Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [27th Oct – 2nd Nov 2014]

05 Mar

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK #1, LINK #2

SO MANY music releases this week. >.<

The Good

#1. Rainstone (a.k.a JYP US SVP) produces <Rainstorm> (known for producing WG’s ‘Nobody’) 

Electronic mid-tempo Dubstep Hip-Hop-Rap R&B – ‘Rainstorm’ by Brian Mcknight, San E & Verbal Jint [Dopely unexpected]

#2. Postmen delivers their emotions through Low-tempo Ballad <Tears Or>

Their high pitch singing always makes me weak. >.< And there only seems to be the teaser on youtube. :/

#3. As One’s low-tempo R&B <For The Night> Credits to k2nblog  #whenthemvcreatesmoretalkthanthesong #troyjaewoong


#4. Jun. K shows support for Chan Seong’s <Red Carpet> through Low-tempo Ballad ‘Come Back’. Poignant and heartfelt.

#5. Hotshot <Take A Shot> in a season like Autumn with their Hip-Hop Dance debut. Credits to k2nblog *cough-Yoonsan&Sungwoon-cough* 

#6. Crush’s <Sofa> …or <So Far> Credits to k2nblog

Classic low-tempo Urban R&B Ballad

And a bonus cover by BTS’s Jeong Guk 

#7. The Suite <The Sweetest Thing>

His smooth honey vocals are making me think naughty. #somebodystopme

Track 01.   Sexy mid-tempo Jazz R&B – ‘Lady’ (I can totally envision a club scene if it had an MV..)

Track 02.   Low-tempo R&B Ballad – ‘Drunk’

Track 03.   Sensual Low-tempo Bass RnB – ‘Not Pretty’

Track 04.   Light Hip-Hop styled RnB – ‘Sweetest Thing’ (And I thought this would be a ballad for sure)

Track 05.   Low-tempo Piano-based R&B Ballad – ‘사람들이 말하길’ And he sounds betters live! 

Sadly, the full album isn’t available on youtube.. 😦 

#8. Baek Ye Rin (15& member not) projects elegance in her <Secret Door> OST

Grand low-tempo Ballad – ‘Nameless Flower’ Is she a gukak(traditional korea) singer?

#9. Yun Hyeon Sang’s dreamy <Pianoforte> .Credits to k2nblog.

The K-Pop Star alumni will have you falling head over heels with his lovely sweet vocals and his piano-aided Ballads. It almost feels like we are in a bamboo forest in Autumn, enjoying the breeze as it touches our skin. And guess what – he singlehandedly composed, wrote, arranged and sang this piece of art.

Track 01.   Low-tempo Piano Ballad – ‘I’ll Be By Your Side Forever’. [Gentle & warm, pure & innocent]

Track 02.   Low-tempo Piano Ballad duet – ‘When Would It Be’ (ft IU) [Delicate, melancholic and dreamy] 

Track 03.   Upbeat Jazz Acoustic Ballad – ‘Love At A Difficult Place’ [Lightly romantic, like a performance at a beach]

Track 04.   Low-tempo Jazz-Waltz Ballad – October: The 27th Night’ [Like a ballroom dance track or #cinderellatrack Graceful and grand at the same time]

Track 05.   Light Low-tempo Jazz-Folk Ballad – ‘Tonight’ [Quaintly romantic]

Track 06.   Low-tempo Piano-based Ballad – ‘Everywhere In My Room [Aww, the poor dear]

#10. Icycider have rock onnn in <수상한 콜라보 Part.1- 전학생은 외계인>

Mid-tempo Electronic Rock – ‘짱가 (짱의 노래)’

#11. MC Mong <Miss Me or Diss Me>. Credits to k2nblog

The only reaction for the album name: What an apt title for his comeback. LOL. But I guess the majority misses him. This monkey sure knows how to choose his vocalists.

