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Review Package 1: Reviews #11-13 part 3

This part covers 2011 Drama City Hunter.

*Spoiling the show beyond this message, brought to you by yours truly*

Dramabeans was raving about how good the show was but somehow, I wasn’t impressed or invested in City Hunter. It could be that I was expecting good things but then again, 49 Days didn’t disappoint me. Well, sans the last episode. Why did I have to recall it?! 😦

The Storyline in brief and my opinions.

Lee Min Ho plays City Hunter Lee Yoon Seong (err..shouldn’t he actually use a fake name?) who sets out on a revenge mission against the Big 5 as a result of a dark past that involved his late father  living drug lord of a father fathers. With such a project, he has to stay away from affairs of the heart as much as possible. As if that’s possible. The other party isn’t simple. She’s (Park Min Young/Kim Na Na) a bear Blue House bodyguard!

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Review Package 1: Reviews #11-13 part 2

Part 2, as promised is KBS Drama Special Hair Show.The review will be short.

* Spoiling the show for you beyond this one-liner, brought to you by yours truly*

Here’s 2011’s 4-episode-r Hair Show not-a-review review

The storyline, the characters and acting 

Lee Seung Hyo leads the show as an arrogant but talented (aren’t they all? Seriously..) hair stylist/designer Eun Su who returns to the hair in Korea( of course) from England to prove that he’s got skills, since a critic smashed his work back in England.

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(Not-a-review) Review #10: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)/ Opinions on Hong sisters work [updated 26/8/13]

*’s not that spoilery. It’s quite general for it’s been a year since I watched the show.*

*In any case, I’m still spoiling the show for you beyond this message*

This is another show I watched because of the leads. It’s not because I like the two, but because I have never watched them act before. Call me weird. I don’t mind. With regards to the storyline, I didn’t have much expectation. It’s simply because the Hong sisters have a penchant for a very narrow writing focus, leads wise, (I always get distracted by the sides/other leads) and the episodes leading up to the end always fail to deliver.
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Review #3: Delightful Girl Choon Hyang/DGCH(2005)

(wow that was a type-ful..u type..he..he? :P)                                                                      This is going to be extremely short, unlike the first two reviews. Have fun reading anyway!  


**Greater Warning: I didn’t like the show. So, stay away from future rage!**

If you haven’t watched DGCH, I..I have no rights to tell you to watch it or not. I’m just gonna say that there are other recent Hong Sisters Dramas out there that might quench your thirst the same way or possibly in a better way.

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