Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [14th Sept – 3rd Oct 2014]

14 May

It’s been a heavy quarter for K-Pop as tragic news from Ladies Code and 4minute surfaces (my condolences).

As if things weren’t already bad, shocking member departures (Exo’s Lu Han, Mblaq’s split after contract ends and GG’s Jessica) were reported as well. Hopefully, the companies and celebrities work out a win-win situation…

On the other hand, articles of ZE:A’s Jun Yeong against Star Empire Ent’s CEO could be seen as more of a pleasant surprise than a gloomy read from the idol’s perspective. Unless the fault lies with the idols, seeing them rise up to the occasion for their rights puts a smile to our faces.

Meanwhile, actor Lee Byeong Heon makes headlines with his blackmail scandal.

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK #1 , LINK #2

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend 

Zion. T’s ‘Yanghwa BRDG’ FINALLY puts the talented artiste on the map. The low-tempo RnB Soul track is simply beautiful. With Retro elements added to the Urban piece, ‘Yanghwa BRDG’ feels nostalgic and bittersweet. And in spite of the melancholy felt through the lyrics and Zion. T’s vocals, Zion. T’s hit also encompasses things like appreciation and love. It’s no wonder the RnB piece is gaining so much support! Can totally imagine the feels of every parent working late into the night, listening to such a song?? T.T 

We follow a man’s tour around Korea in Verbal Jint’s pre-release, ‘I Smell Autumn’. Getting Eddy to feature was genius. The low-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad is perfection! 

Veteran Ballad group Noel continues on their Acoustic Project for <#2. Sunset>. #LikeComfortFood 

If you are a Ballad lover, then Epitone Project’s <각자의 밤> will take your favourite album spot. The only stray – sorta – is track 2. Otherwise, the album is a mixture of Low-tempo Indie and Jazz-based Ballads. Here’s a low-down on the album pieces: ‘각자의 밤‘ (low-tempo Indie ballad), 환상곡 (Vocal 선우정아 – quirky jazzy Ballad Pop. So husky~) , ‘낮잠‘ (similar to Track 1 – low-tempo Indie Ballad but with a band), ‘플레어’ (Vocal Azin) (Lit.. player? – lullaby-like Indie Ballad with Bossa-Nova-styled instrumental and low-tempo singing) , ‘친퀘테레’ (Cinque terre – mid-tempo Latin Jazz Ballad accompanied with Acoustic guitars. Just the right bgm for a romantic night.) , ‘불안‘ (uneasy – Heavy Piano-based Ballad instrumental. The piano makes the song addicting. >.< I think the electronic melodies kind of ruined it… Sigh), ‘미움’ (Vocal 손주희 – a beautiful low-tempo Indie Ballad; mv wise with the 2 pretty girls (omg one is 29!!) – I understand that the heartbroken one likes her friend. Thing is, if the latter doesn’t think of her as a romantic partner, why did the latter kiss her???, ‘시월의 주말’ (sweet 90s mid-tempo Bossa Nova piece.), ‘유서’ (low-tempo piano ballad. such pretty piano instrumentals.) , ‘회전목마’ (Vocal 손주희 – low-tempo 90s jazzy Acoustic Ballad; couldn’t find youtube link), ‘환기’ (low-tempo retro acoustic ballad. Ahh, this is so nostalgic! Doesn’t it make you think of an old movie where the cast just plays a guitar or sits watching the rain? no..?; No youtube link) and ‘나의 밤’ (low-tempo retro Piano ballad with a band accompaniment. pretty piece. similar to #3). Credits to 시범사업 TV창조채널, Mellowbeat Seeker, WandererStories, 이종석.

Satbyeol’s ‘Woo Baby’ is a suggestive mid-tempo R&B track.  

Rapper Deffinite’s <Confession> is a host of mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap tracks. The entire mini is a thumbs up. But this review excludes ‘예뻐보이네’, ‘마주칠까봐’ and ‘’. The remaining are ‘Confession’ (welcoming mid-tempo Urban Hip-Hop Rap intro), ‘Familiar’ (enlists the help of Kim Hye Ri for this dark mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap Ballad), ‘Your Day’ (mid-tempo Urban Hip-Hop Rap, smooth laid-back chorus) and ‘Finding You’ (gloomy mid-tempo RnB-ish Hip-Hop Rap Ballad).

SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin Ho breathes life into his <People>. Something about Kim’s vocals just makes his Ballads so raw and full of emotions. A strong contender on the charts, <People> will be. 

My favourites are ‘If Autumn Comes’ (a cafe performance of this urban Nostalgic Ballad would have been superb), ‘Very’ (uplifting acoustic Ballad. ahh, the base beats and electric guitar~)‘Someone’s Story’ (heartbreaking low-tempo Ballad. Love the way he sings this.), ‘People’ (Heartwarmingly mid-tempo Acoustic ballad.) and ‘4AM’ (simple low-tempo Ballad rawly expressing the quiet and emotional times of being lonely, especially at 4am.) Credits to iMusic7x. 

He may be that producer behind Lovelyz’s track, but to me, Yoon Sang’s a dad who went on a variety programme to learn how to cook >.< And that loving dad has made an unexpected mid-tempo Electronic Dance Ballad comeback! (Actress: Yun Jin Seo) 

Clazziquai Project and their brand of smooth Urban Electronic Pop are here to conquer your playlist! Their Urban Electronic Pops – ‘Come To Me’ , ‘Android, ‘Call Me Back’ (ft Baechigi), ‘그대 나와 같이’, ‘Life Etc..’ (The only Jazzy mix). Remaining are lean towards the Ballad genre – ‘Crave You’ (Mild low-tempo Urban Pop Ballad),  ‘Maybe Baby’ (Sweet Ballad Pop) and ‘Habitually Think Of You’ (mid-tempo Urban Ballads) – – post link . [‘Love Satellite and ‘Madly have been covered in my previous posts.] PLAYLIST LINK. Credits to snowleoheart, subbercharming Finhojun and Fluxus Music.

Rapper Kkakku stands out through his mini-album <25>, which includes Urban Hip-Hop Raps. According to his internet profile, the rapper debuted in 2012…. (O.O) You can check out his youtube channel here

Rock band NEXT’s ‘I Want It All (demo 0.7 – it’s incomplete?)’ is actually a superb song – I don’t see the need for those scratchy and auto-tuned effects. I’m all for Hard Rock man! 

With their sweet vocals and falsettos, Soshimboys has just the album for Indie music lovers! My pick from <넌.좋.될> is their mid-tempo RnB Ballad title track ‘You Will Like Me’ , sweeter mid-tempo Ballads ‘Am I Stupid To Youand ‘Should We Go Together‘ (ft Sugarbowl’s Go In Chang; Oh rap verse?), and standard low-tempo Acoustic Ballads ‘If You were Autumn’ (duet) and ‘Crazy Guy. Credits to 제이드아사히맹고.

Known for his husky but nasal RnB-Hip-Hop vocals, Taewan/C-Luv sticks to what he does best in his 2-tracked single – mid-tempo Hip-Hop-styled RnB ‘So What If You Say’, and sexy Urban mid-tempo Hip-Hop ‘Purple Drinks’. Credits to Narae.

Joosuc and Mayson The Soul are a rap-and-singer duo for intense RnB Hip-Hop track ‘Oh’. Oh~

Kim Ji Su and his charming vocals will sweep you off your feet in his Ballad-ful <Sensitive AM>. ‘Adios’ starts off the mini as a sentimental Ballad that fits right in the late hours of 1, 2AM whereas ‘I’m Talking’ (ft Sweden Laundry) is a more emotional Ballad. ‘Lonely Only You’ is a pleasant, quiet, Piano-based Ballad. It’s got an uplifting albeit bittersweet effect – something that will be your bgm while on a vacation.  Mid-tempo Piano Ballad ‘시간을 가르는 우리’ is a sweetly gentle track that sounds perfect for a confession. Low-tempo Ballad ‘This Month’ is a good choice after a long day, or for an album’s ending. What can I say? Kim Ji Su’s vocals won me over from the start. Titbit: He was in Superstar K2! Credits to 니 니, KpopMarTube Hot and hul kpop.

Stella Jang’s groovy mid-tempo Acoustic mix of Hip-Hop and Ballad Pop is a song I would strongly recommend. Girl’s really talented – she shows she can sing different genres and rap! And she’s feisty~<3 Anybody knows who she is? Did she just debut?

