Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [25th Aug – 13th Sept 2014]

15 Feb

It’s been a sad week as shocking news of Ladies’ Code’s tragic accident overcomes Korea’s entertainment industry. Although I wasn’t a fan of LC, I’ve seen Ri Se in Running Man and grew fond of her. Sigh. RIP EunB(i) and Rise. And to the remaining members Ashley, So Jeong and Zuny, stay strong!

As a tribute to the girls, ‘I’m Fine Thank You’ rose to the top of various charts (see here), mnet and KBS both broadcasted videos in memory of EunB(i) and Rise.

My belated condolences to EunB(i) and Ri Se. 


Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK #1 , LINK #2

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend

One would have to be living under a real rock to not know EXID (or member Ha Ni) and their hit ‘Up And Down’. The Hip-Hop Dance track has a ‘strong saxophone melody and catchy hook’ and was already big on variety shows before this review (obviously..). (SBS Running Man and KBS 2D1N to name a few.) The part played most on such shows was the hook. But the 2-part chorus sung by Hye Rin and Sol Ji? Awesome!

Although the big names of ‘UAD’ are Shinsadong Tiger and Namking Nang. It’s worthy to note that rapper LE participated in the song lyrics and production. Yama&hotchicks and Readymade were the respective choreographers and visual directors for the MV. If you like Exid’s music, do check out their ‘Who’s That Girl’ (when the previous members from Bestie were still around), ‘Every Night’ by ‘Dasoni’(sub-unit formed between Sol Ji and Ha Ni). I’ve always supported the girl group when they first debuted. Their vocals and rap were both decent and now, they finally EXceed In Dreaming! Congrats!! Trivia: Did you know EXID has another song with the same name for <Incarnation of Money> OST? Credits to Pharkil.

Your next jam should be by Kirin, Qim Isle and Hoody. The single is an old-school jazzy mix of RnB Hip-Hop Dance. 

Female veteran soloist Wax’s <Spark> is about fortune cookies and romance comics. 😛 The 11-tracked special album has its fair share of Ballads and Rock music, some of which featuring girl group Bebop. I particularly enjoyed Rock track ‘할 말도 끝’  and Ballads ‘Smile and Cry’ (Mid-tempo Rock Ballad)  and ‘End Of Autumn’ (Beautiful chorus for the low-tempo Acoustic Ballad.). I personally don’t find the following Ballads for me, but nonetheless still good songs that are worth a shot: ‘Coin Laundry (early 2014 low-tempo Ballad release) and ‘Half Love, Left Hidden’ (Rock Ballad; The poor girl. Come dear.>.<). ‘How I Wished It Could Be That Way’ (fun-loving Rock track) deserves mention for its adorable MV. (Please drive safely though..) Credits to 1theK. Other sources: k2nblog 

InTheSoul entertainment’s mini album will tickle the tastebuds of R&B lovers. [‘One More Time’ and ‘그대 내게 없어’ were covered in my previous post. The last 3 tracks are instrumentals. ] ‘Just Play’ is a groovy RnB number by InTheGirls (Why aren’t they as famous as Mamamoo???) and ‘Your Life and My Life’ is an ambient mid-tempo jazzy RnB by JANU

Yun Seong Ki and Twillerce’s Lee So Ri take on mid-tempo Acoustic and Rock Ballad for <My Secret Hotel> OST. Oh the chills!  

Yun Jong Shin’s August project with Team89 has Jeong Woo Seong wondering what it feels like for ‘Men Without Women’. Yes, that’s right. Jeong Woo Seong!! A good quality track in spite of it being really sombre. Why does it sound more like a fairytale OST to me? LOL. Credits to CJENMUSIC OFFICIAL. Other sources: k2nblog 

Alt-Rock Band Royal Pirates finally takes it to the club scene for their <Love Toxic> mini-album. (Well, don’t they all succumb to a ‘clubbing’ mv?) ‘Love Toxic’ has the band’s signature Alt-Rock Pop tune. Moon sounds awesome as always. 🙂  (Has drum-stick spinning become a prerequisite for drummers? Haha!) My favourite’s mid-tempo Alt-Rock Ballad ‘Haru’ is as pleasing to the ears/sweetly likeable as ‘You’, minus away the Rock-y chorus. The song isn’t refreshing, but it will grow on you. Trust me.  (The lyrics are *goosebumps* LOL) And ha! An English version of ‘You’ is included in the mini-album! ‘Seoul Hillbilly’ isn’t bad either, and the drummer(?…I don’t think James sounds like this..??) raps! James joins Moon in the english version for ‘Betting Everything’ – check out my review here. Credits to felicia2320. 

