Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [5th – 24th Aug 2014]

11 Feb

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK #1 , LINK #2

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend

After around 2 months of news, Winner finally introduces themselves through their first photo album <2014 S/S> – a rare sight for a new group upon debut. Heading their entrance into the industry are ‘Empty’ and ‘Color Ring’. The former is a low-tempo Rock-Pop Ballad and a collaborative project by Winner and Team B/Ikon, and PK. ‘Empty’ is a stunningly hypnotic track. The only thing that mercilessly drove me back to reality was the abrupt cut at the end.  The MV not only accurately reinforces the ‘empty’ feeling, the director also did a great job with the editing and member introduction.

And I thought ‘Colour Ring’ would be a non-Ballad. The song itself is a low-tempo Piano-Acoustic urban Ballad – something more soothing yet more emotional than the previous.  The MV is a fashion shoot/drama short right? Between ‘Empty’ and ‘Colour Ring’, I say that ‘Empty’ satisfies listeners easier than ‘Colour Ring’. Then again, ‘Colour Ring’ will find a way to your heart with more chances given to it. Taehyeon’s falsettos are so painfully beautiful. LOL. ACOUSTIC VER HERE!! Craving for a faster track now? ‘Don’t Flirt’ with its playful mid-tempo Electronic Hip-Hop Pop tunes should be the right cure. Making full use of his gruff voice, ‘I’m Him’ is exactly the kind of Electronic Hip-Hop Rap solo I’m expecting of Mino. Dope Bass, edgy and dark. I can totally visualise Mino in a dark tunnel being all swag and rapping the heck out of this. Next up is ‘Love Is A Lie’, an Urban Dance Ballad. The chorus by Tae Hyeon and Seung Yun is my favourite part. Tae Hyeon’s solo ‘Confession’ is a Piano Ballad. Do I hear wedding bells? Doesn’t this seem like a proposal track? The kind you want to melt the lady so much she says yes. And following such a sweet song is ‘But/Don’t Love (Another)’. LOL. The mid-tempo Pop Ballad actually gets better as you listen to it. ‘Different’ is a blue mid-tempo Dance Ballad with a deep Bass beat. ‘Tonight’ is a mid-tempo Hip-Hop mix of R&B and Dance. ‘Smile Again’ ends Winner’s hyped debut with a fast-tempo Electronic Hip-Hop Pop track.  Judging from <2014 S/S>, Winner should be forging a Pop and Ballad path for their career. I know I will get flak for saying this but while the album puts a tick on the quality criteria, the tracks don’t quite bring anything new to the music industry. (Though I have to say, ‘Empty’ is one mesmeriser.) Having said that, I’m still looking forward to their future releases and that they should keep it up with their involvement. What’s more, I actually like the vocal dynamics of the group – Jin Woo(who looks like a Ji Chang Wook), Taehyeon and Seung Hoon to tackle the falsetto bits and, Seung Yun and Mino for the lower tones. And lastly, congrats to the group for their achievements – 1 | 2  ! Credits to 1theK. Other sources: k2nblog

<Temptation> ropes in husky vocalist Mun Myeong Jin for mid-tempo Latin-flavoured Ballad ‘That Place’ OST. He reminds me every bit of Mblaq’s G.O when the latter debuted – everyone thought he would be the group’s rapper, yet he surprised everyone with his sweet vocals. HA! 

If Blues&Alt Rock (or emo Rock) is right up your alley, then Rock Band quartet Bad Romance will satisfy with their latest <Appearance>. Even then, ‘After’ and ‘Light’ are both mainstream tracks that should appeal to the masses.   Credits to DanalEntertainment and withfran. The single does seem rough around the edges, but I find the quartet a talented bunch to look forward to. 🙂

Coffee Boy’s ‘Steam Iron’ is a dreamy low-tempo Ballad duet. But the song is intriguing – the verses project the track in a warm, upbeat light and yet unexpectedly brings on a heavier, wistful atmosphere during the chorus…  And at such a point in time, google translate is just..

Veteran soloist Ivy moves with her heartbreaking Ballad for <Gunman In Joseon>. Although ‘Do You Know My Heart?’ is a very typical Ballad within the K-drama scope, Ivy manages to give a performance that skillfully delivers technically, and emotionally. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Korean Drama OST I. 

