Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [5th – 23rd Oct 2014]

25 May

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK #1 , LINK #2

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend 

Mann, the start of October is already this exciting with Epik High, Gaeko and Ha Dong Qn’s comebacks! Joining in are Roy Kim, Younha, Gummy, Lena Park, Suju, G.O.D & Crucial Star (well, he’s from C-JeS Ent…) from the mainstream side and Suki, Loptimist, 20 Years of Age and Urbanspace from the Indie/Underground counterpart. And even though this isn’t the finest time to debut, super rookies Bernard Park, Purfles & Almeng held their own in the face of such competition. 🙂

Epik High produces a masterpiece of an album in <Shoebox>, showing that the trio are capable of both sentimental and dope Hip-Hop. Moreover, Epik High deserves praise for hand-picking the right vocalists and rappers. As for the album, I can’t pick a favourite –  because every track was just GENIUS. If you need an introduction to the trio’s album, here you go: Raise The Curtain (Mid-tempo Hip-Hop Soul), ‘Happen Ending’ (ft Rollercoaster’s husky, deep vocalist Jo Wan Seon – mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap Ballad; the 70s-influenced beats are so nostalgic/bittersweet.), ‘Rich’ (ft Big Bang’s Tae Yang – Urban mid-tempo Hip-Hop), ‘Spoiler’ (melancholic low-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad; lyrics were impressive – love the link between the title and breakups | Kim Ji Su looks like a cross between Clara and Yewon – pretty!..And that 95er(!!!) male model Kim Kibum >.<), ‘Burj Khalifa’ (ft Yankee, DD’s Gaeko – Urban Underground Hip-Hop Dance), ‘Fighting Again’( ft Younha – mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap Ballad – will Younha do another remake? Hahahaha; the resignation in Younha’s voice makes her a good candidate for such blue tracks..), ‘Amor Fati’ (ft Nell’s Kim Jong Wan – mid-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad; oh this is just so raw & beautifully intense), ‘Born Hater’ (Mid-tempo Electronic Hip-Hop Rap featuring a rap line-up of Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Mino, Bobby and B.I; liked how they each had their own vent session with their rhyme time. …And with the standard dose of curses – what else? – but they ended it adorably with a ‘nono’…so I’ll forgive them for B.I’s sake 😛 ..and on Verbal Jint’s account – cos he seemed so awkwardly endearing in the MV. And that was icky Tablo – I’m a born hater of roaches. >.<) ,

Haru's Shoebox

Haru’s Shoebox


‘Lesson 5’ (mid-tempo Urban Hip-Hop Rap. B.I featuring..?), ‘Life Is Good’ (ft Jay Park – old-school mid-tempo Hip-Hop R&B), ‘Tablo’s ver of Tae Yang’s 2014 hit’ (ft Tae Yang; covered in prev post) and ‘Shoebox’ (ft MYK – mid-tempo Urban Hip-Hop Ballad dedicated to Haru; I can’t resist voices like MYK’s! <3)

From the melody, the beats, the arrangement, the lyrics to the rap/vocal choice, no born hater’s gonna spoil Epik High’s reigning moment

Having chosen JYP as his reward for winning <KpopStar 3>, Bernard Park and his warm husky tones enter the competitive music industry with <Im>. I don’t think it was a bad idea to push Bernard in the Ballad direction. Thing is, it’s no surprise. All I could conclude from the mini was that the boy can sing. I would have preferred if there were variations of the genre – Acoustics, Indie, Pop, R&B Ballads. Nevertheless, <I’m> doesn’t disappoint – it meets expectations – and ‘I’m’ is my favourite. The JYP remake is gentle yet bittersweet. I did think the MV took the spotlight in my case. I was so engrossed in the storyline and Yu Se Hyeong’s acting (YOUR WELCOME – he looks a lot like 93er Lee Min Ho), I forgot about the song. >.< 

Coincidentally, Younha works with Nell’s Kim Jong Wan and John Davis for a mid-tempo Alt-Rock Ballad. The heartbreaking >.<  Other source: k2nblog