If you are a Folk/ Retro Ballad listener, then veteran Ju Hyeon Mi’s eight-tracked release will be the perfect album. I think she’s awesome – who else than a singer in her 30th anniversary? If you want to try a track, here’s my favourite: Memory of My First Love Credits to BALLAD BALLAD – the uploader has all of the album songs in his/her videos list

Rocker Yun Do Hyeon finds Epik High’s Tablo and K.Will for an epic mid-tempo Latin Ballad collaboration. Just how does their vocals and rap all come together so nicely?  Other sources: k2nblog

Super Junior finds themselves embroiled in a theft case, and not with a mamacita, for their 7th album’s title track. Song wise, ‘Mamacita’ is a RnB Dance track. It’s finally a ‘normal’ song, and which officially means the group has let go of their ‘Sorry Sorry’ days. Lyrics wise, I’m confused. So the title means ‘sexy mexican girl’ and yet the lyrics are on an entirely different topic..? So using ‘mamacita’ is just for gimmick? And then looking at the MV plot, it’s about men in the cowboy era – one side stealing a crown, another side tracking down the thieves, and the extras. Huh???? I do think the song is not too bad. It’s a shame the whole thing’s an incoherent mess. Not to be mistaken, I thought <Mamacita> offered good tracks like ‘Evanesce’ (Mid-tempo Urban Dance; Solid track. Seamless editing for the MV. Deserves more views than the title track.), ‘Midnight Blues’ (mid-tempo RnB Dance)  , ‘Raining Spell For Love’ (Urban Dance Ballad), ‘This Is Love’(sweet mid-tempo RnB. LOL Hee Cheol’s hair keeps growing. >.< It’s like we are watching his hair growth through the MVs. Haha.) and ‘Islands’ (90s low-tempo Ballad of the album) post link. Overall, a quality album from the group – especially the RnB and Urban Dance tracks! Credits to WookieCookie. Other sources: k2nblog

Comedy rap is what Hyeongdon and Daejun (or Defconn) is known for….unless you don’t understand Korean and there are no translated lyrics to aid you.. Well, the least is enjoy the music! I recommend the following – Gangster Hip-Hop Raps: ‘Almost The Title track, ‘Be Clear’ (Title), ‘Give Me Beans’ (AKA Never Thought Of Choosing This As Title..?). The other tracks are original and Jazz remix of ‘Park Kyu’, and ‘성인 명작 동요’ (…Fairytale nursery rhyme…LOL. That was the only thing I could think of when I heard the ridiculous track. >.<). Credits to Jay Lim. 

Acapella R&B Ballad group R.O.U.L fascinates through their ‘Woo’.  Get prepared for more goosebumps through their own youtube channel

Mamamoo’s Hwasa features in Baechigi’s fun Hip-Hop Rap&RnB single. Catch appearances by Shorry J (who’s that student with him?), Ailee, Eru, Lucky J and Shin Bo Ra in ‘Boy Jump’ MV! Hwasa<3 Other sources: k2nblog

Gary and Jeong In are a rapper-and-singer duo once again for ‘Bicycle’. You know, for singletons, this is a really cruel MV to sit through. lol. Anyway, I love the carefree, laid-back vibe I’m getting from the Acoustic Hip-Hop. The MV’s got this dreamy atmospheric cinematography that suits the romantic nature of the song. 🙂 Korean ver link Credits to 1theK. Maybe Gary should do more singing – he’s not that bad! And he handled the English lines easily. 🙂 Congrats for the achievement Gary and Jeong In! Other sources: k2nblog – korean verk2nblog-english-ver

