written by Royal Pirates’s James, ‘Betting Everything’ is a mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad. Ahh~ Moon’s falsettos~ The korean version is sung by Moon while the low-tempo English Acoustic version is sung by James. Both are beautiful. (I wonder why James don’t sing in their official releases. He’s not bad..)  Credits to MarbleTeethMusic Channel 4 & Royal Pirates Official Channel. Other sources: k2nblog

Male vocal duo Homme is back after 2 years. Their first mini-album explores other genres such as Jazz R&B (Luv Star, After Work Date), Soul Jazz Ballad(There’s No Way I Miss You) and Jazz Ballad (It Girl *Title*). Somehow, I don’t find the duo suitable for Jazz… PLAYLIST LINK                            Other sources: k2nblog

‘Urban group’ Play The Siren releases 3 versions of ‘Dream Drive’ and I recommend Hip-Hop Rap ‘Trap Version’ feat. Bay.b. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to MarbleTeethMusic Channel 4. Other sources: k2nblog

Misty sings a heartbreaking track for <Gunman In Joseon>. Love the way she pours her emotions into the song.

Sis challenges Bro with Pop Ballads ‘My Confession’ and light Acoustic Ballad ‘That Kind Of Woman’. (And I thought Veloce already did…) While Sis has the vocal chops (she sounds different in both songs..), she isn’t as capable of sparking interest in her songs – in terms of melody & content. To listen to Bro and Veloce’s at one go: YOUTUBE LINK Credits to World TV.

Yun Jong Shin’s monthly project has me wondering if my thinking is astray. (The girlfriend has become bored of the relationship and wants some ‘spice’ in the relationship.) I’m not quite taken by ‘Bat Girl’ (lively Ballad) but what are your thoughts on the song? YOUTUBE LINK Credits to 월간 윤종신

Delight will satisfy the electronic dance pop fan in you with their ‘Hate You’ single. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to CJENMMUSIC Official.

Sistar takes advantage of the Summer season for ‘Touch My Body’. I know the title isn’t any innocent, but can the MV get any lower? I’ve got to admit, though, that the Dance-Pop is extremely catchy (and that silly butt dance is really endearingly silly.. – Idols Part 1 | 2 ), but it’s a few steps backwards for the group compared to ‘Alone’. If sexy is what they intend to bring on, I’d rather they do it tastefully.  ANG JEONG JAEEEEE!!!!! Crazy guitar skills O.O As for the rest of the album, the tracks didn’t strike me as special. Of course, I acknowledge that there were songs that tweaked the standard recipe to spice things up. But definitely not a mini up to my expectations. YOUTUBE LINK Other sources: k2nblog Credits to lovley sistar & Sistar Italia

Female indie singers, Bbahn and D Heaven, join hands for delightful mid-tempo Love Ballad, ‘사랑의 주문을 걸어요’. This will definitely be the OST played during the blissful romantic scenes in <Jang Bori Is Here>. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Guzty nero

4minute’s HyunA (Hyeon Ah) continues the sexy solo route for <A Talk>. I don’t know about you, but the only thing I could utter after listening to (and watching) Hip-Hop Pop Dance ‘Red’ was wtf. (+ a side of O.O)… I guess you could say the hook (where she goes ‘Monkey’s butts are red and red is Hyeon Ah’) was quite addictive.. My take away from the rapper’s mini is ‘A Talk’ (heavily synthesized mid-tempo Electronic R&B intro; Dam those deep bass beats. ><) and ‘Blacklist (feat. Exid’s )’ (Electronic Hip-Hop Rap – Been some time since Hyeon-Ah did a song close to ‘Just Follow’. #JustFollowfeels LE is awesome as always. 🙂 ) Mid-tempo R&B Ballad ‘Where And Where Do We Start (feat. Yoseob’s falsettos)’ is actually not too bad. If Hyeon Shik got permission from G.O.D, I think this could make it to the music shows. Trivia: Hyeon Ah wrote lyrics for ‘WAWDWS’ and ‘BL’, LE for ‘FK’ and ‘BL’ and Hyeon Shik for ‘WAWDWS’. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Kim Hyuna 현아 (Official Youtube Channel)

Female vocalist D.Heaven is ‘falling in love’ in her newest track. The lightly catchy 90s inspired Pop Ballad includes rapper Sean Lee(?션리) as well. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Kpopwars Channel 3.