“Are you feeling sick anywhere? Was it hard? Don’t worry about me, I just need you to be okay. When your heart is okay, when no one is there for you, just come here.” If Roy Kim’s ‘Home (lit. family because home’s where the family is..)’ doesn’t touch you, maybe that doggy will. The low-tempo Acoustic Folk Ballad title track got me the most during the chorus. Roy Kim’s gentle vocals only made me cry harder. (Maybe that badass granddaughter got my fist in the air, but that’s beside the point.) I remember hearing this song when it (officially) came out and hearing the last line of the chorus got me really emotional. It’s equivalent to hearing, ‘whoever you are, and whatever you are facing’, we will be here for you. And that’s what some of us need to hear at the end of a tiring day. . As for the remaining tracks of Roy’s latest album, majority are low-tempo Acoustic Folk Ballads, while ‘If You Love Me’, ‘Hold On’ and ‘Thank You’ are Acoustic Ballads. (Roy should have just put his hand on the handle throughout the whole MV. I kept laughing when he was supposed to be all cool-like. …Or was he cold… And that poor bike – such a gentle music video and they had to spoil the whole vibe by having Roy throw it. ) As a whole, <Home> has been a joy to listen to – except for ‘Are You Doing Well’. Roy has grown a lot from his <Spring3> and <Love3> days. The songs are very mature, but he handled them very well. On hindsight, having him handle the album without a featuring, is quite a feat at his age! Other source: k2nblog

In the same month of Gavy NJ‘s comeback, <My Lovely Girl> releases the group’s low-tempo Ballad OST, ‘Rewind’. Beautiful~ Also in part 6 of the OST is Jin Min Ho’s sorrowful Ballad ‘불러본다’. T.T 

Rapper Swings drops a Jazz Hip-Hop Rap titled ‘Rap Star’

YES! YES! OMGGG IT’S KAMOOOOOOOO *Happy Dance*  ‘You In Me’ is RnB soloist Kamo’s newest single and he will kill you with his feels. #Biased  WHEN’S YOUR NEXT COMEBACK >.<

Rapper Molly.D brings ‘Dope Back’ in his latest Hip-Hop single. Smooth~ 

Autumn in Korea is seeing the return of a number of Ballad singers and The Lime is no exception, with his OST-like low-tempo Ballad #newsingerdiscovered 

Kim Woo Joo and his Piano-based Ballads never fail to please me. Here’s ‘The First Day We Met’! 

Loptimist teams with Teth, 지종환 for ‘Paranoia’ (의심병). Interesting Electronic mid-tempo Hip-Hop track..  The rapper…sounds like Choiza. O.O

Mostly taking part in OSTs, Balladeer Na Yun Kwon has stepped out with an official single, ‘If Only’. Why does he look so much like Kim Bum Soo? LOL. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to 1theK. 

Melancholy and a feeling of emptiness overcomes you through Ggot Jam’s low-tempo Acoustic Ballad OST ‘A Long Night Passes’. (And I thought it was a legitimate official Single.) 

Ha Dong Qn has an amazing ability to give emotional depth to a simple Piano Ballad in mini album <Word>. ‘Run’ (Original&Radio/shorter edit), which represents the album, is a low-tempo melancholic piece about break ups.  ‘Spaces In Between’ is a Brit-Pop Rock Ballad – sophisticated, vintage and raw. ‘Knots’ switches back to low-tempo Urban Ballad, and somewhat addicting.. ‘Freak Out’ is a mid-tempo Urban-rustic Acoustic-Rock Ballad. Ending on a high note is ‘What’, an edgy Hard Rock piece – surprising, and yet not. I knew Korea had a Ha Dong Qn, but I haven’t had the chance to actually explore his music. Now, I totally stan Ha Dong Qn. Along with his charismatic husky vocals, Ha’s range is just impressive – when he belts out, #Imagoner. To top things off, he’s cute he gives it his all for every single track – you can totally feel his passion for singing. (Doesn’t he look like a cross between actors Lee Jeong Jae and Yeon Jeong Hoon?) If the album did not speak to you, then Ha’s performance on <Immortal Songs 2> will. Yes, it will. 😛

Husky vocalist Suki (or lit. Suk Hee) is in her element for <Farewell Bottle>. First to warm you up is Modern Low-tempo Piano Ballad ‘Sleepless Night’. It should have an MV! 어제까지’ (Until Yesterday) is an Urban R&B Ballad featuring male Ballad duo GB9. (How funny that the guys are the ones with the higher pitch and Suki with her lower Husky tones. >.<) Veloce’s Rapper in-charge Shin Ji Hyeon joins Suki in mid-tempo Pop Ballad ‘I Drank’, a track which I felt didn’t come out strong. Finishing things off, the singer soldiers on alone with a typical OST-like low-tempo Ballad.