Cutie RnB artiste Crucial Star appeals with his spec-less look in mid-tempo RnB single ‘Paris’. Smooth and sexy >.<

Rapper Jerry.K’s newest album will delight Hip-Hop Rap fans in <현실, 적>, as most pieces belong to the Urban Hip-Hop Raps genre(and variations of it), save for the skit and the second last songs of the album. [‘Lived A Little Selfishly’ was covered in a previous post of mine and ‘Pierrot’ is a remixed version of the original.] A job well done on Jerry.K’s part – loved all of his pieces, especially ‘먼지 쌓인 기타’ (Feat. 정차식 Jeong Cha Shik – low-tempo Rock Ballad). Below are links available on youtube. Enjoy~ Jerry.K..sounds like Loco when he’s doing laid-back raps..doesn’t he? (Case in Point: Track 10)

If you didn’t find Jerry.K’s tracks to your liking, then maybe you can try out Paloalto’s chill raps and ear-friendly tracks. The tracklist: ‘Forrest Grump’ (ft Mayson The Bee Soul – such a busy bee. ..I’m so lamee; mid-tempo Piano-based Hip-Hop Rap. Jazzy~), ‘Good Times’ (ft Babylon; pleasant carefree Urban Hip-Hop Rap. Babylon’s vocals – dang!), , ‘Reality Bites’ (ft Huckleberry P; Electronic Hip-Hop Rap. Easy to like.), ‘ 감기 Flu/Cold’ (Urban low-tempo Hip-Hop Rap with electronic instrumentals.) and lastly, ‘발자국’ (Piano-based hip-hop rap). Credits to MICROSOPFT and mellowbeat Seeker.

Veteran singer Kim Beom Soo does a traditional parody of Taeyang’s hit gets abs for his ‘Teardrop of My Heart’ single. Hmm, I didn’t think shirtless was the way to go. The song’s a combination between modern day Ballad and traditional instruments – so there’s some underlying old-fashioned kind of vibe that could have been fleshed out with a simple sageuk-ish MV plot. Song wise, not a big fan. But Kim sang it well. Other source: k2nblog

Secret’s Song Ji Eun questions the boundaries of love in ‘Don’t Look At Me’. (So deep man~) The mid-tempo Pop Ballad is far from the flashiness that defines Secret’s comebacks. But Song’s solo return track has me dying for more. …Since I never really enjoy the group’s title tracks. Onto the song’s topic about love, you can be assured an insight with this link. Other source: k2nblog

Topp Dogg’s rap-line member Kidoh has his solo debut! With most of the songs having a funky/groovy Electronic sound, the 7-tracked album is very easy on the ears – ‘Tiny Song’ (Piano Based Hip-Hop Rap intro), ‘She’s So Sensitive’ (Energetic Electronic European Funk Hip-Hop Pop – somewhat like a BlockBxBrunoMars collaboration..), ‘Taxi On The Phone’ (ft TD’s Sangdo – mid-tempo mixture of Electronic Funk/Groove and Hip-Hop-styled RnB. This is so calm compared to the MV and its hijinks. LOL) , ‘Busy At 1Am’ (ft Supreme Boi and i11evn – mid-tempo RnB Hip-Hop Rap. Makes your head bob. Daaaam), ‘Absolutely Right’(Groovy mid-tempo Electronic Hip-Hop Rap Jazz), ‘Interlude’ (video game instrumental to keep things interesting?) and ‘Still Alive’ (Mid-tempo Urban Hip-Hop Rap. Intense and raw. Vastly different from the others.) . Kidoh<3 (Did you know he was almost a part of the BTS line-up like Iron? …Oh that explains Iron’s appearance on the MV!) Shock your hearts out with this post. Other source: k2nblog

Electronic music fans out there be aware. SME’s co-ed group Beatburger’s mini-album is out! <Electric Dream> holds a total of six songs – ‘Rising’ (Electronic Dub-Step instrumental intro), ‘Beat Goes On/Noisy’ (ft MQ) (Fast-tempo Urban Electronic Dance Hip-Hop), ‘She So High’ (Title – Urban Trance-like Electronic Pop Ballad, Acoustic Ver – Urban mid-tempo Piano Pop Ballad with Bass beats (proposal track? haha; Radio edit Ver – similar to title) , and ‘Right Now’ (ft MQ) (Fast-tempo Grunge/Metal Rock and EDM. Wow, Rock and EDM is dabomb!  – post link). Credits to K pop. Other source: k2nblog

Yun Jong Shin and Swings join hands for a dark and intense Ballad. I don’t know, I just love how the song and animation fit so well together. Other source: k2nblog 

Veteran RnB Ballad duo VIBE shows they still got it in them for their ‘Because I Love You’ single. Gosh, they deserve the title of hitmakers. If you like what you listened to, do check out their other hits! 

