Rushing For Time? [mini reviews/ reviews]

Drama ratings


< 5 – really bad. 5-6 – neutral to ok  7 – alright, but can be forgettable

8 – there was more good than bad:)   9 – RECOMMENDED  10 – REWATCH material!!

Drama comments in: blue → watched in 2011,purple → 2012, red→ 2013, green –> 2014

Please note that the updates on this page does not mean that the review of the show will be up. 😛

*Page subjected to changes*


Korean Dramas and Movies

I will be arranging them according to the year of release and ordered alphabetically:) The ratings are simply how much I enjoyed the show. [1/2] = did not watch to the end. So no review.

[7.5/10] (’04 film) Don’t Believe Her – Kang Dong Won’s such a natural. Romance was rather random+forced. (A drama remake for this should solve è problem. :P) I liked that è female lead was not ‘pure+wholesome’.

[5/10] (’04 film)My Little Bride – Funny at times (LOVE Ahn Seon Yeong), cliched for 2014. The lack of concise content, smooth flow & strong characterisation made è film feel awkward. The plot seemed forced too…

[5.5/10] (’05)DG Chun HyangClichéd to the max, but I watched it in 2011. So..

[7/10] (’06)9 End 2 OutsNever have I wanted a male best friend so badly. LOL.

[9/10] (’06)Bad Family –  Freakin’ heart-warming and one of my all-time favs 🙂

[1/2] (’06 movie)Frozen Flower – 2 words: CURSE CURIOSITY. [Dramabeans has done a review.]

[7/10] (’06)SoulmateIt was ok for me. Liked é cast and first half only. 

[7.5/10] (’07 movie)My Tutor friend II – Cute and funny. Chung Ah’s Jap is JJANG!

[ 9.5/10] (’07) The Devil/Mawang – Mystery & suspense smartly woven into this police procedural drama. 

[8/10] (’08)Hong Gil Dong – Pros: Non-rom developments. Cons: Draggy towards é end.

[7.5/10] (’08 movie)Sweet Lies – Sweet, cute, mindless entertainment. Too long with insufficient content.

[7.5/10] (’09)Story of A Man – Intrigued by Do Woo and Eun Su’s relationship for life. Neutral to the story though.

[8/10] (’10)Call of é CountryRyu Jin is awesome as the endearing baddie:) The comedy is a must-watch.

[8/10] (’10)Dr Champ – Strong rom-com without going overly dramatic. The mellow atmosphere is attractive. 

[7/10] (’10)My Gf is a GumihoFunny but flawed, as with most Hong Sisters Drama. 

[6.5/10] (’10)PastaMain couple is ADORBS! The content felt unnecessary, the 30 episodes not to mention. 

[9/10] (’10)Prosecutor Princess I’m so glad my friend introduced me to PP! MUST. BUY. IT. 

[7.5/10] (’10)The Woman Who Still Wanna Marry – I am already missing those 3 girlfriends 😦

[8.5/10] (’11)49DaysThe melo was excellent with a well-chosen cast and unpredictable plot.

[6.5/10] (’11)City HunterNot part of é adoring fans of é show but of è couple. Show was illogical at times.

[7.5/10] (’11)Dream HighConsidering its an idol-filled cast, it was ok. Sam Dong ah ♥

[7.5/10] (’11)I Need Romance – Love é show except In Young’s ending (seriously!). 

[3/10] (’11)Lie to Me – Just WHAT did I watch? Show, I want my time back.

[8.5/10] (’11)Sign – The cases were good. Uhm Ji Won+Jung Kyeo Woon pair<3

[4.5/10] (’11)You Have Fallen for me – Story wise,You’re Beautiful’s better. Park Shin Hye wise, this is better. 

[8/10] (’12)12 Men In a Year – Fun and zippy series. If you liked INR, you will like this. 

[6/10] (’12 film) The Thieves – Very disorganised. There were too many arcs, that everything fell apart. 

[7.5/10](’13 film)Cold Eyes – È different take on police shows gives it its pros+cons. But good acting, esp Jeong Woo Seong. Fast-paced+logical, with comedy to balance out è dark setting+tracking moments.

[8.5/10](’13 film) Miracle in 7th Cell – A really good melo (though somewhat cliched). To some extent, it also has this ‘was it worth watching?’ feeling despite knowing fully well what to expect. 