Ladies Code try to get their lips on sleeping suit guy for ‘Kiss Kiss’. A rather quirky but catchy Electronic Pop which I can’t quite decide if I’m for or against it. It was not a success on my first listen for sure. But I really like that the girls are trying out something different. (It’s not often that girl groups take up quirky, other than Crayon Pop that is..)  For now, I shall give them the benefit of my doubt and recommend the track.  The single sounds and looks similar to ‘Pretty Pretty’. (Were the two songs under the same producer and director??) I understand that Ladies Code has been hit with two devastating news and I will be addressing them in the reports below. Other sources: k2nblog

Making her first foray into the music industry after her surprising weight loss is Superstar K’s husky vocalist, alumni Park Bo Ram. Although I can’t say ‘Beautiful’ was genius, I actually like the idea of getting such vocals to sing Pop-y Ballads. It’s as if there are two sides to the coin – an emotionally & physically hard journey for her, but a rewarding experience as well. The live performance provide a better picture of what I mean.   (The MV…was too cutesy for me. And since Zico appears in the live perf – a result of Block B’s ‘Her’ promotions.) Zico’s lyrics were just.. What did he mean by ‘Overdoing it was worth it’ ???? On another note, I thought Park looked like a cross between actress Jeong Ryeo Woon and Mun Ga Yeong while watching the MV… Credits to CJENMUSIC Official. 

Ven will satisfy the Hip-Hop&RnB fan in you through his mini album <The Vgins>. All the tracks have got that urbanised, modern production to it, making the Bass beats stand out really well. ‘Taste (ft Deepflow)’ is the only Hip-Hop track – addicting and edgy. The rest (featuring Beenzino and Odee) are mid-tempo Urban Hip-Hop-styled R&B and they are more or less along the same (musical) lines. (The full album ends at 22:44, but the link restarts the cycle.) Shortly following the release of <The Vgins> is ‘Veautiful’, a dark mid-tempo Hip-Hop RnB Ballad featuring Loco. My impression of Ven – don’t get angry – a muffled Zion T. There I said it. >.<

G.Na, The One, Lee Ye Jun, Kim Woo Ju, Eleven Medical(?) Sound and Ji Yeong channel Michael Jackson’s ‘We Are The World’ in Urban mid-tempo Ballad ‘Miracle’. Heavenly! 

Though Black Nut’s newest single seems like he is outrightly dissing rappers, you gotta thank the guy for introducing you to more rappers through ‘100 (ft. Genius Nochang)’.  It’s funny how he was displaying all that heosae (even comically being jealous of Genius Nochang), only to back down by the end of the song. So silly. >.<

Kim Na Yeong uses her nasally-clear yet husky vocals for urban Ballad OST. I find her vocals a great match for sentimental urban ballads. Something for the journey when you just want to be alone and emo. (heh) 

Kim Sa Rang ends his full album with the release of <Human Complex Part 2>. Modern Rock – the kind that totally suits concerts and can really hype up a crowd – is the dominating genre of the album. Try Kim’s work through title track ‘Love Up’  The Rock singer also gives you a taste of his vocals without the Rock instrumentals by adding in Rock Ballads like ‘You Again’ and ‘Goodbye’. Outro instrumental ‘Demon Complex’ ends the album in a hauntingly good way!

Mayson The Soul finds the right time to party in ‘6 to 9 (ft. Loco)’. Simple mix of Electronic Jazz and Dance to groove to. 🙂

Joining Swings in his ‘Pool Party’ are G.Na, Im Seul Ong and Yun Jong Shin. When you know Swings is all about the dark side, the light mid-tempo Hip-Hop styled R&B comes as surprising and refreshing. I vote for more of SwingsXSeulOng(XGray) collabos. 

Finding a new R&B artiste? With his smooth nasally vocals, Joe Rhee and his <Illustration> album might just be the answer you are looking for – ‘Illustrations’ (Mid tempo Hip-Hop R&B, backed by electronic instrumentals. A little dark, a little sensual~),  ‘Nuance(?)’ (Hushed low-tempo R&B with a falsetto-filled chorus. Wouldn’t this be a great piece when it’s just you and bae?), ‘What’s Up’ (Mid-tempo Hip-Hop RnB. A breath of fresh air after two similar RnB tracks.), ‘Already’ (Another Mid-tempo Hip-Hop RnB but with a bare-r, hip-hop-ier instrumental. MV idea is SO overused. Zzz), ‘Gin&Juice’ (Mid-tempo Hip-Hop RnB. The chorus has got that dark Hip-Hop instrumental that surprisingly suits his sweet vocals.), ‘A Lil More’ (Back to RnB as a hushed, sweet mid-tempo Electronic R&B.) and ‘Sweet Dreams’ (Low-tempo Electronic-Acoustics RnB.) First of all, I like his vocals and his songs are also well produced. The guy’s capable of both R&B and Hip-Hop genres and it would be great to see him collaborating with other R&B/Hip-Hop artistes. Especially rappers, or female singers. Another point is that I think Joe Rhee sounds like Joo Yeong and Bumkey mixed together. Haha. The only downside of the album was that the songs aren’t surprising. They stick to the same RnB and Hip-Hop recipe we’ve been accustomed to. Regardless, I’m definitely waiting for his next comeback! PLAYLIST Credits to Kpopwars Channel Album