Heyne reveals her ex’s shameless ‘Red Lie’ for her Pop single. Adorable track and one that suits the soloist too! By the way, It’s nice to see a female comeback without the sexy concept.  No looking for sympathy with that plaster you a******. XP

After his Ballad partnership with 2PM’s Woo Yeong, Lel collaborates with bandmate Jun.K for ‘Naturally’. (Haha. One wonders how the collaborations were decided since Jun.K sounds a more likely Ballad candidate and Woo Yeong with this catchy Electronic Jazz Pop Ballad tune. But really, no complaints. ) We hear more Lel this single compared to ‘Fireflies Glow’. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to NICKNACK K-POP SHOP1

Jolly V goes for optimism in <Have Faith>. My top choices are ‘Have Faith’ (feat. SDJ; Haunting Hip-Hop Ballad), ‘Life’s Summer’ (Good quality; Another dark Hip-Hop Ballad) and ‘all for YOU’ (Jazzy R&B). ‘Cigarette (remix)’ (Acoustic Hip-Hop Rap) and ‘꿈을 꾸지 않는 어른들의 키’(uplifting Hip-Hop Rap) are ok too. ‘MIC’ was released prior to the album, so check out this post here for the review.

Bestie wants their <Hot Baby> for their Summer. I preferred the Ballads this time,  like ‘Roller Girl’ (R&B-Ballad Pop) and ‘I’m So Into You’ (90s Ballad). The rest, except ‘Hot Baby’, are previous singles and remix of their debut. YOUTUBE LINK Creds to The Prayer. Other sources: k2nblog

Ra.D is known for his radio-and-rainy-day-suited mid-tempo urban R&B and which goes swimmingly well with that sweet vocals of his. In my opinion, the soloist sticks very closely to his unique brand of R&B and listening to the full album can overdose. My <Soundz> favourites are ‘Look At Me Please’ (Gentle Electronic R&B intro. Short but oh~so sweet.), ‘자장가’ (Low-tempo acoustic Ballad), ‘Still/ 0416’ (Sad yet beautiful piano ballad) and ‘Outro’ (feat. Kelley; Comical Funky Jazzy R&B about dating. Ra.D still has a strong place in my heart but I feel the R&B soloist needs to vary the kind of R&B that he does.  Other sources: k2nblog

JYJ’s 2nd full album is all about R&B and Ballads. If I had to choose, ‘Letting Go’ (R&B Ballad; Seems a more suitable track for JYJ.. and Yu Cheon sounds good..), ‘Dad, You There?’ (Such a pretty low-tempo Ballad), ‘서른..’ (Electronic mid-tempo Jazz R&B. Why does Yu Cheon sound so different in the raps? LOL at Junsu’s laughter >.<) and ‘Creation’ (Epic Electronic Ballad. LOL This sounds like an OST for intergalactic wars.) would be my first picks. ‘See U At 2AM’ (Electronic R&B-Pop) and ‘Dear J’(Rock Ballad) are the only strays, melody-wise and genre-wise, of the album. The only thing I will comment about ‘Backseat’ is that JYJ can dance. Overall, I didn’t like that <Just Us> was so westernised. I wished JYJ ventured into fiercer, darker songs. The songs this time round aren’t what we haven’t heard before. PLAYLIST (without Intro, ‘Just Us’) Credits to CJESJYJ & Kpopwars Channel Album. Other sources; k2nblog

Armed with that sweet high-pitched vocals of his, Jo Seong Mo makes a short comeback in a special single containing ‘Beautiful Girl’ and ‘Rumour In The City’ – the former being a bright, cheery mid-tempo 90s Ballad and the latter a more intense groovy R&B Ballad, which I strongly recommend. I couldn’t find the correct audio for the songs on youtube. 😦