Along with Fresh Boyz, Swagger and 개박살, Whiteteez’s ‘Thumb’ is a fast-tempo electronic Hip-Hop Rap Dance track. Ugh why does it have to be so catchy and trashy at the same time!?

At 2 CDs worth of songs, <Redingray> promises to be an epic album by Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko. Where Hip-Hop Rap is the main genre of the 18-tracked release, other music types like RnB, Dance and Ballads come into play for ‘East’, ‘No Makeup’, ‘Silver Sonata’, ‘Hueng Hai’, ‘Festival Virgin’, ‘Rose’ and ‘Shame’. [‘Rhythm Is Life’ has been reviewed, so] Here’s the list of songs: ‘Passout’(ft Bumkey – Vintage mid-tempo Hip-Hop R&B. The way Bumkey starts  the track was very inviting. #k2nbroughtmehere), ‘Seoul Blues Part 3’(ft DD partner Choiza, DJ Soulscape, Lee Ju Han Of Winterplay – Vintage mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap.), ‘East’(fast-tempo Hip-Hop Dance. Legit addition to a club’s playlist.), ‘Chaser The Rapper Part 1’(fast-tempo Hip-Hop Rap…too fast that Gaeko chokes >.<), ‘Oh My God’(ft DJ Friz – Urban Hip-Hop Rap, with a cute hook.), Interlude (By Simo – Urban track. Even the interlude’s good.), ‘Silver Sonata’(ft Crush – low-tempo RnB Ballad with Hip-Hop styled beats. With Crush around, RnB is so sexy~), ‘Snapper Ending(ft Dok2; Original&remix- similar to ‘rhythm is life’; Feisty mid-tempo Hip-Hop Rap.), ‘Mr. Vengeance Part.2’(ft. DD’s Choiza, Yankee, Hangzoo, Geegooin – Edgy Vintage Hip-Hop Rap. Be warned of swears, both in English and Korean.), ‘Chaser The Rapper Part 2’(LOL. Significantly slower is the second part to the Hip-Hop Rap. And which speeds up halfway through. This has a little more vintage flavour here as compared to part 1), ‘Hueng Hai’(ft Ailee – Groovy mid-tempo Hip-Hop RnB Ballad. First track where Gaeko sings and Ailee raps instead!), ‘Festival virgin’(mid-tempo Hip-Hop Dance. Gaeko raps and sings here – WOW) and ‘Shame’(Mid-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad. Gaeko sings! Oh this is awesome.). And for the title tracks: ‘No Make Up ft Zion T & Ha:tfelt – Mid-tempo Hip-Hop R&B Ballad. As Seoulbeats explain, there is another meaning to having ‘no makeup’ in the context of a romantic relationship. If not obvious enough, most girls (and not just in Korea) would prefer to meet their other half when they are their prettiest. So in ‘No Makeup’’s case, it would be that the girl is using a ‘no makeup’ excuse not to meet the guy. And it’s not because she doesn’t want him to see her when she’s ‘ugly’. Rather, she doesn’t even want to see him at all, alluding to a failing relationship. (And I thought Zion T was singing ‘oppaga hwajang Jiweosseo’ which means oppa removed his makeup. LOL.) ‘Rose’ – Slick Hip-Hop-Jazz Ballad. This just shows how awesome Gaeko’s vocals are – did you guys see how he stunned the audience on <King of Mask Singer>?! The concept, though dark, still revolves around relationships. In ‘Rose’’s case, the girl actually loves the guy, but he’s too controlling. So she lets him do what he wants in the name of love – as seen by the way she closes her eyes whenever he’s around. Until one day, she totally gives up on her boyfriend and stops reacting/letting him do what he wants. That’s why she shuts off everything. And why the song’s entitled ‘Rose’ is probably Gaeko’s response to the girl. She doesn’t have to be the one compromising everything in the relationship. She needs to stand up for herself in such situations. …Is my opinion of the plot. What ‘bout yours?  On the whole, what else can I say other than ‘this album’s da bomb’. 