Want to know what Common Tale’s idea of a <Perfect Holiday> is? Find out through their chillax Jazzy mid-tempo Hip-Hop RnB track. 🙂

Wheesung/Hwi Seong sings an Urban Ballad for <It’s Okay It’s Love>. Chorus jjang! YOUTUBE LINK Credits to CJENMUSIC Official. Other sources: k2nblog 

A solid Ballad OST by Powerhouse vocalist Ailee. The views on youtube is amazing! What can’t that girl do??  Other sources: k2nblog

A Capella group Exit promises you an <Ear Strike> in their latest album! The male group puts an A Cappella spin on familiar tracks. ‘Beautiful’ is a sweet RnB Ballad Pop (and I thought the falsetto belonged to a girl. LOL) , ‘So Do I’ (a groovy retro Dance number), ‘내려놔요’ (a stunning A Cappella Ballad that makes your hair stand), ‘Star’ (90s styled Ballad), ‘Why Are You Like That’ (a retro Soul Pop), and lastly ‘Forever Alone’, taking the position as a 90s Ballad. Aren’t they awesome? PLAYLIST. Credits to Kpopwars Channel Album

Rock band(?) Eden’s <Night Watchman’s Journal> OST is a Ballad Rock piece. 

Hoody lures you in with her sensual early 2000s R&B track, ‘Baby Oh Baby’. If you thought the verses were bland, then stay on for the chorus before you make a decision. The beats are very similar to Exo’s ‘Is This Love?’. And for an urbanised remix of the track featuring Cokejazz and Lee Da Hwin: LINKWhat if Crush covered the latter…? Both versions worked for me. What about you? Credits to BB S-Jae

tvN Channel M’s <High School King> releases the drama’s full OST. After giving the album a listen, I think the following songs deserve a mention – Jeong In’s ‘As I Live’ (Light RnB Ballad) and Ciel’s ‘Butterfly’ (Modern Rock Ballad). Seo In Guk and Honey-G’s tracks were reviewed in earlier posts. Credits to Korean Drama/Movie Soundtrack.

Jo Jang Hyeok is the singer for ‘Limitless Love’. That raspy, emotional way that Jo sings in, completes the <Joseon Gunman> OST. This totally reminds me of <Chuno>…or any other dramatic Sageuk. Heh. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Korean Drama OST I. 

Second Step goes back to the good times before the break up in their <청춘, 흐르다> single. ‘ 청춘, 흐르다’ is a surprisingly soothing mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad. But on hindsight, it’s a pretty cool track – amidst the heavy Ballad,melancholic background (breakup), there’s a light, cheerful instrumental (reminiscing on the happier days) and then the upbeat melodies alongside ‘goodbye’ (letting go). The MV shows these aspects and it makes the song seem like it’s telling a story. Acoustic-Pop Ballad ‘봄은 아직 차갑다’ is such a pleasing song to the ears. Her falsetto is just lovely! The band’s first single will be for those who delight in such light, breezy indie tracks. Background: Second Step is a 5-member band – 4 guys for the instrumentals (Leader+Drum – Hong Seong Ho, Bass – An Seong Jun, Piano – An Jae Joong, Guitar – Kim Im Chun) and a lady for the vocals (Lee Woo Ri). If you can read hangeul, the second MV will introduce to you members of SS. Credits to 세컨스텝 (Second Step).

Achtung and BES’s Jeong Yeop collaborate for a bubbly mix of Jazzy Blues and Pop Ballad. What a spirited single! 

Indie Rock band Peppertones release a 14-track-ed album <High Five>. Though I confess to not being much of a fan of their music, I did enjoy some songs from them. Namely ‘스커트가 불어온다 ft. 이진아 (Lee Jin Ah), ‘New Chanceand ‘Fast’ (instrumentals are great!). ‘Lunchbox’ and ‘Large Harvest’ are decent. The pieces I chose are more upbeat and chippy. So if you do like the rock band’s brand of music, be sure to take note of <High Five>. Credits to danielionss, CJENMMUSIC Official. 

