Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [3rd Nov – 9th Nov 2014]

23 Apr

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK #1LINK #2

SO MANY music releases this week. >.<


#1.  Mate <End Of The World> Other sources: K2NBLOG

As Autumn reaches its peak, the rock band’s album takes all of its songs along the broken hearted route.

Track 01. ‘The End’ (Homage to Kashmir) – Alt-Rock instrumental that gets pretty intense in the second half, transforming even into Grunge Rock at one point. (Sounds like a thrilling movie OST..)

Track 02. ‘One Day’ – Melancholic/Blues Rock Ballad. That belting out >.< 

Track 03. ‘You Came To My Mind’ – The warm mid-tempo Urban Jazz Ballad musically describes that fuzzy, romantic feeling when thinking of his/her lover. 

Track 04. ‘India’ – Atmospheric Orchestra-backed low-tempo Blues Rock Ballad. A deep, nostalgic, sweeping romance novel and a cup of coffee, thank you!

Track 05. ‘희생’ – Vintage low-tempo Blues Ballad. Perfect for a wistful romance film. The innocent love of yesteryears~

Track 06. ‘Baby’ – LINK

There’s no argument here. Mate is one of the best Rock (&Blues) Bands around. MV actor: Ju Eo Jin, your welcome.

#2. Yella Diamond <You’re The Only One>

Mid-tempo Urban Hip-Hop single 

#3. Youme lends her voice for <The Three Musketeers> OST

Elegance and beauty sum up this Oriental Period Ballad perfectly. 

#4. Check Donutman’s swagger out in <Welcome To The Game>

Chill, Mid-tempo Urban Hip-Hop – ‘Welcome To The Game’ and ‘‘데려갈게’(ft The Quiett)

#5. Sentimental Scenery <The Promise> 

Soothing Low-tempo Blues Ballad

Sigh, Ju Eo Jin. He can channel the sad, listless puppy look so well. (Did Pastel Music hire him as their permanent MV actor?)

#6. Yang Hee Eun <뜻밖의 만남…두 번째> 

Her impressive vocal range gives ‘Flower Vase’ a deep, nostalgic Vintage flavour made even bittersweet with Lee Jeok’s piano accompaniment. MV was perfectly slow and contemplative.  Actor Yun Jong Hoon’s been in several series now (<Misaeng>, <Another Ms Oh> to name a few), typically as calafare/supporting characters. He usually portrays jackasses, and yet is still SO charming at it. #babyfacebadboy Yikes, the song review is shorter than YJH’s trivia. >.<

#7. Zico <Tough Cookie> Other sources: K2NBLOG YOUTUBE LINK

Hip-Hop track so edgy that Don Mills stood out more than Zico. #fridaymojotoughcookie I do understand that Hip-Hop has it roots stemming from aggression and the need to speak out, but swear words, they just don’t cut it for me. Congrats to the achievement though! On a side note, Zico rocks that purplish short crop so well! >.< And Don Mills, nah that body ain’t right yet. XP  

#8. Filipino-American Jeff Bernat <Make It Official>

Mid-tempo RnB single featuring beats by ScaryP and rap by Crucial Star

Irresistibly sweet!

#9. <My Lovely Girl> OST 2 CDs worth~

CD 1

Track 02. Loco & Mamamoo’s ‘This Song’ – LINK

Track 05. Alex’s never-fail sugary sweet Mid-tempo Urban Ballad – ‘I Want To Love You’

Track 06. (& CD 2 – 0.4) Rania’s Joo Yi & In4mal’s Quick-tempo RnB Pop Ballad – ‘Pray’

Track 08. Gavy NJ’s ‘Rewing’ – LINK

CD 2

Track 02. G Brown’s ‘My Lovely Girl’ – LINK

Track 06. Hani & Baek Jong Yun’s beautiful Low-tempo Ballad duet – ‘Kiss Me’

Tracks like N-Sonic’s ‘I Miss You’, Halo’s ‘Super Stiction’ and Fiestar’s ‘So Tight’ were not too bad as well!

#10. Urban Zakapa [Volume <04>]

Track 01. Lullaby-like Low-tempo Urban Ballad – ‘Consolation’

Track 02. Low-tempo Urban Ballad – ‘Self-Hatred’

Track 04. Jazzy, Romantic low/mid-tempo Piano Ballad ‘Everyday Everyday Everyday’ #dinnerdateost

Track 05. Mid-tempo Groove-Jazz Ballad – ‘Play’ (A little playful, a little sensual~)

Track 06. ‘Like A Bird’ – LINK

Track 07. Atmospheric Low-tempo Rock Ballad – ‘Star’

Track 08. Low-tempo Urban-Soul & Blues Ballad – ‘The Way To Let Me Go’

Track 09. Warm Low-tempo Classical Ballad – ‘The Day I Became An Adult’

#11. Choi Baek Ho sings for <This Is Family> OST YOUTUBE LINK

Immensely heavy Folk Ballad OST, but one with grandiose and gravitas of the past.