Sunny Side’s Rapper MJ enlists vocalists for his Rocketan Collabo . The mini-album is a mid-tempo collection of Urban and Rap/R&B Ballads. My favourite has to be ‘In An Empty Room’, featuring The Ray  and ‘Candy Boy’ featuring JC Ji Eun.  The remainder doesn’t disappoint – ‘As If Spring comes After Winter’ featuring Kim Na Yeong (Who ever doubts Kim??), ‘As If Nothing Happened’ featuring Kim Dong Hee(Whoa, MJ’s rap!)  and cute surprise ‘Don’t Reject Me’ featuring Gu In Hee and 친절한 현정C. (‘One Piece‘ was reviewed before in this link.)  Credits to MJ 써니사이드.

After ‘Paris’ and ‘Lovely Girl’, Crucial Star is back with his first full length album <Midnight>. For those who are new to his music, Crucial star takes an Urban Indie approach to his main genres – Hip-Hop & R&B – perhaps a result of his vocal range, but ultimately someone who makes the effort to put out good quality music. He may not be a bullet-speed rapper or have an unforgettable voice, but the talented artiste has no problems with Hip-Hop, RnB, Jazz or Ballads. Among the 13 goodies (excluding the pre-releases), ‘Midnight’(ft Taylor), ‘EXIT’, ‘Shop Selling Dreams’ (ft Bob James & Mayson The Soul), ‘Fire’, ‘Sweet Life’ (ft Konsoul) and ‘I’m The One’ are highly recommended. But of course, do listen to the entire album, because you won’t regret it. He gives me the image of an introverted Hip-Hop artiste with those gentle, soft vocals…LOL. (‘I’m The One’ totally crushed that image though – I THOUGHT HE WAS A GOOD BOY. LOL)

And another Ballad singer hits the scene with <HIM>. Cho Hyeong Woo’s sweet, high-pitched vocals are great for Ballads, heavy or sweet. ‘꽃을 피우는 마음으로’ is a low-tempo Piano Ballad, perfect for a 30s/40s war film or a slow-moving indie house melodrama film. Or just having a slow but peaceful day out~ (Surprised he wrote and composed this!) Title track ‘아는 남자’, which features Kim Ye Rim, is a mid-tempo Latin Pop Ballad. A creepy MV didn’t seem likely for the whimsical track.. Opposite to the song title’s meaning, low-tempo Jazz-Piano Ballad ‘천국이죠’ (It’s Heaven/Paradise), expresses one’s wish of going back together. Aww, there there.. End the mini refreshingly with ‘어느 날 문득’, a Retro/ 70s mid-tempo Pop. Lightly catchy and charming in an..old fashioned way 😛 [‘Rain On Me’ was covered in the previous post :)] 

Kim Yong Jin engages with his fast-tempo Rock-Pop for fusion Sageuk <Three Musketeers>. It’s been some time since I came across something like ‘Knife’(?). 

Gummy sings a Wheesung-produced low-tempo Ballad ‘Nowhere To Go’. And that is how you sing Ballads! Other source: k2nblog 

Lil Cham’s ‘Dangerous’ is another of her chill Electronic low-tempo Hip-Hop Raps, featuring Verbal Jint and Jeon Gun. Well, Verbal Jint – need I persuade you any further? 

20 Years of Age (Name:Hwang Sae Yeon) will melt you with his sweetly husky, warm vocals in his low-tempo Acoustic Ballad album. I can just picture him playing the guitar beside a cosy fireplace, in the dead of the winter, singing the frost away~  More on the romantic singer here: YOUTUBE LINK Credits to CultureM 컬쳐엠

Dok2’s piano remix, with Chang Mo, of the mid-tempo Hip-Hop original is out!  Original ft Jay Park: here Credits to c5uck7

Under the stage name of ICON, No Min Woo sings a low-tempo Acoustic Ballad, ideal for the Autumn season~

Kpop Star 3’s coed duo Choi Rin and Lee Hae Yong debut under the name of Almeng. Specialising in R&B and Ballads, Choi Rin takes charge of rap and vocals while Hae Yong focuses on vocals! Without further ado, Almeng’s <CompoSing Of Love>: Dangg, even their intro is awesome. And they had to debut around the same time as their more well-known seonbaes!! 

The young siblings from YG take over the charts with the release of their low-tempo Acoustic-Violin backed Ballad. Soothing, yet bittersweet, one that compliments the Autumn mood. Like their album, ‘Time And Leaves’ is another mature product by Chan Hyeok and Su Hyeon. They should have shot an MV for this!