Spec-less Giriboy greets with heavily synthesized Hip-Hop ‘Special’. Chorus is my favourite and, there’s some hypnotic effect going on in the song. LOL. Oh and I thought the use of the red yarns as blood were pretty cool. Saves me some worry when I sleep. Hehe. But girl, you DO know what it means to be dead right? 

Jay Park releases what I would call a wedding proposal – ‘Promise’ – or maybe the kind sung in Korean weddings. To quote Soompi, ‘Promise’ is a ‘slow Piano/ Jazzy RnB Ballad’ that changed my impression of Jay and lends a wholesome-r image to his erm…provocative career..  Other sources: k2nblog

Orange Caramel’s ‘My Copycat’ (Or literally, ‘Follow Me’)‘ is a catchy Electronic Dance right for the Summer. The Electronic Saxophone hook was a fabulous idea. The trio’s 4th single’s title track was initially not a hit with me, but the more I listened, the more I liked it. Even the dance was so cute and bouncy!  Got to really give it to the girls and the brains behind the concept and MV – teaser here. Trivia: What’s more, the group has also signed an agreement for the use of ‘Where’s Waldo’. ‘My Copycat’ was cute and quirky, in line with Orange Caramel’s image and sound. Both MVs were refreshing and visually pleasing. And they stand out independently as well. (The dance and MVs obviously needed a lot of work and synchronisation!) After ‘My Copycat’, Electronic Dance tune ‘Gangnam Street/Avenue’ didn’t have a solid impact on me… Other sources: k2nblog

Busker Busker’s Jang Beom June goes solo with self-entitled <Jang Beom June Vol 1>. I never got myself absorbed in BB’s Indie Folk tracks (eg: Jang’s title track ‘Difficult Woman’) or Jang’s vocals. But I’m discovering a new side to the vocalist. There are the Ballads that Jang is comfortable with, such as ‘The One I Love’ or Indie Retro Rock Ballad ‘Fallen Leaves’. Or heavy Acoustic Ballads like ‘No Words Can Describe My Love’. But Jang sits me right up with his Indie Rock Pop/ Indie Rock&Roll – ‘Scarlet Road’ and ‘Shinpung Station Exit 2 Blues’! Credits to CJENMMUSIC Official. Other sources: k2nblog

After being boys in luv, BTS are betrayed lovers in ‘Danger’. Representing <Dark And Wild> is an edgy Grunge Rock Hip-Hop about heartbreak. A really sick mix of the genres, especially at the chorus and its own hook after that. Except for the weak hook, between the raps and chorus, which was anticlimax imo. Regardless, I’ve always loved the thick heady combination of Rock and Hip-Hop (Vasco’s ‘Guerillas Way’ is a perfect eg.) and ‘Danger’ (sans the hook) was a success imo. (Trivia: ‘Danger’ was written by BTS’s rapper line.) I particularly enjoyed the beginning and after-chorus hook choreo – just somehow kewl. (heh) What Am I To You’ is the intro-cum-concept-trailer-piece. Rapmon is so badass in this solo rap piece. From the happier times to the painful times of a relationship, Rapmon fully expresses these emotions in the rap track. So scarily good.  Seems like BTS is keeping to the Grunge Rock Hip Hop mix even for ‘호르몬 전쟁/ Hormone War’. This is friggin epic – chorus and hook are just WOW. I can’t believe this is supposed to be a happy song about love. LOL. (Even though the MV came out in late Oct, whatever man. :P) The 360deg dance was cool! And that ending. HA! ‘Hip Hop Lover’ is a Hip-Hop Rap track done with more sensitivity. Interesting how they put fierce raps together with a falsetto chorus. ‘HHL’ makes for a good transition between the earlier darker tracks and ‘Let Me Know’. ‘LMK’ is the Suga-written-produced-directed mid-tempo Hip-Hop Dance Ballad. ‘Rain’ is the Jazzy RnB Ballad. Oh~ a well needed change of genre – something light and classic like Jazz to balance out the emo-ness of the album. And we are back to rough Hip-Hop Raps for the rapper line’s ‘BTS Cypher Pt 3: Killer (ft. Supreme Boi)’. The wild ride continues as the boys settle into funky & groovy RnB for their interlude ‘What Ya Doing’ and ‘Switch Off Your Phone Please’. Sweetening your musical taste buds further is romantic RnB Ballad ‘이불킥’. #diabetescausingmusic If you are expecting ‘24/7 = Heaven’ to be a sugary love Ballad, yes it is. Perhaps a little typical or bland for my palette… Fun Electronic Acoustic Pop ‘Look Here’ is so adorable and cheeky! As an Electronic Hip-Hop-Rap Pop, ‘2학년 (Year 2?)’ should have been arranged as an earlier track. (Perhaps after ‘Cypher Pt 3’..) Unusual, but one that abruptly connects to the Outro. The boys leave us with a sensual RnB Outro ‘Does That Make Sense?’. Boys, you do know how mean you are to end the album off with such a track right??? Gahh. So good. BTS proves they are power rookies once more with <Dark & Wild>. The good? The tracks and the variety. In addition, rapper line contributed to the album’s lyrics and Suga outdone himself through ‘LMK’. The bad? Perhaps the track order, and the few things I’ve mentioned. And lastly, BTS’s showcase. Watch out for the butt slaps, the cool mike throw and most importantly, the live performances and interview. Ji Min’s live definitely deserves praise! 