AOMG’s CEO, Jay Park shows that he’s grown to be capable of both rapping and singing in his <Evolution>. In my opinion, Jay’s always been more of a vocalist throughout his career and ‘Evolution’ switches that role of his with Gray’s. (Yes, I know. He does sing towards the end. ) The likeable mid-tempo RnB Hip-Hop should be popular with its mainstream approach. [The same applies to mid-tempo RnB Ballad, ‘Jo-ah’ (Like), which was released few years back.] Representing the album is ‘So Good’ (ft. Commonground), a Retro-Funk Electronic mid-tempo Hip-Hop Pop. I’m not digging it, but, it’s better than average. [‘Let’s Meet Again/ Let’s Make Up’ is another retro mid-tempo Hip-Hop, and a re-mastered version of Jay’s old song. ‘Promise’ is the saccharine sweet low-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad Jay pre-released before <Evolution>.] ‘Secret’ is a smooth 90s mid-tempo RnB Ballad. This is the perfect example of how a song can grow on you. 😛 ‘Welcome’ is a low-tempo Hip-Hop RnB Ballad. (So Sexy >.< An old track released with ‘Jo Ah’) ‘Ride Me’ and ‘Metronome’ were in Jay’s April single. ] ‘GGG’ (= Get it, Got It, Good..?) is an Electronic Hip-Hop Rap. If you find the lyrics familiar, that’s because it’s from Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’. (…Funny how this sounds like something G-Dragon will do…and Jay sounds like G-D too….O.O.) ‘Who The F*** Is U’ is a collaborative Hip-Hop Rap effort by Jay, B-Free and Take One, ‘사실이야 (1hunnit) (Remix)’ (Feat. LOCO, Swings; another old track released alongside Jo Ah’s.) and ‘Crazy/Success Crazed’ (ft. GRAY, LOCO, Simon Dominic/SSam D, Trinidad James) are all Electronic Hip-Hop Raps. If you like pure Hip-Hop Raps, these three should be right up your alley. [‘I Like 2 Party’ in this album is a re-mastered, Bass-ier version of the original. ] ‘Hot’, whether re-mastered version or the Cha Cha Malone remix, is a Urban/Electronic Hip-Hop Rap. Nice! [Check out ‘Nana’ review via this link] Note: Jay’s album includes 6(?) new tracks, 3(?) previous singles and 8(?) re-mastered and remixed versions of past songs. Out of the 6, my top 2 favourites are ‘Evolution’ and ‘GGG’. Although I don’t express much interest in Hip-Hop Raps, I don’t think Jay’s bad at it either. Plus, I don’t mind variety when it comes to music.  Other sources: k2nblog

Including her past tracks featuring Se-Ah and Min Hun Ki, Kisum (or Kkisseom)’s mini-album continues on the feel-good mid-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad route for ‘I Like It’ (feat. Risso). I Like it ‘Que Sera Sera’, however, is a fast-tempo Urban Hip-Hop featuring Ang Lee. Credits to BB S-Lin, AsianDreamVOD

Papercut Project’s tearful ‘Thinking Once Again’ is a low-tempo Acoustic Ballad. This totally sounds like a melodrama’s OST. (And the vocalist reminds me of Sugarbowl’s.) YOUTUBE LINK Credits to sprindays. 

Acoustic Collabo’s female half contributes a simple low-tempo Piano Ballad to <Discovery Of Romance>

<Yoona’s Street>’s ‘Love Will Find A Way’ is a quaint low-tempo Folk Acoustic by leeSA. Just like LimKim, leeSA’s vocals are similarly unique!

Oh Lucia’s back! Her heartbreakingly smooth and husky vocals sing to mid-tempo Latin Ballad ‘Ophelia’. It feels like a slow day in olden day Europe, and just after leeSA’s too! 

Puer Kim, Mystic89’s second unique voice returns after her gothic mainstream debut, with <Purifier>. The mini-album contains a creative range of music – ‘I Love To See You Dying’ (Hypnotic, mellowed mid-tempo Rock Ballad. Her vocals make the track work. Eng Ver here), ‘Bank’ (Retro Pop Soul. Interesting tune and idea. Especially relevant for those who work. And I thought the artiste would be using the concept for something love-related..), ‘The Criminal Is You’ (Quirky Electronic Folk Pop), ‘Vice Versa’(Vintage Dance) and ‘Today’s News’ (Laid-back Retro Pop.). [Manyo Mash was reviewed before. Take a look here. ] Puer Kim’s brand of music is not what I would label as mainstream. But if you are looking for something different, then the talented artiste will be your best bet. Credits to Mystic Ent. 

MC The Max’s falsetto commands in <It’s Okay That’s Love> OST. The views – daebak! YOUTUBE LINK Credits to CJENMUSIC OFFICIAL. 

Ballad group Timber shows off their vocal prowess through low-tempo Ballad ‘Be Happy’. Sigh, I can listen to them the whole day~  Check out ‘discovered’ section for their earlier release with Im Jeong Hee!

Using a <Hol!day> theme, Wu Tan and Buggy will ensure you get your hip-hop rap fix. ‘Blue Lemonade’ (ft Gugu) is a sensual Electronic mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap. It sounds just like the kind of rap Beenzino would do and strange enough, the rapper sounds like Beenzino himself! (There’s a remix for ‘BL’ as well.) ‘Jack N Coke’ is a chill heavily Synthesized mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap. (There’s an MV for it.) And if you like edgy Hip-Hop Raps, the following songs would be your kind of tea: ‘Benderz’ (ft Odee), ‘Watermelon Juice’ (ft Kimchi Homie Park) and ‘XO’ (ft Odee, Psychoban) (The MV…I’m scared..>.<).