[6/10](’13)Secretly Greatly – Acting+action was good, but content was a letdown (no spying for a spy??). Some scenes were illogical. A surprisingly ruthless ending. 

Short series (less than 10 episodes. Usually they are around 1-4 but White Christmas has 8 episodes)

[6/10] (’11)Hair Show – Good that it was taking us somewhere different. But it’s in the middling category for me.

[7/10] (’11)HwaPyung’s Weight Loss – Inspiring those with weight issues. Fighting! 

[9/10] (’11)That Man is There – Cool Psycho-thriller. Interesting twist. WATCH IT…if you can 😀 

[6.5/10] (’11)White X’mas – Didn’t really like é show. Wasn’t thrilling enough for me. Or could be I didn’t get it…

[9/10] (’11) Girl K – So badass that Lee Minho’s City Hunter could lose in a fight against her. 

[7.5/10(] (’07)Hyang Dan Jeon – Pretty short romcom at 2 eps but é same as any 16 ep drama.

[6.5/10](’12) Ma Boy – Don’t take it too seriously. The show is quite the cutie and has a fast plot.:D

[6/10] (’13) Happy Rose Day – Not a bad premise but things didn’t get adventurous considering è ‘theme’ was about cheating. Content was enough for è length.

[5/10] (’13) Like A Fairy Tale – Wasn’t a fan of è main couple from è start. However, è show felt draggy & è 2nd conflict felt random (What happened??)

[7/10](’13) My Friend Is Still Alive – Simple but moving. Lee Ju Seung<3

[6/10] (’13) Neighbourhood Watch – Predictable. Main issue was serious but è end wasn’t satisfying (Cop out!). Wished it was a revenge….

[6/10] (’13) Ugly Duckling – Such a plot was only bearable due to Lee + Hyeon’s performances. (See Below)

[8/10](’14)The Reason I’m Getting Married – I keep rewatching this. Need I say more? *romantic at heart speaking* Despite some cliches+a few awkward acting moments, è show is a sweet romance short with a likeable main couple(both individually+together) & a dash of fantasy. 

Hong KongDramas   ***Spoilers, because bad shows deserve it. Muahahahahaha. lol ***

In order of when I watched it, not when it was released.

[6.5/10]Wax and Wane – Common TVB drama between 2 families. Up for birth secrets? (hee)

[8.5/10]The Other Truth – The dare-devil style writing sets it apart from other law shows. 

[7.5/10]Life&Times of Sentinel – Fast paced. About Steven’s background, did they get the idea from City Hunter??

[8/10]Lives of Omission – The directing was good but Michael’s ‘Laughing’ was better. Bosco+Sammy♥ lol.

[3/10]Men with no Shadows – Bobby fan? Raymond fan? Tavia fan? Don’t watch it.

[6.5/10]River of Wine – TVB please, no more with such similar shows. Love Sire Ma’s character.

[8/10]Super Snoops – So funny and stupid but loved é cast and their wackiness.

[6/10]Forensic heroes 3 – Where’s Bobby?! Didn’t like the chosen cast and the cases’ low level of  difficulty.

[7.5/10]Bottled Passion – Main story: good & steady, hated è ending & amnesia for ruining my overall liking. 😦

[6/10] Wish & Switch – It was fun before the girls turned too childish for my taste. Ending thoroughly lacking.

[6.5/10] L’escargot – +:Not a bad watch, – :flaws too noticeable – last 10 eps got overly dramatic, finale too rush.

[8/10] 4 in Love – Has a simple indie vibe, nice break from dramatics. Different questions about ♥ explored.

[6.5/10]The Hippocratic Crush – 1st 1/2: fast-paced,eventful. 2nd 1/2: boring,frustrating,random….zzzz…

[6.5/10]Sergeant Tabloid – I like Niki here too. Last ep: crap. HK & their every1-becomes-morally-right endings…

[7/10]Queen of ♥+♦ – Soul switching felt realistic, comedy was not bad. 

[4/10]Daddy Good Deeds – TVB,heart-warming ≠ cheesy. If only this wasn’t Steven’s last TVB work…grr..

[5.5/10]Boxing King – Major flaws. Is this really about thai boxing? Ray over-acts, Kev-Selena-Edwin’s wtf love Δ

[7/10]Ghetto Justice 2 – Similar to its prequel with a better big bad. Finale though, was just crap. Illogical crap.