JQ and Han Soa reveal part 2 to their Black & White story. The MV for the low-tempo Rap & R&B is NOT FOR THE CONSERVATIVE OR TEENAGERS AND YOUNGER. …Should I have said that…? :O 

Contrary to her nickname, Lena Park puts out Ballads this single. My favourite is ‘Sweet’ (oh it so is), low-tempo Acoustic Rap Ballad, featuring Verbal Jint. Ahh, so lovely~ FYI: Byeon Woo Seok casts as the male lead in this MV – your welcome. 😛 I wonder who’s the female model… …ah who am I kidding. Hee! 

Male soloist Owl’s ‘Follow Up’ is a mid-tempo R&B Dance. WHO IS HE?! (Stage name lesson to note: Please don’t create one like that. Or all I will be seeing in my search results are animals, animes, etc..) 


Coming from the same company as MBLAQ, Hip-Hop group Madtown debuts with <YOLO>. My top picks would include mid-tempo Hip-Hop Dance ‘What’s Your Number’ and mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad ‘Stunning’. For some strange reason, I was really excited for Madtown’s debut. I was hoping they killed it for me. But <YOLO> wasn’t as strong as I wanted to..though I find myself watching MOOS Madtown dancing to the ‘Yolo’ choreo over and over again….  I hope they surprise me for their next release – they’ve got a good balance of legit rappers and beautiful vocals! CREDITS TO Nicknack K-POP SHOP & other sources: k2nblog  

After School’s Raina makes her solo debut! I actually preferred her mid-tempo R&B Dance ‘Repertory’ to mid-tempo RnB title ‘You End, And Me’. Other source: k2nblog 

Jeong Dong Ha ‘begin’s his solo career after leaving Rock band Boo Hwal. An album including mostly Rock Ballads. Although I always say I wish for Ballad artistes to venture into other genres, I actually prefer Jeong in slow Ballads. I recommend ‘Falling, Falling’ and ‘She Got’ the most, followed by ‘If I’ (both versions), ‘Away’ and ‘Lonely’.

Is this a first? Huh Gak and Simon D(ominic) collaborate for mid-tempo Hip-Hop Ballad ‘Day N Night’. I think the two should pair up more – their rap and vocals complement each other. 

RnB Ballad duo AiRi deserve more support for their mid-tempo Ballad ‘Please My Love’. Though I’m not a big fan of the song they are singing, they are definitely worth your time. Looking forward to their next piece! 

Light, simple and fresh, female vocal trio Gioielli’s single includes mid-tempo Bossa Nova Ballad ‘I Will Tell You Then’ and light, carefree mid-tempo Pop Ballad ‘Fantasy Lover’. ..There are quite a number of unfamiliar names this time round, but I hope they don’t fade into obscurity! 

Two-member Rock band TOXIC electrifies with their mini-album. Rock-Pop ‘Dejavu’ was, imho, the best track of <Time>. Credits to PARK_MUMBLESTASH02.

Hip-Hop trio Lip Service’s ‘Puppy Love’ is an early 2000s mid-tempo R&B-Pop Ballad. And it puts one in a good mood, and it’s got a melody structure close to Tamia’s ‘Officially Missing You’. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to PARK_MUMBLESTASH02

Lee Ye Jun adds 3 songs, of which have already been reviewed in an older post, to her previous mini-album, making <Farewell. The End> a six-pieced mini. Among the new tracks, my favourite’s got to be the duet with Shin Yong Jae ‘Promise’. I’m actually a fan of Lee and I have to admit she’s got vocals that suit bittersweet Ballads. But why not R&B and Jazz too? 

VIXX takes upon another supernatural concept for their second mini-album. The song I just couldn’t say no to is ‘Youth Hurts’, a really pretty low-tempo Vintage-styled Acoustic Urban Ballad. Nostalgic and bittersweet; The falsettos carried that sentiments perfectly. Credits to VIXX Music for Starlights & Other source: k2nblog

Han All collaborates with Seong Hyeon for a Jazzy Indie Ballad.  If I’m not wrong, Seong Hyeon has released a single back in July – check that out here.