Track 02.         Haunting Mid-tempo Rap Soul with a funk-hiphop bass instrumental – ‘Miss Me or Diss Me’ ft Mad Soul Child’s Jin Shil 

Track 03.         Orchestra backed low-tempo Soul-Rap Ballad – ‘Be Strong’ ft Ailee

Track 04.         Mid-tempo 90s retro Ballad with Hip-Hop Rap – ‘New York’ ft Baek Ji Yeong [Sounds like the gatsby ost…]

Track 06.         Low-tempo Hip-Hop styled Ballad – ‘Faulty Fan’ ft Hyo Rin and Gary (Hyo Rin completes this track. <3)

Track 08.         Mid-tempo Rap R&B-Pop – ‘Scandal’ ft The Channels (A half of Duble Sidekick, and a former One Way member. His voice, is da bomb.) 

Track 09/10.    Mid-tempo 90s R&B-Pop Ballad – ‘Sick To The Death part 2’ ft Sweden Laundry

Track 11.         Mid-tempo Rap-Pop – ‘Whatever’ ft Girls’ Day Minah

Track 12.         Vintage Mid-tempo Latin-Jazz Pop Ballad – ‘My Love’ ft Seong Yu Jin

Track 13.         Slower version of the original, a low-tempo R&B Ballad – ‘ER’ ft The Channels (DMTN was under MC Mong’s care & this is his cover!)

Say what you will, but this was a standout release! 

#12. Han Hee Jeong sings for <Misaeng>

Have you felt so exhausted or down after a day’s work? Han’s OST is one that feels so drear and blue, it actually seems to understand and comfort you. Low-tempo Jazz&Blues Ballad – ‘Tomorrow’ 

The Decent

#1. Shinee’s Jong Hyeon brings on the charm for <Birth Of A Beauty>. Credits to k2nblog.

Expectations: Low-tempo Ballad. Reality: ‘She’ was a fun and cute Dance-Pop Ballad.  🙂

#2. Baek Chung Gang and Kim Green duet in low-tempo vintage Latin Ballad ‘My Love Love’.

How befitting for an 80s melodrama. Baek Chung Gang is a fine singer – he’s got that Jo Seong Mo thing going on – but I did think the track suited Kim Green’s husky vocals more though.. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to MOON_MUMBLESTASH05

#3. Husky vocalist Kyeon Woo sings for <Liar Game>.

Low-tempo Urban Rock&Blues Piano Ballad – He sounded so similar to Park Hyo Shin… 


#4. Swings <Vol 3: Vintage Swings>YOUTUBE LINK Credits to MOON_MUMBLESTASH05

Track 03.   Playful mid-tempo Hip-Hop – ‘OK?’ (ft. Blacknut and Giriboy) [My fav! This is so giriboy, it sounds like Swings is a feature..] 

Track 04.   Low-tempo Rap& Blues Ballad – ‘Reply 2014’

Track 05.   Mature mid-tempo Urban Hip-Hop Ballad – ‘Support Me 2014’ (ft. Kim Na Yeong)

Track 09.   Intense Hip-Hop Rap outro – ‘I’m Gonna Win This’ #olympicsost

#5. Suju-M’s Zhou Mi <Rewind>  Credits to k2nblog

There’s no doubt Zhoumi can sing. But for a debut – and for a chinese member’s solo at that in Korea – the only thing <Rewind> tells us is that Zhoumi can sing, and he fares finely in Ballads. But first impressions never last. So I’m looking forward to what’s next. YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Nicknack K-POP SHOP

Mid-tempo Electronic-Dance R&B – ‘Colourblind (Why)’

Low-tempo Vintage Ballad – ‘Lovesick (One person’s loneliness)’

#6. Ali <Turning Point>

Emotional Low-tempo Ballad – ‘Songs Don’t Lie’ [Typical, but Ali’s steady voice is all that matters.] 

#7. SNSD’s Soo Yeong sings for her drama <My Spring Days>

Low-tempo Ballad OST – ‘Wind Flowers’ [Why does this sound so close to Taeyeon’s ‘If’] YOUTUBE LINK Credits to Blacx latte. 