[5.5/10]Hse of Harmony+Vengeance – Lesson learned:Murderers can go scot free. Bobby, pls do other projects.

[7/10]No Good Either Way – Some may think è plot was too simple but it was sufficient & easy to like IMO.

[5/10]Master of Play – Didn’t like it. Reason behind Wed murders + Adam’s ability to see inside Moses was O.O

[6.5/10]King Maker – Very dramatic,everything a bit too perfect. Momentum slowed after concubine Wai’s defeat.

[5/10]Witness Insecurity – Is this TVB’s Lie To Me? Low in content, romance unbelievable. Last ep was crap.

[/]Till Love Do Us Lie –

[5/10]Three Kingdoms RPG – Witty+funny with è modern-day references. War scenes were tragic. Nothing else..

[8.5/10] Highs+Lows – Daring show about police+drugs,makes full use of è time+characters.1 of è best around.

[7/10]Divas in Distress – Witty&funny with a good cast. Flaw: Korean-drama-esque Him+Mandy’s relationship

[7/10]Steep Ascent – Simple love story+TVB’s usual villain antics. Acting solid,content ok, except Aimee+her role.

[4.5/10]Friendly Fire – Romance+cases (except first case) were average. Why weren’t the court rules obeyed?!

[5/10]Blissful Ferris Wheel – Cases – good due to è twists but were a given IMO. Nothing exceptional from è cast.

[5/10]SSSS – Tavia rocks socks for being so awesome. The show was predictable. The ending was so draggy. 

[5/10]È Confidante – Wasn’t as good as I wanted. Power Chan was adorable. Nothing special otherwise.

[6/10]Inbound troubles – China-hk differences: interesting but done half-heartedly. Comedy is its saving grace.

[5/10]Season of Love – Nothing new+I didn’t appreciate è direction most went. I like ‘Autumn’ best. Kenneth as è weird PI was awesome, till he became normal for his own season. =.=

[3/10]Days of Days – Nothing actually happens for 20 damn episodes. 3 points are for Lin Xia Wei, Law Lok Lam(for being such a great mayor) and maybe Tracy Ip. 

[7.5/10]Reality Check – Show is quite solid,meaningful&consistent. I laughed at how Ruco ‘broke up’ with Louise.

[3/10] A Great Way To Care 2 – I preferred è prequel, which involved more psychological deductions rather than the straight-forward tell-tale ‘crazy’ signs in this sequel.

[2/10] Bullet Brain – Only Natalie Tong was worth watching. The show isn’t a police drama. It’s a crazy one.

[3/10] Slow Boat Home – What a waste of my time and its (good) actors. This was as boring as Days of Days.

[]Awfully Lawful –

[]Karma Rider –

[6.5/10] A Change of Heart – Good acting, pace was too slow (except for Michael’s character) that crippled the eventual impact. The show was too ‘safe’ and nothing was surprising.

[7.5/10] Triumph In The Skies II – Romance aspect did better than prequel. Alot has changed..why? [I’m really looking at you, new song.] Comfortable show, except RonxMyolie and it’s not for those watching for the profession. J.U.L.I.A.N. C.H.E.U.N.G

[8/10]Will Power – Initially didn’t like è comical tone. But the acting and the arguments in court were good. 

[4/10] On Call 36Hrs II – Unnecessary additions, Lack of conflicts, boring personal lives+interaction. Him’s crying scene was the best thing in the show. Sequels…sighh..

[5.5/10] Bounty Lady – Good: Dayo,Grace+May+Samantha’s cases, Benz+Elena&their relationship, some of the comedy. Bad: Kate, the unmatching main romance that took over the 2nd half and made it boring, the finale, the remaining comedy. 😛

[1/2]Come Home Love(700 ep sitcom) – Lai Lok Yi is my favourite character. Show was good till around è late 200s ep. After that, it has become rather redundant for me. There still are issues to resolve + upcoming relationships to explore, but I feel è extension has only showed the lack of ideas on the writer’s part. Popularity can be a bad thing… 


[8.5/10]A Crazy Little Thing Called LoveA.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

[10/10]Galileo – All-time fav. Science-explained supernatural cases? OH YEAH. 

[6.5/10]My Ex-Wife’s Wedding – Should appeal to a romcom fan. Has the potential to be better.