Winner of 2013 Australia X-Factor, Dami Im has a korean edition for her Urban Pop Ballad. Explosive and she killed it! And of course, here’s the original English version: LINK If you are absolutely in love with her voice, try: ‘Aliveand ‘GladiatorCredits to damiimVEVO. 

Balladeer Zia does what she’s best at in her ‘Pretend To Be Okay’ – Sorrowful low-tempo Ballads!  

MC Sniper fires up your playlist with his Intense Raps. His mini-album contains the following: ‘작두’ and ‘자러가자 (feat. BK)’ are both Hip-Hop raps, the latter sounding like an OST for a Noir Crime film; ‘다시 뛰는 맥박’ is a Hip-Hop Ballad; ‘Clubbing’ is a smooth Jazzy RnB ‘Clubbing’ featuring Bumkey. ‘Rinpoche’ was the weak link of the album for me.. 

Indie group Sugarbowl sings a regretful Bittersweet Ballad for <Plus Nine Boys>. I actually like the group’s vocalist in cuter, light-hearted romantic ballads. Hehe. Nonetheless, ‘recommend!’  If you haven’t watched the drama, do skip this MV!

Letter Flow and Sweden Laundry’s Choi In Yeong collaborate for ‘흩어진다’. A lovely low-tempo Urban Ballad duet especially at the chorus. Reminds me very much of Urban Zakapa’s music. 

Double A’s Aoora’s always releasing dirty songs, but…why is it that every track of his is so addicting?! #guiltypleasure Featuring Jouet (I actually prefer the MV’s audio version.. heh) Credits to AOORA. 

Six-member T-ara takes on EDM (Electronic Dance Music) in their <And&End> EP. Hip-Hop-y EDM Ballad ‘Sugar Free’ represents the girls’ EDM efforts. I’m not exactly impressed by the verses – weak and they cut the flow of the beginning instrumental so much so there seemed to be no need for it. But the chorus was a mind-changer. So Yeon ftw!  ..I can’t tell the difference between the Big Room ver and the original… And I was hoping the girls were having fun at a club or something.. Well, #idolsandsets. (Why do I hear EXID’s LE…?) Far from the heavy electronic music, ‘I Don’t Want U’ is a mid-tempo Pop Ballad. EDM returns in Hip-Hop-y EDM Ballad ‘ORGR’. The flow is smoother than ‘Sugar Free’’s, but the latter’s chorus fares better. Aaaand, the genre switches to Ballad for bittersweet low-tempo Ballad ‘Last Year’s Calendar’. Although the song’s context is about love, I find the title can mean memories in general – Joy and regrets in areas like Socially(Family & friends), Physically goals, Mentally (School or Career goals) etc – what did the last year do for you and what did you do last year? Mid-tempo Pop Ballad, ‘If I See Her’ ends the six-tracked EP, and it sounds almost like ‘Never Ever’! Do listen to <And&End> – T-ara doesn’t disappoint in this EP. 🙂 Other sources: k2nblog 

It has been a long time since I saw a 2pm MV (I don’t follow Jap releases) and the boys have finally lost their shit as they ‘Go Crazy’ (Original or party version?) for their 4th album comeback. <Go Crazy> includes a mad total of 18 songs, of which Jun.K, Chan Seong and Taec Yeon contributed to in terms of composing, writing and arrangement. Catching my attention are: ‘A Night Like Tonight’ (90s/ early 2000s Dance Ballad.), ‘She’s My Girl’ (Saxophone based Jazz RnB. Something different from the usual 2pm fare.), ‘BF’ (Solid Electronic RnB Ballad. The whisper rap was a good addition.), ‘Pull&Pull’ (90s mid-tempo RnB Ballad. What a sweet and soothing chorus), ‘I’m Your Man’ (Fast-tempo Dance. Reminds me of their 10 out of 10.) and Jun.K and Woo Yeong’s ‘Superman’ (Electronic Hip-Hop.). Except for ‘Go Crazy’ (original title) and ‘Awesome’ (heh), I think the rest weren’t that bad too. Altogether, I would say, the good outweighed the bad. I’m also happy that 2pm is catching up to the trend of including different genres in their Pop album, and that Taec Yeon has improved in his rap – so happy for him!  It’s been six years for the JYP boy group and the boys have released a video series to thank their fans for their neverending support! The catch – do you remember their debut date?? Other sources: k2nblog

John Park’s ‘U’ is a ‘Soul-Based UK-styled Pop’. AND ITS FRIGGIN AMAZING. (Exo’s ‘Growl’ composer Shin Hyeok does it again omg) So dark, so good. And because John Park, Teaser.  If ‘U’ was a hit to you, Parc Jae Jeong’s ‘Stalker’ (At First Sight) will be a sure-winner too. Other sources: k2nblog

Hazel’s sweetly clear vocals make ‘That Place’ a dreamy Ballad. The second half is more emotional, making the song a journey through a bittersweet memory.  