Ballad group Ulala Session sings comforting Ballad track ‘I’ll Be There’. Aww, so beautiful. >.< #UltimateBalladBias

MY Q enters with his unique brand of dream-like Urban low-tempo Synth R&B Ballads. This is really different – different good.  Questions questions: Who rides a bicycle in a museum and who plays squash in a suit? ..Hmm, I guess ‘Creativity’ answers that..

Indie co-ed duo Air Mangirl produces a sorrowful low-tempo Vintage/Nostalgic Ballad with the help of flute player Harim. The MV makes the song feel as though I’m in a sageuk drama. 

Liam wants to ‘Make You Happy’ with his Oriental mid-tempo Hip-Hop-ish R&B. Whoa, his vocals! Lol, he looks like Ryan Higa on the k2nblog website.

Promising RnB Ballad team SoulstaR wishes all a ‘Happy Ending’ in their heartwarming mid-tempo Jazzy RnB-Pop Ballad. Such a cozy song~ (And their English is pretty good!) 

And another round of #guiltypleasure in the form of dirty Aoora! The AA leader is back with Demian for the former’s mid-tempo Hip-Hop RnB release. #EmbarrassingbutSOGOOD #Darnit 

Having come across Fatdoo’s recent releases, I thought the rapper would be doing another mid-tempo Ballad. This time round however, Fatdoo’s ‘The Last Of Us’ is an intense yet ethereal Hip-Hop Ballad featuring Lee Min Yeong. Trivia: The track will be used as a video game bgm! 

Male Ballad duo Joy O’Clock are sentimental men in 90s Autumn Ballad ‘Tiny Miracle’. At first, I didn’t think much of the single. But the more I listen to it, the more I thought, ‘hey, this isn’t so bad!’ It actually sounds like an OST~ 

Korea’s favourite veteran Balladeer Kim Dong Ryeol returns to slay the charts. What to expect from the album? Many many low-tempo Ballads, but sung in Kim’s charismatic and stable low husky vocals. (So warm and smooth! No wonder he’s a force to reckon with in Korea.) A very well-made album. If you are a Ballad listener, Kim will satisfy your musical palette. If you aren’t, you can try ‘Advice’ (ft similar sounding John Park) and ‘Puzzle’ – the more upbeat selection of <Accompany>. Other source: k2nblog 

Good. Yes. IU performs Seo Tai Ji’s anticipated comeback ‘Sogyeokdong’. You may expect the track to be an Electronic Ballad. But ‘Sogyeokdong’ isn’t that straightforward. What Seo has done is urbanise a Retro Ballad with the use of Electronic instrumentals and IU’s featuring. Seo chose the right artiste in my opinion – IU sounds perfect for Nostalgia-themed songs. If you found the actress familiar, she’s the little Song Yi actress Kim Hyeon Su! Congrats on the achievement to both singers! Watch out for Seo’s version in the next post! Other source: k2nblog and credits to cilatiniehs

Lena Park and Phantom’s Han Hae collaborate for Urban and Funky mid-tempo Electronic Ballad Pop ‘No Strings Attached’.

Ballad being Homme’s specialty, the duo’s <Endless Love> OST is, goes without saying, a Ballad. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to PTimur 1

Han Dong Geun will make you fall for his vocals in debut single ‘Write A New Ending For This Story’. Gosh, and I wasn’t expecting much. He totally turned the tables on me. >.<  (The MV was a little exaggerating…) For more of HDG, the rookie vocalist is a <Birth Of A Great Star> winner! Such range! Dangg! Credits to 이영우

JQ and Han SoA are a rap-and-vocal team for low-tempo RnB Jazz ‘Jerk Jerk Jerk’. Too smooth for your own good. >.< 

Esens is back with his mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap ‘Back In Time’. This – nahh. Words aren’t enough: 

