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Hi everyone! This is Fridaymojo:)

I set up this blog because of my interest in dramas but am ‘chasing’ them precisely because there are too many dramas to watch in too little time. As a result, I have accumulated more than 50 dramas on my to-watch drama list ever since I started the k-drama-ing back in ’06. LOL. For the HK dramas, they became my family’s standard dinner-time entertainment because the local shows just..weren’t our cup of tea.

I prefer romantic comedies and am an absolute horror chick. I don’t mean I LOVE horror films, but I cower like a chicken at the sight of horror films. I avoid these shows like the plague. I know. I am SUCH a wimp! gahh..Also, I don’t really like to watch sageuks/period dramas because they tend to be very violent. But I can say that if I don’t see a character losing a body part, I may watch it. heh..

Besides drama reviews [sorry, I have no time to do recaps:( I really have no idea how the writers at dramabeans do it. But if I have a serious obsession over it, I actually might:)], there will be posts on other things like movies, videos or songs that I’d like to share:) There may be questions as to why only some shows have reviews. That’s because I had written them when this blog wasn’t even made yet. Yeah, I have been toying with the idea of making a site for some time..just that it wasn’t long enough that I included other series/films too.

The Korean drama reviews will be done irregularly once all my past reviews are done posting. The reason why it’s irregular..well, for one, I usually watch them on the computer and two, I take quite a lot of some time to actually pick one to watch. I have drama-commitment issues and..I don’t know why too. The HK dramas are regularly screened on my TVs on weekdays so I don’t bother chasing them online since HK shows with eng subs are quite a rarity and so, the reviews will be more regular than the Korean ones. I have a close friend who might be working with me and if possible, she would be handling Korean and Japanese dramas.

Thank you for reading:D

P.S I wished to come across as friendly and approachable. So I’m sorry if I have offended some with my overly informal style of writing. I guess I was just so excited about starting such a blog and only wanted to express my genuine thoughts and feelings that I went overboard. But to those of you who have been reading my blog despite me obviously lacking a sense of propriety, a huge thanks!

**Posts are subjected to changes (if I re-read my posts 🙂 ). My recent posts (KSSF, Drama/Film News) are more towards recommending (from my perspective of what is good and what is bad) and collating new songs/movies/dramas to make it easier(?) for you guys to know what kind of new stuff is out. But these are purely what I think you guys might like and what I think is good. If there’s any particular song(s) you might want me to recommend, feel free to write a comment on my Google+ page – Fridaymojo. ^^ **



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