Jay Kidman recruits the likes of Geeks, Crucial Star, Take1 and DJ Dopsh for his single. ‘Reboot’ is a Hip-Hop Rap, ‘This Time’ is JK’s Rebirth version of Geek’s Louie’s similarly titled track (Crucial Star’s distinctive vocals take the lead this time, vocally while Louie’s in charge of the rap part.) and ‘On The Line’ is a Hip-Hop Jazz instrumental. Likeable at first try, all of his tracks!

Illinit, Chatterbox(Su Da Jaeng Yi), Jolly V, Yena, STi, Kuan, Rhythm Power’s Haeng Ju, Boyrock, Trizzy and krismaze support Soulime Sound’s <WE#SLSD> through their vocals and raps. ‘10 Year’s is a laidback Hip-Hop Rap, ‘Bahamas’ is a RnB and Hip-Hop Rap with a distinctive heavy Bass, ‘Hot’ is a 90s influenced low-tempo Urban RnB), ‘Ride Something’ is an addicting early 2000s Urban RnB and Urban Hip-Hop Rap ‘Go’ ends the mini. There’s a whole lot of good instrumentals behind the tracks – easier to get behind the song! The only thing I got from youtube is this MV: 

Kim Ba Da’s <Endless Love> OST is a Rock Ballad. Nicely done! 

Unlike the sweet mid-tempo Ballads they have released thus far, comedian Rapper trio Namolla Family N will sit you right up with their latest chant-like Japanese-ish Hip-Hop Rap And before you know it, the guys are back to their usual music menu with ‘누구나 한번쯤 (Feat. 공수빈 Gong Su Bin)’. You just can’t hate their music. >.< 


Ilac’s mid-tempo Acoustic Rock Ballad is simple and sweet. A nice track to listen when all you need is a peaceful weekend after the weekly grind. 🙂 YOUTUBE LINK Credits to SONG4UCH4

Rapper CZA invites Crucial Star to feature in his mid-tempo Electronic RnB Hip-Hop release. (Is this a debut?) Easy to like, but it’s nothing unlike what’s been done before.

Park Hye Kyeong’s vocals make ‘It’s Thirty’(or I’m Thirty)‘ a soothingly quaint Jazzy low-tempo Ballad. 

Sistar’s follow-up from ‘Touch My Body’ are two Pop tracks – ‘I Swear’ and ‘Hold On Tight’. Like ‘TMB’, ‘I Swear’ is a fun Summer tune while ‘HOT’ is a uptempo Pop Ballad.

DKSoul tries out 3 different versions for his <Every Day Every Night> single. Of the three, I would choose the acoustic one. There’s a slow and quiet – almost bossa Nova – Jazzier feel to the Urban Ballad original. Credits to springdays.

Ran releases mid-tempo Pop Ballad ‘Good Feeling’. (Her voice reminds me of Gummy’s.) 

Urbanspace returns with a two-tracked Ballad single. Something’s familiar about ‘The Us Then’. Regardless, I recommend the heartbreaking Low-tempo Acoustic Ballad. 😦 

Need a pick-me-up? Then Yu Seung Woo’s upbeat mid-tempo Ballad pre-release might just do the trick! YOUTUBE LINK For those who are fans of sweet&relaxing Folk Ballads, then you will enjoy boyish Ballad soloist Yu Seung Woo’s first album! As for me, my recommendations are ‘Getting Bored’ (ft Bestie’s Hye Yeon)’, ‘Pray For Mom’ (the only heavy low-tempo Ballad) and ‘Desperado’ (mid-tempo Dance Pop Ballad). [‘Night Thoughts’ review link is here. ] Credits to CJENMUSIC OFFICIAL.