MATE recruits models and dancers for their quirky mid-tempo Electronic-Jazz Ballad ‘Baby’. (Get a taste of it here first: TEASER LINK 2) Name you want to know: Model in red tracksuit Ju Eo Jin, Model in black tracksuit Shon Min Ho. Your Welcome. Hehe. ..Unless you are a (straight) dude..then..  (The striped singlet-wearing lady seated down smiling throughout – so precious!)..It’s funny how the first teaser gave the impression of rebelliously hot guys modelling winter jackets… – TEASER LINK 1 – one thing’s for sure though: Don’t smoke, guys. You can act cool, but smoking ain’t it…) 


Elaine sings a nostalgic Urban low-tempo Ballad for <Discovery Of Love>. (She reminds me of Superstar K5’s Kim Na Yeong..) YOUTUBE LINK Credits to SERA 세라.

Kwan Woo focuses on Hip-Hop Raps for his <Musician, Vibe, Passion> EP. To all the Hip-Hop Rap lovers out there, <MVP> is worth a shot – Kwan Woo does a neat job as a rapper.

The Teen Top boys are close to a breakdown in breakup title, ‘Missing’. The Urban mid-tempo R&B Dance is definitely an upgrade from ‘Rocking’ – sound and MV wise. (And, that subtle R&B Dance elements is exactly like Sistar’s ‘Alone’ – an obvious product of Black Eyed Pilseung’s.) Chang Jo’s steady vocals started the song off in a positive way. 🙂 (OMG he’s the maknae. Darn it.. 😦 ) Urban mid-tempo RnB Dance Pop ‘Alone’ (Do You Stay Alone?) has a sweeter, lighter sound as opposed to ‘Missing’. And then it’s ‘Cry’, the Acoustics-based Ballad. (Ah, falsettos.) A simple track, but one that’s relaxing, yet bittersweet. Latin mid-tempo Acoustic RnB Ballad ‘Love Is’ is a piece I recommend. The instrumentals are pleasing to the ears, and the singing style required suits the boys too. It’s not a demanding song, but the boys did sufficient justice to ‘Love is’. Mid-tempo Pop Ballad ‘Remote Control’ talks about the sweet feelings of being controlled by love – doing everything just to make the other party happy. This is so Teentop. LOL. ‘Love U’ concludes the album as a low-tempo Acoustic Ballad doused in a sugary sweetness. Another song that suits the boys and their vocal range. Overall, I do agree it’s time for the boys to show some maturity in their music, but I just can’t shake off their boyband image –  Niel and Cheon Ji especially. And quite surprisingly, there’re no fast-tempo/catchy K-Pop in <Exito> and instead, the mini varies between low-tempo and mid-tempo RnB and Ballads. Credits to Yuko SK. Other sources: k2nblog

Mid-tempo Hip-Hop Pop Ballad OST by Yu Seong Eun and Swings doesn’t disappoint one bit. As pointed out by one commenter, the instrumentals are very similar to Yiruma’s ‘River Flows In You’. 

Lee Yeong Hyeon returns with energetic fast-tempo Dance ‘Good Luck’. Big vocals, she has there!

Folk Pop, hushed low-tempo Acoustic Ballads dominate Luwa’s <Meaning>.  Either you appreciate it, or not. On an objective level, there’s a calming quality to them, like accompanying bgm on a lazy day out at a cafe.

Adorable male rap-vocal duo O Broject and Miss $’s Kang Min Hee collaborate for mid-tempo Hip-Hop Pop ‘Best Friend’ single. The song is more or less the same content as JunggigoXSoyu’s ‘Some’ – a trendy word created in Korea 2014 to describe that tricky yet exciting ‘it’s complicated’ relationship between friends. The MV is a cute depiction of just that. 

Why is female quartet TOP.IC singing a depressing song like ‘Not Pretty’? The light mainstream mid-tempo Ballad Pop may not be able to blow a storm in the music scene, but they sound decent enough. Included in the single is a totally different, quaint mid-tempo Indie/Folk Ballad, ‘솔로독백’. Ahh, why did they disband! The second track turned me into a fan. 😦 

F.Cuz is back in the korean music scene with their <Bargaining For Love> mini-album. <BFL> includes mostly Dance music, with the mini’s sole Ballad ‘Lost In Love’ being what I’d call a typical idol group’s mini album routine. I wouldn’t be so quick to say no to the group – I feel like there’s some unfulfilled potential. Case(s) in point: ‘Ring My Bell’s is an interesting song, sexy ‘D2D’ has the potential to be awesome, but both were stuck in generic Dance Pop… Other source: k2nblog

Husky female vocalist The Daisy sing mid-tempo Ballads for her single. Quite an expected genre choice, given her vocal abilities. Strangely enough, her Ballads all sound familiar, like they have been a part of some drama OST.. YOUTUBE LINK – Do turn up the vol! Credits to BALLAD.