R&B singer B-Rock wishes for recognition at the expense of his life in <B – Rock>. Representing the mini is lightly catchy mid-tempo Jazzy R&B ‘B-Rock (feat. Gemini)’. Wow, Gemini’s voice is da bomb! What a violent MV, which imo, was uncalled for.. (Perhaps, that’s how his name came about..) Self-written ‘Scribble(feat. Dead’P, Tanic)’ and ‘Your Are My Everything’ were reviewed previously. ‘Sick Of You (feat. Tanic)’ is a remake of Ailee’s Heaven. What do you think of it? Imo, B-Rock does sweet R&B extremely well with that nasal vocals of his, ie ‘You Are My Everything’ – the song that shot his way up to stardom in this blog. I hope he does more of such R&B music. Please B-Rock? Credits to MonoMusicKorea.

After gaining mainstream popularity through ‘Some’, Junggigo takes on Pop Ballad (feat. Boyfriend’s Minwoo) for <High School Love On> OST. (It’s somewhat weird listening to Junggigo sing something out of the R&B genre. But it wasn’t that bad!) I just preferred if Junggigo took charge of the whole song. MV LINK  Other sources: k2nblog

Female vocal duo Taesabiae and The Seeya’s Min Kyeong sing dramatic mid-tempo Hip-Hop-styled Ballad ‘Because Love Is Painful’. Doesn’t this sound like a drama OST – something for the angst? 😛 Credits to THESEEYAWORLD Source: k2nblog

Taewan (C-Luv) enjoys a ‘good morning’ on his payday. (Who doesn’t ;)) YOUTUBE LINK. The Brand New Music R&B artiste’s July 2014 mini album holds a total of 1 intro, 5 new tracks (6, if you consider an english version one) and a pre-mini-album release, ‘History’. I’d totally recommend ‘If It Was You’(Mid-tempo Hip-Hop styled R&B) and ‘Body Work’ (Sexy – if not what else – mid-tempo R&B) to represent <As I Am>. Despite Taewan’s sweet vocals, I prefer listening to him in darker or edgier tracks. FULL ALBUM Credits to 1theK and The Prayer.

Having released ‘I’m Not Crazy’ and ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ prior, Sonnet Son makes a comeback with <Sonnet Blooms>. Although I’m not enthusiastic about the Ballads in Sonnet’s mini this time round, I have to say that ‘I’m Not Crazy’ is a must-listen. If you have not tried it, do it NOW. PLAYLIST Credits to CJENMMUSIC Official and Loves Music. Other sources: k2nblog

Heo In Chang from Brand New Music releases a three-tracked single <Whatever>. ‘Do What You Want (I Don’t Care)’ (feat. Taewan and DJ IT) is a BNM-esque Urban mid-tempo Hip-Hop R&B that’s easy to like and follow. Heo’s singing makes the hook addictive too.   (Did you spot VJ – the poor dear got rejected :(, Champagne&Candle, San E etc?) ‘Dont Guess!‘ is a Vintage-style Hip-Hop Rap, while ‘E.18’ is an edgy Electronic Hip-Hop Rap which reminds me of what C&C would do. Credits to Kpopwars Channel Album

Jenissi and EvoL’s Say collaborate for a surprising single, ‘Love Letter’. It’s been a real long time since I heard from EvoL – come on stardom, give the girls a comeback!

Veteran singer Lyn and VIXX’s Leo come together for a low-tempo Ballad, ‘Blossom Tears’. Intriguing plot, but lacklustre song for me. YOUTUBE LINK *Spoiler ahead. &, the MV isn’t scary 🙂 * Leo has come across as really shy and introverted when the cameras are around. But he sure shows potential for dramas. I love his creepy turn – it was so unexpected and different from my perspective of him. Credits to CJENMMUSIC Official

<Only Love> ropes in husky Balladeer Kim Yong Jin for their Ballad OST, ‘Love..Remember’. O~ not bad at all!

4L’s debut is a daring ‘Move’. (I know, daring is a serious understatement.) It’s a shame that the girls will now be remembered for their provocative image, instead of their vocals – they can sing (not necessarily rap..). I did find the mid-tempo Latin Pop track a little weak imo though… YOUTUBE LINK After watching BapMokJa’s reaction video, I do agree with one of the guys on ‘Move’ being similar to Stellar’s ‘Marionette’ – in a bad way. Sigh.. Credits to sSeobble.