<Fated To Love You> sees the likes of Jeong Dong Ha (90s/2000s Low-tempo Ballad ‘Destiny Sonata’), VIXX’s Ken (90s/2000s Pop Ballad ‘My Girl’) , Melody Day (90s/2000s Electronic-Keyboard supported Ballad ‘사랑을 몰라서’), Megan Lee (2000s mid-tempo Ballad ‘Ready For Love’) and Ailee, whose OST I’ve covered in the post before this, contributing to the Drama’s OST. I’m guessing the Taiwan original was set some years back from the way the OSTs sound, and the Korean producers want to stick to the same period. Credits to Kpopwars Channel OST, Spring Ksongs, 류하, forestmedia.

With her low, husky but strong vocals, female RnB artiste AB is someone to look out for. Check out her fast-tempo RnB-Hip-Hop ‘Good Kid’ (ft. Bin Ha Neul) and engaging Jazz RnB ‘사탕발림’ (ft. Keebomb). 

Bestie includes ‘I Need You’ into their repackaged album. Typical Pop Dance Ballad, but Hye Yeon and Uji’s vocals really stand out.

Danal Ent’s female Ballad group, D-Day, releases a fast-tempo Pop Ballad that reminds you of Bro’s music and MV.

With a focus on the early 2000s, Lee Jae Hun of Cool brings back Nostalgia to your playlist. All six tracks are mid-tempo Ballads. Worthy of mention are ‘잠 못 드는 밤 비는 내리고’ (ft Funny Funkiz)  and ‘How Can I Forget’. Yes, I know, both songs are from 2012…

Fans of Park Jeong Min rejoice! Old group SS501’s Park Jeong Min is back with a new mini-album! I would recommend mid-tempo Ballad ‘Please Give Me Love’ from the soloist’s <Summer Break>. Credits to Notice JungMin.

If you find MIB’s Ozic/ 5zic’s rap parts a tad short in his group’s releases, then the guy’s solo Hip-Hop Rap ‘Hyena’ will satisfy you. 🙂 I like Ozic (he’s so hot!!), but I don’t as much as fancy americanised raps. SOUNDCLOUD LINK Credits to 5ZIC.

Indie Rock band trio Vinyl House is down-to-earth in their latest Indie Rock ‘Bye Bye’ MV. The multi-tasker at the back is feelin’ it. HAHA! Catch guest appearances by a cat and two puppies. 😛 

Often it’s rappers, underground or idol, who would create mixtapes and Topp Dogg’s Jenissi is next in line. I preferred ‘Love Letter’ (ft EvoL’s Say; reviewed in my previous post), ‘Out of Your Mind’ (ft. fellow member Nakta), ‘Mother’ and ‘Lay Down To Sleep’ (ft i11evn and Nakta) to the other two tracks. Mid-tempo RnB ‘LL’ will suit the mainstream audience, mid-tempo Electronic/ Bass Hip-Hop Rap ‘OOYM’ has that chill serenity, ‘Mother’ is a mid-tempo Urban Hip-Hop Rap Ballad and ‘LDTS’ ends the mini-album as a mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap & RnB Ballad. Refer to this ‘LL’ link for the instrumentals. 

Unsurprisingly, Cube Entertainment’s young vocalist Shin ji Hoon’s ‘Crybaby’ is a Ballad comeback.

Nasty Nasty officially debuts with mid-tempo Saxophoned-back RnB ‘Knock’. I was wondering if Nasty Nasty was a new pairing (yes. I thought it was a co-ed duo) when news of the group was reported. And whaddayaknow. The newly formed project unit/trio is a combination of ZE:A’s Kevin – who’s always been able to hold his own in ZE:A songs and it’s about time he’s getting the attention, Nine Muses’s Kyung Ri – who works that seductive stare just right, and rookie So Jin – who resembles Spica’s Bo Hyeong. I actually felt the storyline was.. overly sober..if that’s possible. If only it was bolder and sexier… Yes,, it’s still fridaymojo here. DANCE VER HERE. For anyone who’s confused about the storyline: LINK Credits to MBCkpop.

Meilin’s ‘Present’ OST is a pleasant feel-good mid-tempo Ballad.

For a stagename as preppy as Peppermint, ‘Common’ Farewell’ (feat. The Daisy) is an unexpected treat for Ballad lovers.

Fameus debuts(?) through mid-tempo RnB-Synth Dance Pop ‘Crazy’. Perhaps it was the poorly filmed-and-edited MV, but I wasn’t expecting much – I thought it would be any other typical Dance Pop debut. Well, I was wrong – Fameus has good vocalists and ‘Crazy’ is decent. Though in my opinion, the rap breaks were rather anti-climatic. To be fair to the group, here’s their MV: . ‘뻔하잖아’ (It’s Clear/ You Know) is a mid-tempo RnB Ballad. Another fairly good track! A true gem. Hope their next comeback receives the support they deserve! 