Park Su Min and 쟈코비 join hands for Latin mid-tempo RnB. Both were great at what they do, but the song was somewhat lacking an ‘oomph’ to it. Regardless, I am looking forward to more of their respective releases. 🙂 Credits to 박수민.

Vocalist Ji Hoon sings a low-tempo Ballad OST for <Cheongdamdong Scandal>. Not too bad at all. 

Indie Ballad group Acoustic Collabo sings a mid-tempo Ballad for <Discovery Of Romance>. There’s going to be an angsty scene for sure.. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to TheDramaOST11

<My Lovely Girl> sees the OST collaboration between Loco and Mamamoo – a romcom-version-of-bigbang-blue mid-tempo Pop Ballad ‘This Song’ and Park Mi Yeong‘s adorably mean mid-tempo Ballad ‘Crazy Boy’. (Watch out for spoilers, but don’t miss that cute cat. >.<)

Although Ailee has constantly been on the scene with drama OSTs and featurings, the vocalist is set to blow her competitors out with another of her powerful Pop track in <Magazine>. My favourite’s got to be Hip-Hop Jazz Soul ‘미치지 않고서야’ (ft dynamic duo). The chorus, is too darn awesome. As you can tell, the mini-album’s not what I’m looking for. I’d prefer Ailee to do more Soul and RnB tracks than flashy Pop… Other sources: k2nblog

yes. MINX debuts with fast-tempo Electronic-Pop Dance ‘Why Did You Come To My House‘. Given the right track, I think MINX has the vocals to make it! 

Rap-and-Vocal RnB trio 8Eight is complete again for ‘Let’s Not Be Crazy’. Doesn’t this mid-tempo RnB Ballad sound like Homme’s ‘I Was Able To Eat’? (News reported that the group decided to split ways for the time being…)

Solo balladeer Bily Acoustie takes part in <Plus Nine Boys> OST. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to CJENMUSIC Official

<Blade Man>’s OST includes a mid-tempo Jazz-RnB Ballad by Kara’s Gyu Ri and Seung Yeon. I actually prefer this side to the girls. Other source: k2nblog 

Taetiseo ‘holler’s you over for their comeback. I found ‘Whisper’ (mid-tempo Urban Ballad Pop), ‘Stay’(Upbeat Urbanised Pop – same kind of track as EXO’s ‘Baby Don’t Cry’) and ‘Only U’ (mid-tempo Urban Ballad Pop) to be my favourites out of the trio’s mini-album.  Other source: k2nblog

Veteran Rock Band Buzz’s new single is a mid-tempo European-styled Alt-Rock Ballad. As with most European-styled Rock tracks, ‘Train’ also has got that clean, stylish sound that will also attract the younger generation. YOUTUBE LINK Other source: k2nblog and credits to CJENMUSIC OFFICIAL.

Sageuk drama <Secret Door> recruits Block B for a mid-tempo Hip-Hop-Rock fusion OST. An interesting piece – wonder how ‘Secret Door’ fits into the picture.. YOUTUBE LINK Other source: k2nblog and credits to natalia chandra.

Soyu and Urban Zakapa’s ‘The Space Between’ is a mid-tempo Jazzy Ballad. The trio’s husky vocals give a relaxing romantic nuance to the sweet song. 🙂 I still prefer Soyu’s collaboration with Junggigo. >.< #thefeelsLIVESON #some Acting wise – I know I’m going to get hate and ‘he’s a singer not an actor’ treatment for this – still has room for improvement. Other source: k2nblog

1sagain and STi together for a romantic low-tempo Acoustic Ballad.  Credits to Official 1sagain.

Male group Madein’s ‘Like Family’ is an engaging mid-tempo Hip-Hop-y Ballad. A cute song that will put you in a good mood. 🙂

Female duo Pascol’s newest single is a low-tempo Ballad! Have you missed the girls?