#8. Standing Egg’s male vocalist <Caught In My Heart>

Low-tempo Acoustic Ballad – ‘Caught In My Heart’ [Relaxing weekend/travel playlist]

#9. Yun Hyeong Ryeol sings a thriller OST for <Bad Guys> OST

Mid-tempo 90s Rock Pop – ‘Break Up’ [This sounds so much like a <Slingshot> OST because of its mid-tempo 90s sound. I think it would be better if it was clearer and all out Rock.] 

#10. H-Eugene <진짜명품 (인생의 진리)

I have not been posting similar tracks but I just couldn’t resist – WHO IS THAT FEATURED VOCALIST? This was too enjoyable for my own good.


Baek Chung Gang mesmerises and confuses in <King Of Masked Singer>. It was feminine and graceful, yet sorrowful at the same time. Not to mention, the original singer of ‘Fixed Makeup’ was WAX and he was wearing an old-fashioned bridal gown! 

And one video led to the next: Lee Jeong’s performance of Kim Kyeong Ho’s ‘People Who Made Me Sad’. Just, wow. 


[Superstar K6 ‘Seo-Taiji’ themed week]  Top 11 Part 3

Kim FeelSeo Taiji’s ‘T’ikT’ak’ [Urban Rock Ballad – gosh my favourite!] 

Kwak Jin Eon – Seo Taiji’s ‘Sogyeokdong’ [low-tempo Vintage Ballad – there’s something distant and nostalgic about the way he sings. Soulful, yet mature.] 

Jang Woo Ram – Seo taiji’s ‘Erase You’ [fast-tempo Groovy Rock-Pop Ballad take] YOUTUBE LINK Credits to joonghyuni

[Superstar K6] Top 11 Part 4

Kwak Jin Eon – Lee Mun Sae’s ‘Old Love’ [Low-tempo sentimental Ballad

I haven’t really been much of a fan of Kwak or of the choice of songs he sang on Superstar K6 so far. And I never quite got the hype surrounding him – why the applause was always louder, why the judges were always in awe of whatever he performed, why when all he’s singing are Ballads with his dang low voice. But through this song, I think I finally realised what he can do. He has the maturity, the emotional depth (and a really low voice) to carry through something so deep, so vintage, so mellow, so poignant yet so bittersweet. And if he ever wins your heart, it’s by singing a Ballad that’s going to tear you into pieces. 


Hye Ryeong finds ‘Three Ways To Endure The Sorrow’ again in 2014, this time featuring Din Din. To be honest, I actually preferred the original.  

Low-tempo 90s Latin-Pop R&B original Vs Low-tempo Urban R&B Ballad Credits to MOON_MUMBLESTASH05

Some time ago, Shin Hye Seong and Lyn sang ‘After Love’ for <Winter Tale>. Still considered a beautiful duet in this age. Remake link.


[Immortal Song 2] Trot Special 

I can’t choose a favourite!

Low-tempo Trot-Rock Ballad – Kim Jong Seo’s ‘허공’ (Empty) (Wow, his voice! And he was an ex Boohwal vocalist!)) 

Low-tempo Trot Ballad – VOS & SoReal’s ‘In Despair’ (Vocally strong for such an intense cover. SoReal’s Seong Ho<3 (Second singer from right) 

Low-tempo Opera Ballad – Im Tae Kyeong & Paul Potts’s ‘Love’ (Was this a Trot track? Omg, this sounds so legit and epic! #collaborationmaterial) 

Low-tempo Rock Ballad – Boohwal’s ‘Hot Goodbye’ (Dang, Boohwal’s got their hands on a premium lead vocalist in Kim Dong Myeong.) 

[Immortal Song 2] Folk Ballad Special

Low-tempo sorrowful Vintage Ballad rendition – Sonnet Son’s ‘Lantern’ 

Low-tempo Vintage Ballad Ben – ‘Through Love’ 

Low-tempo Soft Rock rendition – Ali’s ‘Old Love’

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!


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