Actor Ji Hyeon Woo’s band experience lands him a mandatory mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad OST, ‘All Day’. As expected, it’s a sweet track for the main lead. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Korean Drama OST I

Lee Jeong represents Part 9 of <The Artist Diary Project>. The low-tempo Ballad sounds like a proposal song.. LOL. Lee Jeong sang it well, however I can’t say that went the same for the song itself.. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Seok Bae.

T-ara’s Ji Yeon and Shorry J collaborate for <Triangle> OST, ‘Kiss & Cry’. Adequate pair for the Latin-ish mid-tempo Dance Ballad. On its own, I wished the instrumental gave the song more impact. But I guess, as a bgm to a drama scene, ‘K&C’ is sufficient. 


Glen Check60’s Cardin [Mid-tempo Electronic-Pop], 84 [Mid-tempo Disco-Electronic Pop] Credits to 김선숙, Raelson, KBS World TV.                             Found GC on <Yu Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook>, so check their mini-intro and their live perfs from 48:00 – 01:02:40. 

Wooside (Rapper) & J-doq (Vocals) – 탄탄대로 [Edgy Hip-Hop Rap – engaging chorus; why isn’t this getting more views?!] Credits to Real Bros. Sound Officially Channel

Rex. D – ‘Uncomfortable’ [Korean ver of Jeff Bernat’s Mid-tempo R&B ‘Just Vibe’- He looks like 2pm’s Woo Yeong here..] 

PhonAgain [Simple low-tempo Piano Ballad – Heard it when it was released, but could have accidentally missed out.] Credits to Song Eun

Wutan (ft Don Mills) – Dododo [Edgy Hip-Hop – awesome dancing from 24k’s Daeil!!] Credits to kt music.

Joosuc (ft Andrew Choi) – Green Light [Mid-tempo Jazzy R&B – pleasant track 🙂 ] Credits to Song4UCH2.


Forget the queer circus MV for Block B’s ‘Jackpot’ – that’s just a setup….for the mess and mayhem ‘behind’ the scenes. The circus/theme park background is marvelous! 

YG’s composer/producer Lydia Paek supports Taeyang through her English cover of ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’. Why isn’t she a singer?? 대박이다 진짜 :O Other sources: k2nblog 

I have never seen a bruised or messed up Infinite in their MVs. (No right?) So Infinite’s follow-up track ‘Back’ was quite surprising. (I know I know, Infinite’s ‘Back’ was supposed to be released ‘this’ month instead of the ‘previous’. ) YOUTUBE LINK Credits to woolliment. 

Idiotape and their electronic instrumentals! Source: k2nblog

Starship Entertainment takes Joo Yeong (<3) under their wing for their R&B conquest – well, they’ve got Junggigo and Brother Su. So challenge yourself to his cover of Jeff Bernat’s ‘Call You Mine’. His voice is so dreamy~ 

The five good-looking boys of Nuest presents a special MV for their ‘Storybook’ track. #storybooklikeabs  In addition, the choreo ver of ‘Goodbye Bye’ is also out. (Why is Minhyeon the only one with dress shoes?) Credits to NU’EST.

4men and Mi(or MIIII) show off their amazing vocals in <Singer Game Part 1>. Low-tempo Acoustic-Orchestra Ballad ‘Hate You’ (It’s nice another 4men member having the chance to shine. 🙂 FOR THEIR LIVE VER. ) and ‘Passionate Goodbye’, respectively. ) Credits to MarbleTeethMusic Channel 4, Mnet K-POP.

AOA has never failed me in their acoustic versions and the same goes for their ‘Short Hair’ performance. 

I found an interview with Clazziquai’s MV actors for ‘Love Satellite’ and ‘Madly’.  Yes, the first lady (Go So Hyeon) you see acted in LynXLeo’s ‘Blossom Tears’ too. I wished Ju Seok Je took off that pig nose. Hehe. As for the ‘Madly’ dancers, they are such a cute pair. The male dancer, Lee Seon Tae seemed so absorbed and expressive in the MV while female dancer, Jeong Hye Min seems fond of Lee during the interview. Haha.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!


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