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Review Package 1: Reviews #11-13 part 1

Hello again! Remember I said I was doing a final year surprise for the end of this year? Here it is:D The first review will be for 2010 Drama…

*wait! Spoiling the show for you beyond this message~ Feel free to carry on now~*

Dr. Champ…


The show is basically about the going-ons in the national training centre (Taerung) in which our 4 main leads will meet and interact. Kim So Yeon(Kim Yeon Woo) and Uhm Tae Woong(Lee Do Wook) play the new doctors who arrive (and are stationed) at the sports centre while Jung Kyeo Woon(Park Ji Heon) and Cha Ye Ryeon(Kang Hee Young) play a Judo athlete and a swimming coach respectively. The drama’s main sports in focus are Judo and Swimming, which introduces the hot-bods-galore team Judo team (Jung Seok Won/Yoo Sang Bong, coachies and the rest) and a female national team swimmer(Kang Sora/ Kwon Yoo Ri).

Now let me complicate matters. I’m good at that. Haha. : Kim Yeon Woo and Park Ji Heon has a love-line, but before that, Ji Heon had a crush on her while Yeon Woo has something going on with Do Wook. But then, and as expected, Do Wook had a past with Hee Young that ended on an ugly note. Yoo Ri is Cha’s student and she has a crush on nice-butt Ji Heon, but Ji Heon’s heart has now gone to Sang Bong Yeon Woo. Sang Bong and Ji Heon had(if im not mistaken..) and will continue their bromance-line. However, like all dramas, something must happen to test this lovely friendship. Sigh~

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K-Pop News So Far [22nd – 25th Oct 2012] part 3: songs

This edition officially starts the new version of KNSF. The news will depend on how I feel. LOL. I’m still contemplating on what to do for Drama/Film News because it will seriously be quite..empty without the comments… Not to worry, the newer KNSF is next.

It’s already Novemberrr! OMG



1. B.A.P returns with a soft image in ‘Stop It‘. So nothing fierce to look forward to..though ‘stop it’ are harsh words. The MV (or Bang Yong Guk rather) is adorable.

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Review #6: A Crazy Little Thing Called Love(Thai Film, 2010)

Yes. This is a Thai movie review. So, apologies if you guys, the readers, were waiting for a korean film/drama review. It was an unexpected decision to see it because never in my life would I have thought of having a thai film in my list of have-watched films/dramas but, it was a pleasant surprise!

When my friend introduced this movie to me, I was a little hesitant about the suggestion. I wasn’t exactly excited about thai productions since most of the shows they are famous for are violent fighting shows. But then again, it’s a show with ‘love’ in its

** Spoiling the show for you beyond this message, by yours truly :P**

The Storyline

Anyway, ACLTCL is first and foremost, a film about crushes with Nam’s told in an ugly-duckling-to-swan style.

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(Not-a-review) Review #5: 9 End 2 Outs(2006) [updated: 10/2/13]

The first of the two reviews I promised is here:D Haha. For this review, it’s just going to be about my thoughts/comments on the show, seeing as both Kaedejun and Dramabeans have done a great review of 9E2O which already has points I originally wanted to cover.

** SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s better if you don’t know** LOL

9 end 2 outs is a drama that I never thought of trying. I have never even heard about the show until I saw it on Dramabeans. The me who is easily persuaded by DB’s positive comments coupled with the me who have always liked the idea of a best-friends-turn-lovers premise, thought I‘d just try it out and even if I come to dislike it, I can always stop watching.

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Review #4: Call of the Country(2010)

Here’s the 4th drama review~ Sorry for the wait. 😛

* If you read anymore, you don’t have to watch it..You have been warned So STOP READING ONN!! * 

If you are having a bad day and need a pick-me-up, ‘Call of the country’ is actually worth a shot. I don’t think you would mind an aching stomach from Ryu Jin’s antics! And well, maybe get upset again seeing that such a show could be so terribly under the radar. (heh)


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