My Ex-Wife’s Wedding(2010) : Chen Kun (Ma Yong) and Yuan Quan (Xiao Hong) leads as the divorced couple in the show. Ma Yong finds another girlfriend/colleague Debbie Goh (Zhao Hui) in no time but it’s not without his ex/ Xiao Hong frequently barging in on their moments. (Is it deliberate on her part or are shoes the culprit?) So in order to stop this cock-blocking ex, he gets his nice-guy buddy photographer-cum-colleage Lu Yi(Zhang Qi) to woo her. **SPOILERS COMING UP**

Review: Story and direction wise, I liked where it was going – the two leads realise they can’t forget each other in spite of a very recent divorce. I also really like XH for being irrational/crazy/bold and then heck-care the next. It’s so human, so raw. (She was so awesome when she came for his condoms! HAHA. On one hand it’s funny, and on the other hand, it drives their emotions.) The conflict setup was natural and I like that it’s the lead himself who asked his best friend(?) to woo his ex-wife. What better mess for a romcom?! LOL. Although….I couldn’t really feel the extent of MY and ZQ’s friendship from the film.. *Cries for absence of lovely bromance..* So in a way, the conflict was rather dull/impalpable from the guys’ perspective.

However, things are different from the romantic perspective. I was ready for the men to have an all-out fight for XH. I wanted MY to be more aggressive/proactive in his intention to win XH back. But it’s always her begging for his stand in their relationship and him giving away his chances. He’s a jerk (a coward rather) and an idiot (zzz) for ‘moving a stone and dropping it on his own feet’. [Chinese saying] (Great for some personal conflict and character redemption, but it wasn’t explored.). He clearly wants her back, but is afraid to lower his body to remove the rock (ZQ).

I supported the main couple precisely because I saw that both wanted a reconciliation. For me, I just can’t bear to see a couple who wants so much to be together, be separated because none is pushing for a make-up. Well, I’m just glad she took neither.


The theme of the show was about a saying of how shoes are a bad gift, especially to a lover. Scenes where ‘shoes’ were negatively portrayed in the show include: XH’s many shoes that indirectly led to a divorce, the meeting between MY and XH where she bought him shoes thinking he wanted a make-up (and bought her a pair too), MY dumping her shoes outside Lu Yi’s place as a jealous man (seriously, if you dared to be jealous, I think you should be able to muster up some courage to tell her where you stand.. =.=). A positive portrayal could be her frequent unwelcome visit to his house for her shoes, but she always never takes every one of them because she didn’t want to ‘leave’ him.

Wait didn’t think that was everything right?

If you think about it, as the self-confessed romcom nut, it’s quite impossible that I haven’t watched popular romcoms like SKKS or You’re Beautiful. This section is where I add in those watched-but-can’t-remember-and-so-can’t-rate-or-review shows.


Korean ones (For the ones I liked, I will colour code it in orange:D)  

Dae Jang Geum(2003), My Girl(2005), Fantasy Couple(2006), Goong(2006 show-of-the-year), Hwang Jin Yi(2006), The Snow Queen(2006), The Vineyard Man(2006), What’s Up, Fox(2006), Dal Ja’s Spring(2007), Witch YooHee/ Amusement(2007), Powerful Opponents(2008), Boys Over/Before Flowers( 2009 wild ride), Will It Snow At Christmas( 2009-2010, first 4 Eps), You’re beautiful(2009), SKKS(2010), Stars Falling From The Sky(2010) and some(?) KBS drama specials [The Great Dipper, Culprit Among Friends, Daddy Is Coming, Wedding Planner(?Had Jin Yi Han and Hong Soo Hyun), My Wife Natrey’s First Love, Something Like That, Come To Me Like A Star, Witch, Your Noir, Land of Rain, A Strange Relationship, Glass Bandage, ]

Culprit Among Friends is about 4 good friends, 3 of whom let rape happened to their one friend during their teenage years. When that one friend suggested meeting after more than a decade later, all 3 got afraid of a possible revenge. (I liked the acting from the grown-up-version-of-the-raped-friend actress. Her transition from friendly smiling to evil was so good!)