<My Secret Hotel> recruits Indie artiste Neon Bunny for their mid-tempo Electronic Dance OST. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to JJ L. 

Various artistes contribute to <Haenyeo Living The Legacy> but I will only mention the songs I recommend. (The link is at your disposal.) Here goes: Kim Ah Seul’s ‘Water’s Child’ (Such a pretty low-tempo Piano Ballad. Soothing~) | and Fromm’s ‘That Girl’s Sea’ (Indie Acoustic. Such an attractive set of vocals! Check out more from her below if you wish. ). Han So Yeon’s ‘Haenyeo’s Dream’, Every Single Day’s ‘From When’ and 데빌이소마르코(Devil_E_So_Marko)’s ‘My Name’ (The ending’s…creepy. LOL.) are not too bad themselves. Most of the songs are Folk/Indie Acoustics. Credits to Chung Woong and BB S-Jae.

Kang Woo Jin proves he’s not just a pretty face in low-tempo Ballad ‘Live In Love’. (The face..and the voice..don’t match though. LOL) Oh my, his husky vocals are to die for. >.< 

Kim Jong Min isn’t just 2d1n s3’s babo. He’s also a singer! And he’s back with ‘Sali Go Dali Go’ (lit. Live and Run for it.) Well, Electronic Dance tracks can never go wrong and what other than comedy can you expect from the joker? HAHA. Gosh, I still remember how funny he was in X-man (and even now in 2d1n with comedian Jun Ho). Cos yunno, the JongKookXEunHye romance wasn’t the only highlight. 

Holladang (Rap duo) and Choi So Ri (female vocalist) team up for haunting mid-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad. The chorus is my favourite, but it’s not a great climax.

Spica’s minus-one sub-unit quartet Spica.S debuts with mid-tempo RnB ‘Give Your Love’. Time and again, Spica has always stood out as a talented group. ‘Give Your Love’ shows that, yes. However, I didn’t think it’s a strong-enough contender.  Other sources: k2nblog

Gilme’s album is a 2-parter that shows the soloist is capable of both badass rap (‘Shut Your Mouth’, ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ and ‘My Turn’) and sentimental tracks.  There are quite a number of songs from <2face> that gets its influence from the 90s/ early 2000s – especially the Ballads, with some released prior to the album. Other sources: k2nblog

Coffee Boy’s follow-up song ‘Morning Vitamin‘, is a rightfully chippy, upbeat Ballad with Electronic guitars.. 🙂 YOUTUBE LINK Credits to SONG4UCH4.

Kim Bo Kyeong and Danny Ahn in Urban mid-tempo Ballad with early 2000s influences. An accompanying MV would have done wonders..

Female Hip-Hop idol group A.Kor’s first track is a Hip-Hop Pop piece with some Indian influence. The MV…I’m too cowardly to watch and post here. heh.

Aftermath’s ‘Your Waltz’ is a tender, sweet mid-tempo Folk Ballad OST for <High School Love On>. It feels like I’m in 19th Century Europe with this song. Haha. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Namgirl.

Brave Entertainment’s boy group Bigstar releases a Urban mid-tempo RnB Ballad. Oh~ Not bad at all! (Okok, it’s the falsettos, I admit. But the chorus is to die for. >.<)  Sounds like a song that B1A4 would do…

Since I’ve been steadily reviewing the OST singles for <Joseon Gunman>, I will only mention the ones I’ve not come across. Remaining are low-tempo Ballads: The Ray’s ‘Resembling My Tears’, Yang Seon Mi’s ‘When Will It Stop’. The songs are typical, but what a good choice of singers!

<It’s Okay It’s Love>’s Techno Dance Pop ‘Tonight’ is by Orange Caramel. It’s a surprising add to the drama’s bgm definitely. I mean, Drama OSTs are usually Ballads.. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to TheDramaOST11.

A new name on the Ballad block for me, is Lina and she has a Rock-Pop Ballad out. Looking forward to hearing her more – she has the potential…for Rock, especially with that vocal power.

Do you enjoy bright Dance Pop? Rookie group N*White enters the K-Pop scene with their chippy Pop and lovely vocals. 🙂


Daroostar ft Roo – ‘Love Again’ [Low-tempo Urban Acoustic Ballad] 

Timber and Im Jeong Hee – ‘No Love’ [low-tempo Ballad; I can’t believe I didn’t listen to this before. O.O’’’] LIVE PERF

Crucial Star ft Swings – Chocoholic [Hip-Hop RnB] YOUTUBE LINK Credits to 서주경

late Seo Ji Won – Gather My Tears [90s low-tempo Ballad]  >.< 2015 Ulala Session’s version here Credits to CJENMUSIC OFFICIAL. 

