Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [24th – 26th Oct 2014]

08 Feb

Here’s my first music post of the new year and I hope the momentum carries me along with it.Yeah that’s how things roll here..


Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK #1, LINK #2

And here is my pick for the week(end)!

The good

The drear cold of Autumn, and the warm, empathy of Ballads. As Autumn finds its way to Korea, Ballads dominate the country’s October music releases.

#1. New Champ <4 Da Lady>

The rapper sure knows how to choose his vocalists~

Track 01.   Sexy Low-tempo Rap R&B Ballad – ‘I Already Knew’ (ft. Ji Hee Pil)

Track 02.   Sweet Low-tempo Urban R&B Rap Ballad – ‘Goodnight’ (ft Phantom’s Sanchez)

#2. Ripply <5 Minutes>

Fall in love with Ripply through his smooth mid-tempo Neo-Soul R&B release. If you thought <5minutes> wasn’t enough, then have a go at his sexy <Poker Face>

#3. S <Autumn Breeze>

Our 90s SME oppas Lee Ji Hoon (Solo singer and now an actor), Kangta(H.O.T member) & Shin Hye Seong(Shin Hwa member) find their way back into our hearts in 2014. At first, the three seemed random. Then I got blown away by <Autumn Breeze>. Their technique, the nostalgia, the rich, smooth harmony of their voices, made for a truly beautiful album. #whydidn’ttheydothisearlier #comebackmaterial

Track 02.   Dramatic Low-tempo Orchestra-backed Ballad – ‘One Last Memory’  

Track 03.   Should-have-been title track ‘Utopia’ isn’t just a spirited Urban Pop Ballad, but a bromantic, and spirited Urban Pop Ballad. Love the song, but adore the camaraderie more.

Track 04.   Low-tempo Orchestra-backed Ballad – ‘One Fine Day’ #breakupplaylist

Track 05.   Low-tempo Orchestra-backed Ballad – ‘Secret Letter’  #breakupplaylist

#4. Letter Flow <Truth> 

If the truth hurts, then the sentimental low-tempo Urban-Piano Ballad will break your heart. 

#5. 2AM <Let’s Talk>

I admit I was never one of those, who for the most part enjoyed their effortless Ballads. But this time round, I’m left tongue-tied. Excellent Ballad album, when the members are together and on their own. Congrats on their win!

[Together as 2am]

Track 01.   Carol-esque warm A capella intro – ‘To. AM’ #ohtheharmony

Track 02.   Bittersweet mid-tempo Urban Ballad pre-release – ‘Days Like This

Track 03.   Dramatic Urban Piano Ballad – ‘Over The Destiny’ #dramaostmaterial #yoonpark

Track 04.   Low-tempo Urban-Blues Ballad – ‘Happy end’ (Aww, why so ironic?) #breakupplaylist

Track 05.   Understated low-tempo Urban-Jazz Ballad – ‘Realised’

Track 06.   Light-hearted mid-tempo Pop Ballad – ‘Talking About My Love’

Track 07.   Uplifting mid-tempo Urban Latin-Acoustic-Pop Ballad – ‘All Right’

Track 08.   Low-tempo Urban Blues Ballad – ‘The Day We Broke Up’ (Seul Ong should’ve had more lines!!)

Track 09.   Vintage low-tempo Urban Jazz Ballad – ‘I Know’ (Feels like the last dance before the break up…)


Track 10.   Sweet mid-tempo Urban Pop Ballad – Changmin’s ‘I Choose You’

Track 11.   (One and only) Fast-tempo EDM – Jo Kwon’s ‘Dance’ (Well, wasn’t this expected of Kwonnie? HAHA. It’s a wonder how his sweet vocals can own both Ballads and EDM. …Doesn’t this remind you of Lady Gaga’s music?)

Track 12.   Low-tempo Acoustic Rock Blues Ballad – Jin Woon’s ‘Prepare’

Track 13.   Sensual, groovy Low-tempo Jazz R&B Ballad Seul Ong’s ‘Loveskin’ #scandalouslyawesome #myfavsolo

[Back as 2am]

Track 14.   Warm 90s low-tempo Ballad – ‘Think Of Me’ 

The Decent

Hi. Ni <Clutchbag>

Hi.Ni is practically a new name to me (or is she really?). As opposed to her gimmicky k-pop wannabe ‘Clutchbag’, the strong vocalist proves she’s more than just that through her mini-album. 

Track 01.   Mid-tempo Urban Ballad – ‘End of The World’

Track 02.   Autotune low-tempo Electronica Pop Ballad – ‘Pi’

Track 03.   Mainstream mid-tempo catchy K-Pop – ‘Clutch Bag’

Track 04.   Mid-tempo Electronica Pop Ballad – ‘Queen’

Track 05.   Upbeat Electronica Dance Ballad – ‘The Way To Move The World’

Track 06.   Sci-fi flick OST-like Mid-tempo Urban Ballad – ‘Bitter Sweet Revenge’

Track 07.   Standard low-tempo Ballad with Electronic elements – ‘Stopping’


The Postmen plans dates in mid-tempo Pop Ballad ‘Should We Have Coffee’ 


#1. Epik High & Lee Hi (replacing Rollercoaster’s Jo Wan Seon) – ‘Happen Ending‘.

Oh, how much I missed Lee Hi’s deep, groovy vocals. #bringbackleehi #ygpapalastwarning

#2. UNIQ – ‘Born To Fight

TMNT might have been a joke, but the Electronic Grunge Rock Rap Pop was pretty awesome. So yes, I wasn’t really expecting a lot since the boy weren’t promoted much. But given the right songs, the quintet is everything a boy group needs. 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

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