Curious About You’ sees the collaboration between two audition programme contestants – Lee Kyeong Hyeon from Superstar K5 and Lee Ye Jun from Voice Korea 2(winner). The Jazzy mid-tempo Ballad is so~ sweet~ and one that shows the compatibility of their vocals. It’s cute how both of them appear oh-so-casually in the MV. Haha. 

JJCC works with Duble Sidekick and K Tigers for futuristic ‘One Way/Bingbingbing’. All I can say is I certainly prefer their March debut, ‘At First’ to their current comeback. Why did they see the need to join the ‘who-can-release-catchier-k-pop’ race? Anyway, carrying on.. ‘You Are Leaving’ is similar to ‘At First’, although the latter veers more towards RnB. ‘You Are Leaving’ is a slick mid-tempo Urban Dance Ballad and Mak’s vocals are just lovely here. (Why make him do rap in ‘One Way’?? Yes, I know his stage name is Prince Mak. The ‘Prince’ part makes me cringe…) I’m surprised at San Cheong’s singing – such sweet vocals!  ‘Be Good’ is a sensual mid-tempo R&B. OMG, why isn’t this their representative track! It’s obvious that JJCC is meant for slicker urban music like R&B or Dance. And I sincerely hope their next title song is one that fits their vocal colour.  (OH GOSH. E.CO, WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE?! I can’t stop watching this live perf because of you. :O Aww, I wanted to hear more of San Cheong’s sweet vocals. But I guess Eddy owned the song… :() Other sources: k2nblog

Soloist Kim Dong Wook shows off his vocal range through his two-tracked single. ‘A Night Of Seoul’ is an unforgettably smooth Urban Jazzy RnB, perfected with that sweet falsetto of Kim’s. And if you thought that was all there is to the soloist, Urban Alt-Rock Ballad ‘Shout’ catches you by surprise. It’s amazing how versatile Kim’s vocals are when both songs are so vastly different from each other. And yet he handles them effortlessly. *Claps* Sadly, there’re no youtube links available and the closest thing I can share is this teaser.  *Cries* Craving for more of Kim Dong Wook? Head over to ‘Discovered’ below!

Hong Dae Kwang’s warm, gentle vocals are just right for Acoustic Love Ballad ‘I Feel You’. Ahh~ Light and fuzzy.  An adorable singer for such an endearing track. Ha!

Coed duo InTheSoul amazes with Bossa Nova Ballad track. Classy break up song~  Next, the duo rounds up the collaboration with Just Cricket’s Eo Hyeong Jo, Uniblend’s Seon Yul and Caya for RnB Ballad ‘Once More’. The vocals are the real star. 

A.Kor’s Kemy wants to fly high in her solo Hip-Hop rap track. (After all that controversy, I wonder how..…) Well, I honestly enjoyed ‘I’ll fly’. (I was about to jump the gun and be like ‘you didn’t just do that to Park Bom and think….’s…’s actually..good..’) I never understood why diss songs actually exist… It’s not even cool. It’s just…childish.. Credits to AsianDreamVOD.

Vanilla Acoustic releases a mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad ‘반말도 못했어’ (lit. I couldn’t even talk to you informally). Simple, but beautiful. So….what’s up with the MV? >.< 


Jo Beom Jin releases his first volume titled <BJ Groove Vol. 1>. The soloist has a great set of vocals – strong, steady and mellow. I do recommend a couple of tracks like 90s Soft Rock Ballad ‘세상의 빛’, mid-temp Jazz-Soul Ballad ‘키위새’ (meaning Kiwi as in the bird) and smooth jazzy Soft Rock Ballad ‘블라 블라’ (blah blah?). If you like Jo’s voice, his first album might make you a fan. 