Yu Seung Woo and Tarin pair up for low-tempo Acoustic Ballad ‘You And You’

Song Ji Eun explores the happier side of love as she turns <25>. It’s quite a surprise that ‘25’ is Song’s first Dance piece – the bright R&B Dance track seemed so natural too.  (The rap hook was catchy~) A decent mini-album by the Secret member. Trivia: The girl group member composed ‘Star’! [Check out the review of ‘Don’t Look At Me’ here!]  Other source: k2nblog

If Rock is your kind of music, why not Riaa? Although I found their album art to be horrifying…, the Gothic Rock band promises strong vocals and reasonably good Modern Rock music. 🙂 Source: k2nblog

Maeng Yuna (Kikikuna) goes back in time with their Retro-themed album. I strongly recommend ‘Let’s Dance’ Mid-tempo Retro pop. Ohh, nice low husky vocals for this groovy treat.), ‘Paradise’ (ft Trio’s Yun Seok Cheol; Retro low-tempo Piano Jazz Ballad. Sounds like a Japanese Ballad for a contemplative drama at the countryside. …One wonders why my imaginations are so specific… It’s instrumental sounds like those classical music that ends the show. LOL.), ‘Luv’ (Low tempo Piano Ballad – Soothing~ *Couldn’t find on Youtube*) and ‘Don’t Ask’ (Remastered; Mid-tempo Piano Pop Ballad with deep Bass beats.) I wasn’t expecting much, but I was caught by surprise. There’s a delicate, pastel-y(?) touch to the Vintage tracks that makes you feel like time you are watching an old drama.   Credits to Kpopwars Channel Album 3

Urbanspace’s ‘I Hate Seoul’ is an Urban R&B Soul.(Do turn up the volume…And lower it after!)

Difference artistes come together for Musical <Chrysanthemum Fragrance>’s low-tempo Ballad OST album. The musical’s gonna be a tearjerker T.T YOUTUBE LINK Credits to EightySix OST Oktober.

Song Ha Ye’s adorable vocals will make you feel cozy in her mid-tempo Ballad Pop ‘Jealousy’ OST

Crayon Pop’s twins ChoA and Way make their first foray as a duo for their <First Mini-Album> under Strawberry Milk. My takeaway is low-tempo Urban Ballad ‘Hello’. Admittedly, the Ballad is nothing out of the ordinary. But I find that this song gives another side to the girls. 🙂 Other source: k2nblog 

Girls’ Day turns in a matured performance for Ballad-ful <I Miss You> in this round’s EP. Also in the album are previously released ‘Look At Me’, ‘Show U’, ‘I Don’t Mind’ and ‘White Day’ – and why? Not that there’s anything wrong with the songs, but weren’t they already listed in other mini albums before? Other source: k2nblog 

From the standard Ballads to a Jazzy Indie Ballad, Kwon brothers wish to win you over with their husky voices in their 3-tracked Ballad single. I’m liking their singing, not so much their song choices. ‘Dream, Road’ (ft Jae Ho) is my favourite from their single. 🙂 Credits to metoday.

Fans of Pop will welcome DGNA back in the quintet’s high-energy Pop Dubstep-Dance ‘Rilla Go’. The concept does boast some…creativity, but I thought song wise, ‘Rille Go’ was wildly engaging. And it showed off the group’s vocal prowess! 

Featuring Zioban(..Jioban??…OHH G-URBAN!)’s Hong Hyeok Su, Tako and J Hyeong show their delicate sides in groovy mid-tempo Latin Acoustic Hip-Hop Rap Pop Ballad, ‘Just Drink A Little..’.  Been trying to find out more about Zioban G-URBAN, and there’s actually two of them – Hong and Na Kyeong Won. LINK 1 LINK 2

2Soo and Jin Won collaborate for emotional low-tempo Ballad ‘If I Love Again’. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Favorite Music.

Seo In Yeong and Zion.T duet for mid-tempo Electronic-Funk R&B-Pop Ballad. Lightly catchy to send the blues away~ Other source: k2nblog

JL stuns with her strong vocals in <My Spring Days> OST ‘Rain Tears’. A product out of Dr Ian’s, the mid-tempo Acoustic Pop Ballad starts out soothing and casual – just wait till you get to the chorus. >.< When is her next single?? 

G Brown sings a Ballad for <My Lovely Girl>. I’m melting >.< 

Mid-tempo R&B dominates Beast’s special album. You can expect ear-friendly R&B Ballads, Dance and Acoustic tracks from the boys’ <Time>. Congrats on the All Kill~

98er <The Voice Kids Korea> winner Kim Myeong Ju shows potential with her deep husky tones in mid-tempo R&B ‘Finally Goodbye’ featuring Phantom’s Han Hae

Ji Seok Jin and Club Soul sing a low-tempo Ballad for <There’s A Cat> OST! OMG it’s RM’s Big Nose Hyeongnim! Not bad ay?