The rappers at Illionaire Records (Dok2, Beenzino, The Quiett) come together for <11:11>. A legit Hip-Hop album for the Hip-Hop Rap lovers. (HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THIS. GOSH) (Warning: Well, legit Hip-Hop tracks always call for some expletives..)  Here goes:  1. ‘We Here 2’ – Rhythmic Hip Hop Rap  2. 11:11 – Electronic Hip-Hop Rap 3. YGGR – Dark Hip-Hop Rap ft MC META (Bobby’s ver-SMTM3) 4. Go – Fast-tempo Hip-Hop Rap (Bobby’s ver-SMTM3) 5. Pretending It’s Not – Electronic Hip-Hop RnB (ft Jay Park)                       6. A Better Tomorrow – Dark Hip-Hop Rap (ft Sean2slow & mc meta) 7. Go Hard – Electronic Acoustic Urban Hip-Hop Rap (ft Zion T)                                 8. Rollie’ Up – Synthesized Urban Hip-Hop Rap 9.We Gon’ Make It – Laidback Hip-Hop Rap 10. Ratchet – mid-tempo Hip-Hop RnB                                     11. Illionaire Gang 2 – Dark and dangerous Gangster Hip-Hop Rap.

I chanced upon Mnet’s <I Can See Your Voice S1> and watched for a policeman contestant and discovered Hwang Chi Yeol. GOSH, HOW COULD NO ONE NOTICE HIM WHEN HE DEBUTED???  And from Immortal Song 2, the show he was recently made known to Korea once again.  And then on China’s I’m A Singer! One of his performance:  (He resembles a cross between Winner’s Seung Yun and Roy Kim…)

프롬 (Fromm) – ‘후유증’ [Alt-Rock Ballad – Such a pretty Instrumental] YOUTUBE LINK Credits to KBS 콩

프롬 (Fromm)_ 너는 모르는 노래 live [Indie Mid-tempo RnB Ballad]  YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Fromm_

Coffee Boy – Fool [warm mid-tempo Ballad; Pleasant and sweet!] YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Moon Hyewon. 


Fall in love with Timber’s Dabin as he covers Taeyang’s ‘Eyes Nose Lips’. (He’s my favourite in the Ballad trio!)  and Jeff Bernat’s ‘Just Vibe’  (His pronunciation is like whoa.)

Lyn’s stunning vocals can be heard Live with her <Home> release. Additionally, the singer has included two new low-tempo Ballads to her first Live album!  PLAYLIST Other sources: k2nblog

SMTM3: <Show Me The Money 3> drops the audios for the battle between Bobby and Vasco – Bobby’s rebellious Hip-Hop Rap ‘Go’ Vs Vasco’s Rock-Hip-Hop ‘Guerilla War’. Heck with the show, I can’t choose; Both were amazing!  (this ver of ‘GW’ is so sick!)  

Bobby tweaks 1llionaire’s chill ‘YGGR’ while Swings heats things up for C-Jamm’s performance of ‘Good Day’. Personally I prefer Bobby’s stage to C-Jamm’s. (And wait, I thought C-Jamm was a vocalist?? Answer to self: That’s C-Luv.) Credits to Mnet K-POP, SOURCE: k2nblog

C-Jamm competes with intense Hip-Hop track ‘Shit’. I advise you to listen to the audio version – imagine all those bleaps that severely interrupts the song! Iron held his own for ‘Doki/Malice’, his version of Lessang’s ‘Poison Gas’ and even wins top positions on several music charts! (I wonder where he is right now.. The hip-hop world needs a rapper so wild and intense as him. T.T And he looks like child(?) actor Yeo Jin Gu! )  SOURCE: k2nblog

And there’s Bobby vs Vasco once more, former performing chart-topping catchy Hip-Hop  ‘Guard Up And Bounce’. The latter with Kim Na Yeong in mid-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad ‘Unfinished Story’. Vasco took the sentimental route – different from the others, but I wonder if it was a good choice.. 

Winner’s Mino rap solo ‘I’m Him’ MV is out!! 

Dance Practices!

Wanna learn Exid’s highly addictive ‘Up Down’ choreo

And there’s Infinite with their ‘Last Romeo’ choreo. Highly synced, as always. 🙂 <3Hoya 


Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!


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