Lee Hyeon Su brings back nostalgia with his feel-good 90s Pop Ballad ‘Summer Dream’ and 90s mid-tempo Ballad ‘Sweet Song’. I personally feel ‘Summer Dream’ is more engaging than ‘Sweet Song’.

Crush sings a hushed modern mid-tempo Ballad for <It’s Okay, That’s Love>, featuring (vocal-and-rapper?) Punch. As a singer who’s more well-known for his R&B/ Hip-Hop collaborations and projects, ‘Sleepless Night’ is a surprising track. It’s something different, definitely. Question is, do you like this different side? I’m not too sure myself since I’ve always liked the sexier(heh) R&B side of his vocals. Aside from Crush, Punch (is this a duo or soloist?) did a good job on her/their vocals-and-rap part. To me, the song’s not the best in town – engaging, albeit with the absence of an official(?) climax. However if you fancy something quiet, something warm and gentle, then ‘Sleepless Night’ will be your lullaby. Credits to CJENMMUSIC Official

Ha Seok Jin JD welcomes me you to the awesome girl hotel with his sweet R&B vocals. The slightly funky, groovy mid-tempo R&B is a decent listen featuring Yun Se Yun. It’s still more or less the standard Rhythm&Blues track – only with a relatively new face to discover. For Ha Seok Jin’s fangirl:, and for Muzi‘s fandom:  The MV is laughable – the female model just flaunts her figure and plays around with the boys (WHAT FOR); Yun Se Yun succeeds at being nasty; Ha Seok Jin saves the day in the official MV; Muzi turns the tables in the original MV. The end.

Su Yeon works with Jea for intense Pop Ballad ‘Tell Me Why’. The single wasn’t exactly to my liking, but the soloist won me over with her strong husky, raspy vocals. I tried looking for her other releases but she’s a rather obscure artiste.. 

R&B artiste Diallo is a romantic for his <Love Affair>. I think Diallo has very sweet vocals. Thing is his R&B mini-album isn’t exactly something I would go crazy for… What I would push for are ‘Far Away’ and ‘My Love’.

Indie soloist Ga Ho <Daydreams> for her latest single. If you are into light, European-styled Ballads like the ones in <Daydream>, then Ga Ho might be your newest discovery (or not).

SHINee’s maknae Tae Min wants to be an <Ace> for his first Solo EP. ‘Ace’ starts things off as a mid-tempo Dance Ballad. I enjoyed this. (It’s funny how the track sounds more like an Outro when it’s the first song. And isn’t that TVXQ’s Chang Min doing the backup vocals?) ‘Danger’ continues along the same Dance genre vein as a mid-tempo Electronic Dance. It does have that MJ adaptation going on, which I think suits the kind of dancer role Tae Min is recognised for. It’s a stylish track to represent Tae Min’s solo project. But I just didn’t agree with the image given to Tae Min, and the song screams Shinee from their Sherlock days – what’s a solo when you are still drawing links to the group? ‘Wicked’ is a fun groovy Hip-Hop styled Retro-Dance track. Not too bad. Imo, ‘Pretty Boy’ and ‘Experience’ were the weakest additions for me. All in all, Tae Min seemed at ease with Dance genres and I think he suits the genre vocally too. I’m just not receptive of the <Danger> image he’s given. I find it’s not Tae Min… And I don’t know why, but I’m getting major JYJ Jaejoong vibes from the SM singer. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to SHINee World. Other sources: k2nblog

Secret returns with a Duble Sidekick title track for their 5th mini-album. Compared to Secret’s past title tracks, Urban R&B Dance Pop ‘I’m In Love’ shows off a more nuanced version of the quartet’s signature powerful Dance Pop tunes. (It’s basically got this similar route to Sistar’s ‘Alone’ after the group impressed us with what Hyo Rin can do.) And I’m liking it. 🙂  I just really dislike the spread-crotch-squat choreo – that’s just nasty! Urban Dance Pop ‘U R Fired’ and mid-tempo R&B Ballad ‘I Will Be Good’ are both not too bad themselves..  Other sources: k2nblog

Brand New Music agency mates As One and Troy’s Kanto join hands for catchy early 2000s Ballad Pop ‘All Day All Night’. Such a fun piece >.<  The video image is so confusing – is As One a duo or a new quartet?? By the way, As One gives me serious M2M vibes O.O

MJ, Ilac and (female singer?) Hyo Bin team up for mid-tempo Hip-Hop R&B ‘One Piece’. An engaging piece, but one that doesn’t surprise.