Btob makes their <MOVE> on the ladies in their latest mini-album. My number one pick would be mid-tempo RnB Ballad ‘You’ll Be Alright (lit. You Are Doing Fine Right?)’. The falsettos were on point. Changseob<3 (I think minhyuk/min hyeok will do a fine job singing in R&B tracks..) Anyway, congrats to Btob for topping the charts – the efforts rewarded! Credits to hyoMINhyuk & Other source: k2nblog

Juniel’s vocals are as sweet as romantic love in ‘I’m In Love’. Such a zippy and endearing mid-tempo Pop Ballad title. 🙂 ‘Bug Off’ continues as a spirited mid-tempo Acoustic Pop Ballad. Surprisingly, the lyrics expresses frustration towards a guy who seems uninterested in the relationship – worse, a player! ‘Please’ slows down as a low-tempo Acoustic Jazz Ballad. ..The single seems depressing… It’s like a diary tracking the stages of the relationship. 😦  Other source: k2nblog

Beige delivers an emotional Ballad for <Jang Bo Ri is Here>.

Btob’s Yook Seong Jae and Oh Seung Hee duet for the former’s cable drama <Plus Nine Boys> mid-tempo Pop Ballad OST. What Seong Jae did in the drama, will never enter reality. Lol. Btw, when’s the trainee debuting? YOUTUBE LINK. Other source: k2nblog Credits to CJENMUSIC OFFICIAL

Maybe it’s Autumn – the perfect season for Acoustic Ballads – that I’ve been seeing so many mid-tempo Acoustic Ballads. And here’s Gavy NJ with their own version in ‘Pitiful’ (ft Hip Job). It’s easy to like on first try! 

Cho Hyeong Woo’s ‘Rain On Me’ is sweet and gentle. 🙂  Credits to 1theK

Brand New Music’s male group Troy releases their Urban RnB single <Why Are We>. What do you think of groovy mid-tempo RnB ‘Why Are We’ (Say hi to one half of Champagne&Candle in the MV!) and mid-tempo Hip-Hop-ish RnB ‘Be Mine‘. I must say, I really liked where ‘WAW’ was filmed. Not so claustrophobic yunno. 😛 Credits to BRANDNEWMUSIC, Jacob Hartwig & Other source: k2nblog

DK4RG works with and HitsBack for Urban mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap Ballad ‘Curious’. The original was more for me than the Hip-Hop ver.

Ballad team Monday Kiz mixes Jazz with Soul in their ‘Words To Kill’. Interesting verses, not the same for the chorus. Could have been amazing. 

Indie band Redchair takes the opportunity to release a full-length Indie album. Honestly speaking, I’m not an avid listener of the Indie genre. The songs are lacking that oomph factor for me. But if you are into the laid-back quirky Ballad sort, why not give Redchair your support? (The lead vocalist of Redchair reminds me so much of JRabbits’ lead vocalist..)

Electronic team Double Squarez energises with their EDM! My favourite is their ‘start’ track and here’s a sample:

Parc Jae Jeong, oh how I’ve missed you! It’s been some time since you released your debut mini-album. Anticipating your next album!!! For now, here’s Parc’s ‘내 생애 봄날’ for <My Spring Days> OST. A soothing mid-tempo Ballad~

Female vocalist Hana (She…resembles Apink’s Eunji..) expresses the fluttery feelings of love in Modern mid-tempo Pop Ballad ‘Heart Beats’, featuring Duon.  Not exactly the most creative track out there. But if you are feeling happy, this track will be a great bgm. 🙂

Indie vocalist Hini Lee creates an upbeat mid-tempo Indie-Pop Ballad day and low-tempo Jazz night version of her ‘Come To Me’. Which do you like?

After his romantic venture in ‘Paris’, Crucial Star’s with ‘Pretty Girl’ Lovey in this Electronic mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap Ballad single featuring Lovey. 

Melt your hearts out with R&B duo GADA’s mid-tempo R&B pieces. Gosh, where have they been?? (And I can’t seem to find anything about them online too…Sigh) The beanie wearing dude looks like JJ Lin and Suga. >.<

Actor Ahn Jae Wook picks up the mic for his Urban mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad’ 새삼스럽게’. The instrumentals!