My Wife Natrey’s First Love is a simple story about a 20 year-old Vietnamese Natrey(Kim Ye Won) married to a Korean farmer Myeong Cheol who’s much older than her(Park Won Sang) and what happens when she falls in love with another(Eun Woo) for the first time. The story is a pleasant, harmless watch with a happy ending. Kim Ye Won did a good job portraying Natrey – the cuteness of a 20 year-old and being unfamiliar with the Korean language having lived in another country. I also found Myeong Cheol’s mom(Ye San Daek) to be an endearing granny:)

My Friend Is Still Alive stars Lee Ki Kwang as a leukemia-stricken patient(Kyeong Suk) who wants to get a first kiss before he dies with the help of his buddies Chi hyeon(Lee Ju Seung) and Myeong Su(Kim Chang Hwan). The story actually emphasises more on the friendship between these three(or two rather) than the last wish. I didn’t like the way the boys fell for the female senior (Jeon Su Jin) but I did think she was a cute girl (ha! @ how she always starts her phone conversation with her boyfriend, ‘are you sick of me?!’ XD) What was especially sweet was the bromance (particularly towards the end of the episode). It made me tear (and not freak out) to watch Kyeong Suk reveal that his genuine first love was Chi Hyeon. It’s so fitting, considering what they did together (spent the night together, ‘escape’ on a bicycle together, etc). The story may be nothing groundbreaking, but the acting was adequate to bring tears to my eyes. I’m happy to see that Lee Ki Kwang did a good job and even more so, Lee Ju Seung for being the pillar (and center) of the whole show.

The Ugly Duckling is basically about a (much) younger rebellious sister (Eun Su, played by Hyeon Seung Min) who finds out that her brother (Eun Guk, played by Reply ’97’s Lee Shi Eon) isn’t her real sibling. To be honest, there is nothing new to this short story. But…it’s always heartwarming to watch them. >.< The sibling pair have a bickering relationship that I enjoy, made better by the chemistry between the leads (good cast choice :D) and the use of the saturi accent (the gruff way of speaking is like doing a 49 Days’ Kang-ah – it has a way of being grumpy and warm simultaneously. LOL). This show makes the female lead a horrible brat (well, considering her age…). But I think it was a good idea to contrast the female actress’s cute (I actually think it is.) voice with the character’s personality (OH SO NAUGHTY! Thank god Eun Guk wouldn’t go soft on her… Whereas Eun Guk is a friggin nice oppa. About their relationship, I’m still unsure of how they are actually related. I’m thinking, he might have been adopted into the family when she was too young to know such things. Or the mother remarried and had Eun Su, which might explain the age gap.                                                                  On a side note, the way Korean dramas handles such a trope is different from the way HK dramas portray it. Korean dramas usually do it in a way where unrelated people become family by the way they become one – how they talk and behave, how they panic when another goes missing, how they love each other (through actions), etc. Whereas HK dramas prefer to portray birth secrets in a way where seemingly unrelated people are actually family just because ‘blood is thicker than water’, ‘I’m your (father, mother, sibling) and so I care for you’ or how genes apparently make you dislike/like certain food and/or hobbies (wth?) and, I don’t like it. It’s not the genes that make a family. It’s what people do that make a family. 

HK ones

(I will only put the ones I like because I have watched too many HK shows:P) ‘Words = I love it!

Journey to the West(1998), Return of the Cuckoo(2000), A Step into the Past(2001), A Taste of Love(2001), Virtues of Harmony(2001), Take My Word For It(2002), Greed Mask(2003), Placebo Cure(2004), The Vigilante in the Mask(2004), To Catch The Uncatchable(2004), To Get Unstuck in Time(2004), Revolving Doors of vengeance(2005), The Gentle Crackdown I(2005), War of In-Laws(2005), A Pillow Case of Mystery(2006+2010), Forensic Heroes I+II (2006+2008), Land of Wealth(2006), Safe Guards(2006), The Biter Bitten(2006), Heart of Greed(2007),The Brink of Law(2007), D.I.E(2008+2009), Last One Standing(2008), A Chip Off the Old Block(2009), A Great Way to Care(2009), Rosy Business(2009), Every Move You Make(2010), Gun Metal Grey(2010), Ghetto Justice(2011), Only You(2011).


2 Guys(2004, hella funny but it’s not available on-line 😦 ), My Mighty Princess( 2008, how I got to know On Joo Wan~), My Girlfriend is an Agent(2009, SO FUNNY), Ip Man( HK, 2008 awesome-ness)


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