Verbal Jint is a comic book reader, a guy with two hot chicks and a beef eater in ‘Rare Breed’. VJ goes back to angsty Hip-Hop Rap tracks for his latest single, featuring (why?) Yang Dong Geun. To shorten things: Sorry, but YDG was a miss for me. I think VJ alone was good enough. The MV was *sigh*. Yeah that’s it.. Credits to BRANDNEW MUSIC.

BNW and Jeong Yeong Yun collaborate for a Hip-Hop Rap. If I have to comment, the raps are on point, the bgm is fine. It’s just, I’ve heard something like this before…


Sunny Days wonder why they are single in ‘Half Of The World Are Men’. Big voices, small feat. Dating is a ratio game too… Gahh. 

CS Numbers series reaches the 8th volume through December. As a Ballad duo, you can safely entrust Ballads with December. To prove that, the music album has ‘My Love Has Left’ (straightforward heavy Ballad) and ‘Love Ah, Love’ (Fast-tempo Latin Ballad). For a different side to the duo (or member DK), ‘I Wish It Was Me’ is a 2000s Hip-Hop styled mid-tempo Dance Ballad. As though an OST that came from a Romcom, ‘IWIWM’ is easy to like and follow with its chippy ear-friendly melody and beats. The second track is an earlier release and thus will not be reviewed. 

Husky female soloist Lee Go Eun her Ballad-ful EP. While it’s obvious she can sing, <Let’s Talk About> may very well go unnoticed for its generic tracks.

Hip-Hop RnB trio Lucky J’s return through a <Temptation> OST. Considering the debut song that they did, I’m surprised that ‘Pitiful’ is a straightforward mid-tempo Ballad. Jessi ❤ Credits to Kpopwars Channel OST

Grounded in RnB, KhaN and Little S’s <Kingdom of the Khan> will delight avid listeners of the genre. For me, the album is a decent release, ‘Deep Love’ being my take-away. 🙂 For those of you who are wondering who Little S is, the RnB vocalist features in many of the songs in <KOTK>. Fall in love with him live here (Credits to 일반인들의 소름돋는 라이브).

The adorable maknae of rapper duo Mighty Mouth is finally back in the music scene with ‘Snapback Girl (ft. K.Will and 10 seconds of Ailee)’. While I’m honestly not enthusiastic over the Hip-Hop Ballad track, it’s a sweet single. 🙂  Shorry J never ages!

So I’ve never heard of Indie Pop band BeautyHansome ever in my years of doing KSSF. Although <Because I Love You> doesn’t excite me with its range, the main vocalist has me jumping inside. (According to their FB page, his name is Eddie/Eddy Jeon.) His vocals are perfect for sentimental sweet/Jazzy Ballads. Back to the EP, the band’s latest mini comprises of lightly catchy Pops, Ballads and Jazz. 

Stellar sticks to the successful(?) sexy-girl-group formula for ‘Mask’. I do ask myself if it’s me – my ears or my mood – that puts me on the negative side. Because once again, I’m not seduced by Stellar’s ‘Mask’. Don’t get me wrong. Their teaser caught me good, but then the song…didn’t match up to the expectations I was holding onto.

Ballad group Sweet Sorrow venture into chill/carefree Ballads for <Discovery Of Love>’s ‘It’s Nothing Much’ OST. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Korean Drama OST I.

Girl group Kara returns to the scene with <Day&Night>, after member changes. The girls’ mini-album consists of 6 new songs, of which, I recommend Ballads ‘24/7 (Melancholy)’ and ‘Story’. Honestly speaking, I was never into cutesy, pitchy singing. I understand Kara’s targeted fan base enjoy such performances. I’m just not one of them..

Adorable Hip-Hop R&B artiste LiVii wants to be loved in ‘C’mon’. A likeable track, don’t ya think? (She sounds like Lil’ Cham when she raps..) 

After their darker hip-hop ‘Ttandara’, AlphaBAT wants to show their approachable side in <Answer>. A sweet mid-tempo RnB that’s easy on the ears, ‘#Aya’ is my pick off the album. Yes, the song only features 2 members. – Delta and Iota. (Beta, Code and Fie though<3) 

LPG’s unit group Chaness chooses bold themes for their mid-tempo RnB ‘Sesese’ MV. …Are they…a new group? (Apparently not – the girl group debuted in 2005. Meanwhile, the team has undergone numerous member changes..) YOUTUBE LINK Credits to AsianDream VOD.

Female Hip-Hop trio Lipservice speaks out on the increasing cost in Electronic Hip-Hop ‘Too Fancy’. Bipa ❤ Love her confidence and rap! (Who’s that random little girl? She could be a child actress!) YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Sony Music Korea.