Female ballad soloist The Daisy returns with ‘Speaking Through Eyes’. Beautiful falsettos and she sang it so naturally too! Why does this sound like an OST? YOUTUBE LINK Credits to K – I n d i e ♡ M u s i c ♬ S t a t i o n II

Im Ji Hyeon, STi and Ultima puts a smile on your face with uplifting mid-tempo Rap-Pop Ballad ‘Bibimmyeon’.

Dear Cloud’s ‘Liar’ is a 90s Pop-Dance Ballad for <Liar Game>. Having read the original manga, this sounds like the bgm where the leads finally figure out the game strategy or when there are happy endings.. 

Jo Hang Jo sings an interesting R&B-Trot Soul track for <The Greatest Marriage>! Haha, this was quite a treat – and this is saying a lot for someone who’s not a trot fan. 

Gogoboys will delight Indie Rock fans with their <Happy> tracks. I’m not kidding, they have a flair for vacation-type relaxing, lightly addicting Indie-Rock Ballads. I confess. I don’t have a big thing for their music as they can be lacking in a (me-defined) satisfying chorus. But it’s not like I dislike the songs too – I did find a favourite! That’s mid-tempo Indie Ballad, ‘Howling’. 🙂

Midnight Lamp’s ‘Thinking Of You’ is a mellow mid-tempo Acoustic Ballad featuring Dan Bi. Nostalgic~ 

Bunnies and a lion Old school Hip-Hop Dance takes over Topp Dogg in ‘new jack swing themed’ ‘Annie’. Not feeling the track right now, but I could really get used to it after a couple more tries. Ooh and bunnies! MV was fun, creative and colourful! Now I just need the dance version.. 

Soso’s ‘Moment’ is a mid-tempo Acoustic-Piano Ballad Pop. I sort of wished her single was something more impactful than ‘Moment’. With the kind of voice she possesses, she should be able to handle something more challenging.


Glen Check [Electronic-Pop] – French Virgin Party & Battaile Credits to soundholicENT

Iron and his Hip-Hop Rap mixtapes – My favourites are ‘Psycho’, ‘Kimchi Woman’, ‘No Brake’ (ft Supreme Boi, Marvel J).

Lessang ft Rado & AliDead Phone [low-tempo Hip-Hop RnB] Credits to 4chanisfunny’s channel.

Park Jin Yeong (JYP) – ‘Behind You’ [low-tempo Ballad] (<Feelings> OST – OMG THIS WAS SO LONG AGO. But still a classic~) 

CHEEZE – Balloon [low-tempo Electronic Hip-Hop styled Ballad – beautiful],

조별과제‘ [Lightly catchy hushed Indie Ballad with R&B&Jazz that reminds me of Ra.D’s style]‘Ticket’ [mid-tempo 90s-styled Ballad] , ‘Work Has Ended’ [mid-tempo Jazz R&B]  & ‘Come Back Safely‘ [Soothing mid-tempo Jazz Ballad]


It’s rare that girl groups – especially Pop ones – experiment with club music. But T-ara has gone as far as to release a full remix album of their EDM track ‘Sugarfree’,  including both English and Korean versions of the song. Other souces: k2nblog 1 | 2

Red Velvet modernises their senior’s 90s Hip-Hop RnB ‘Be Natural’ for their comeback, featuring SR14B’s Tae Yong. Can’t deny the girls did a good job on the remake. Especially that dance choreography – dangggg. Other source: k2nblog 

Madtown’s Lee Geon has done a splendid cover of Na’s Ballad (above), and I thought the song suited the boyband member’s vocals more. >.<

Superstar K6:

Duet: Superstar K6 contestants Kim Feel (or Pil) and Kwak Jin On sing their version of ‘You Don’t Have To Worry’. Aww, the feels. (This is like K4’s Roy and JJY all over again.) 

Individual Performances Part 1 by: Haena, Lee Jun Hee, Brian Park (dat chorus >.<), Kwak Jin Eon and Kim Feel! Credits to kkk8000, Mnet K-POP, Ryeong Lee 

Individual Performances Part 2 by: Im Do Hyeok, Lee Jun Hee, Kim Feel Credits to Mnet K-POP, CJENMUSIC OFFICIAL, Event Horizon.

And Yu Jae Seok‘s apology for MBC’s Variety show <Infinity Challenge> broadcast error: 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!


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