Another collaboration in the form of MC haNsAi and Park So Yeon with sweet mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap Ballad ‘First Date’. Seriously though MC Hansai, if you are already thinking ‘all I want to do is make love to you’ on a first date, either you rethink the lyrics (& change lyricist), or that you are a creep. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to AsianDreamVOD

Wheesung and Geeks collaborate for an anti-’some’ 90s mid-tempo R&B-Pop Ballad

Rapper Vasco, Dok2, The Quiett and Genius Nochang rap to ‘DON’ (lit Money). Dok2<3 

J2M’s <Cheongdamdong Scandal> OST is a heavy Retro low-tempo Piano Ballad. (The nature of the song would really suit a drama set in the 30s or 40s.) I thought the boys sang this well. I have been wanting to say this – Jeong Hwan looks like On Joo Wan. Hehe. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to TheDramaOST11

Norwegian Wood enlists female vocalist Hyo Bin for a simple 90s mid-tempo Ballad ‘Drunk Night’. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to AsianDreamVOD


<Superstar K6>’s Im Do Hyeok, Kim Feel and Kwak Jin Eon wows the crowd with their rendition of Lee Chi Hyeon and Pals’s ‘Only You’

Starship Empire takes underground R&B vocalist Jun Yeong under their wings. Well, seeing as Junggigo has already joined the ranks of SE, it’s no surprise that JY is also in the loop. (The company seems to be heading towards R&B domination, particularly after the ‘Some’ hit.) And that totally means, there’s more of JY’s lovely vocals to go around – and who’s complaining about that??? Why does he look like a good boy version of Gray? LOL. 

It’s been a 10 year long journey for Clazziquai and Soompi has worked out an article for the Electronic Pop trio. My favourites are ‘Salesman’, ‘Friday Blues’, ‘Rapunzel’, ‘Miss.Understand’ (Alex solo), ‘Party Fantasy’ (Horan solo with then band Ibadi) and ‘Sexy Doll’ (DJ Clazzi’s product ft MYK, Sunny Hill’s Kota & Jubi).

Acourve – ‘What I Want To Say’ [Low-tempo Acoustic-Urban Ballad] 

Spica – I Did It [60s-influenced Groovy Mid-tempo Soul-Jazz Pop] 

Jerry K ft Kuan – 그래도 사랑하는 우리[low-tempo Hip-Hop Rap Piano-Jazz] YOUTUBE LINK & 화창한 봄날에 [sweet Mid-tempo Acoustic Hip-Hop Rap Ballad] YOUTUBE LINKCredits to Hyoyup Chung & midus102님의 채널

Eluphant’s Keebee ft Junggigo – Greeting [low-tempo Indie-R&B Ballad] 

Soul Dive ft Junggigo – 선술집 [mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap Indie Ballad] YOUTUBE LINK Credits to iluvfReSH

What Woman Wants ft Jung Yeop, Yun Kyun Sang<3 and Camera product placements – Curious 

Geeks’s Lil Boi, Zico, Ranger, Ugly Duck – 멋쟁이 신사 (by YG Family) [Quirky mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap and dat childish ending tho – what do you expect from boys at their age?] YOUTUBE LINK Credits to pijuuuuu


<MIX&MATCH> will either make you a fan, or a pedophile. There’s just no way you can escape Team B’s charms if you watch their performance!  Sexy and fun!  And sentimental too (Thank you Soompi!)

The infinite boys are ‘Back’ to remind you of their slick and sharp choreography. ..Although Hoya’s visibly a little slower than the rest if you focus on him, he amazes you with his ‘dancer vibe’ instead. At the way the guys are panting by the end of the vid, you can totally consider this as an intense calorie burner. Hehe

Park Hyo Shin’s hit comeback track ‘Wildflower’ is enough to create some buzz. Catch Superstar K6’s Im Do Hyeok and Jang Woo Ram‘s successful attempt of the Ballad on the charts here! YOUTUBE LINK

Nostalgia with a modern twist, Fly To The Sky remakes their top 7 hits

Korea’s beloved artiste Seo Taiji, has his own version of ‘Sogyeokdong’ out. It provides the girl’s perspective of the love story, and also a nod of respect to 80s Korea. In his album too is mid-tempo Alt-Rock Ballad ‘비록 (悲錄)’ which I recommend. Here’s his <Quiet Night> tracklist

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!


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