Swings and Ailee are always behind the female population in ‘A Real Man’. The mid-tempo Piano-based Hip-Hop R&B aims to spur on the women of korea! Thank you guys! YOUTUBE LINK Credits to daechungpower.


Topp Dogg includes two new pieces for their repackaged <Armadeus> album. ‘What’s Wrong With Me?/ Why Am I Like This?’ is a smooth mid-tempo RnB Ballad, made better by the vocalists of TD. For a Hip-Hop group, I’m quite surprised by the quality of their vocalists. It’s not that I thought little of them. I just had the assumption more effort would have gone into picking the rappers for a Hip-Hop group. But I’m not complaining. (Just search for their live covers! – Gon, Seo Goong, Sangdo) Hip-Hop Rap ‘Peekaboo’ shows off TD’s rapper’s skills. Dang! That was satisfying. Wait…if 4 are rappers…then 9 are vocalists????!!!! (…3:8 now since…I JUST READ THAT GON AND KIDOH LEFT TOPP DOGG OMGG) It’s sad how stardom entertainment (Cho PD rather..) debuts the right kind of kids, only to end off on a bad note. (Eg Block B, EvoL and TD now.)  Credits to Angel_Blue.

Yozoh and Mad Clown collaborate for mid-tempo Urban Electronic Indie Pop ‘Chocolate Cherry Night’. Those Bass beats, omg. It seems so unlikely for a drama on a big-3 channel, to include such an OST… 

Wheesung, Bumkey and Lucky J’s Jessi team up for <WS Duet Project>’s mid-tempo RnB ‘How Much Is Your Love’. Dang Jessi’s figure and rap! 


Crybaby ft Geeks – Cool Girl (Long Haired Girl) [Mid-tempo RnB] YOUTUBE LINK Credits to MarbleTeethMusic Channel 3

Pascol – Dont’ Fall Asleep [Mid-tempo RnB Soul] YOUTUBE LINK Credits to MarbleTeethMusic Channel 3. 

Bad Romance – I Try [Melancholic Rock Ballad] 

Hee Soo ft ShariefMOL [Mid-tempo RnB], Can’t Stop [Upbeat Mid-tempo RnB Pop] 

Kim Dong Wook – ‘Only/ Merely’ [Old school Mid-tempo RnB Ballad]  Disclaimer: ehhh..wait, I’m not sure if the Kim Dong Wook above and this Kim Dong Wook are the same person. Heh.


A big fan of Brown Eyed Girls? Here’s their 2-cd worth of hits throughout their career!

Shinhwa’s Balladeer Shin Hye Seong and Im Chang Jeong duet for Lee Ji Hoon and Shin’s early 2000’s ‘Doll’ remake. Sigh, this can’t get any better. Enjoy~ 

Do not be fooled by Rose Motel’s looks. These guys actually do Rock music! Even though I have to say ‘That’s Not My Style’ to their Trot Rock single, these guys deserve an applause for their courage. 

Secret’s dance practice for their recent ‘I’m In Love’ promotions is out! Wow, Hyo Seong!

Hip-Hop Rap competition programme <ShowMeThe Money3> contestants B.I and Iron respectively challenge each other with ‘Be I’ and ‘I Am’. (From the lyrics, to the title, they really are at each other’s throat ain’t it?) Anyway, who’s performance wow-ed you more than the other? Imo, B.I’s ‘Be I’ (Live ver) is more for those who are looking for a more well-rounded track. View his achievement here. And those seeking an intense rap track, then Iron kills it in ‘I Am’.   (For me, B.I’s like a small boy with potential and Iron some crazy fellow. LOL)  (It’s so sad he couldn’t debut in BTS. But I think he suits the Block B vibe more… I mean, when he raps, he’s like a madman on the loose. He even admits he’s one in his mixtape ‘Psycho’!)

Relate your hearts out with Big Byeong’s Hip-Hop Rap debut! The MV was hilarious, as expected from the producers. That ending especially >.< Don’t forget to catch the boys on their debut&final stage on weekly idol! 

I’m confused with Tasty’s R&B ‘Addiction’ release date. Is it a 2014 comeback as stated by Soompi and k2nblog, or a 2013 one as shown by the uploaded date on Youtube??

BTS has never failed me with their choreos and that applies to their ‘Danger’ dance practice! And I present you two versions: normal dance practise or wrestle-with-hanbok ‘appeal’ dance pract.   Sugohaesseo!!

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!


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