#1. Child actress Kim Yu Jeong sings for web drama <Love Cell> OST Other source: K2NBLOG YOUTUBE LINK

Soothing 90s Jazz-Pop Ballad OST – ‘After Love’ 

#2. Lee Da Bin <Two Of Us>

Mid-tempo Electronic R&B Dance – featuring Bad Kiz’s Monica, & Anna

#3. Cha Soo Kyeong <I’m A Woman and A Human>

A classic heart-tugging low-tempo Piano Ballad

#5. Melody Day contributes ‘Listen To My Heart’ to <Tomorrow’s Cantabile> OST YOUTUBE LINK

Lovely mid-tempo Pop Ballad for <Tomorrow’s Cantabile>. Somewhat generic, but few fail with such a likeable mix of notes.

#6. <Discovery Of Romance> OST  YOUTUBE PLAYLIST LINK

Track 01. Sweet Sorrow’s catchy Pop-Folk Ballad – ‘Nothing Much’

Track 02. J Rabbit’s mid-tempo Indie-Folk Ballad – ‘Is It Love’

Track 04/11. Acoustic Collabo’s ‘묘해, 너와’ – LINK

Track 05. Elaine‘s low-tempo Blues Ballad ‘Blue Bird’

Track 06. Acoustic Collabo’s ‘Miss You So Much’ – LINK

Track 07. Lee Seung Hwan‘s simple yet graceful low-tempo Ballad

Track 08. Star Love Fish and Jane’s hushed Low-tempo Jazz Ballad – ‘Goodbye’

Track 09. Shin Hye Seong’s Low-tempo Ballad – ‘Like A Child’

Track 10. Danelle London’s pleasant mid-tempo Urban-Pop Ballad – ‘It’s All About You’. (#taylorswiftvibes)

#6. I Am <슬프도록 잊혀지겠지>

Low-tempo Urban Blues Ballad

She sounds like she’s about to break down! The dilemma with such Ballads – supporting, or exacerbating?


#7. <My Spring Days> OST

Track 04. Kam Woo Seong’s Low-tempo Acoustic Ballad – ‘I Will’ YOUTUBE LINK Credits to OST_KPOP

Track 05. SNSD’s Soo Yeong’s ‘Wind Flower’ – LINK

Track 06. Parc Jae Jeong’s calming low-tempo Ballad – ‘Who Was It’ YOUTUBE LINK Credits to TheDramaOST18

Track 07. 2LSON ft Din Din’s sweet mid-tempo Indie Ballad – ‘Will Spring Come’

#8. Airi <Having You> YOUTUBE LINK  Credits to AIRI 아이리

Mid-tempo Pop Ballad sung by two matured vocalists!

#9. Mellouspoon <Breakup words> YOUTUBE LINK Credits to 쇼크리에이티브

Whimsical, melancholic Low-tempo Ballad

#10. Hong Jin Yeong <Life Note> YOUTUBE LINK Credits to 1theK (원더케이)

Perky Trot Pops by the flirty, cheeky ex-SWAN member. ‘Cheer Up’, though, is a mid-tempo Trot Ballad.

#11. Besweet <Falling In Love>

Track 01. Pleasant Mid-tempo Pop Ballad – ‘Falling In Love’ YOUTUBE LINK Credits to danielions music

Track 02. Mid-tempo Alt-Rock & Blues Ballad – ‘Exit’ (My fav!)

Track 03. Low-tempo Piano Ballad – ‘Broken’ (This sounds just like an anime OST)

#12. Jo Eun <Remind>

Track 02. Urban Rock Pop Ballad – ‘I’ll Live Well Without U’  YOUTUBE LINK Credits to amore7400

Track 03. Low-tempo Ballad OST – ‘Not Possible?’ <What Happened in Bali> OST

#13. Daram <That’s Right>

 Adorable mid-tempo Indie Ballad for a warm afternoon jam session, featuring Bily Acoustie.  

#14. Rememberus’s Hannah sings for <4 Legendary Witches> OST

Spirited Pop Ballad OST sung with such big vocals. She a part of a Rock group? YOUTUBE LINK Credits to RIAK Official 

#15. Actor Yu Jun Sang, J n joy 20’s Lee Jun Hwa & Airmangirl’s Kwak Tae Hun sing ‘Those Days’ for musical <D Day>. 

Low-tempo Piano Ballad YOUTUBE LINK Credits to J n joy 20 (유준상 이준화)

Turns out Yu and Lee Jun Hwa are part of J n Joy 20, and Yu is Kwak’s CEO.

#15. Lovelyz <Goodnight Like Yesterday>

One of the few pop groups (both genders wise) where all their members can sing!

A rather matured release for their pre-debut release – 90s Mid-tempo Ballad 


Yella Diamond’s Mid-tempo Urban Hip-Hop Rap ‘Can’t Get It’

KAMO’s Mid-tempo Urban Hip-Hop Ballad ‘나에서 너



<Immortal Song 2 – Legendary Folk Duo>

Ali – Old Love (Rock Ballad cover) #queenali

Mystic Entertainment party of three Jang Jae In, Eddy Kim, Jo Jeong Chi – You (Vintage Low-tempo Folk-Latin-Rock Ballad cover)

YOUTUBE LINK Credits to queen sally

<Superstar K6 Top 11 Part 5>

Kwak Jin Eon – ‘Temperature Of Departure’ (Jazzy 60s low-tempo Folk Ballad)

Im Do Hyeok – ‘바보같은 내게’ (Jazzy Mid-tempo Love Ballad)

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed!

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