On a Rant Page [6/4/2013]

You guys get it? Rampage..and Lalilalila~

Anyway, the topic of interest would change from time to time and even if you have something that’s different from or related to the topic (Please put spoilers if it’s to do with dramas/movies), it’s alright too. This IS a rant page. Or, an anger-releasing one. haha

Topic on Interest for now: 

These days, the girl groups are wearing outfits that are more and more revealing. This isn’t me being conservative, mind. When I see how low the entertainment industry can get, it riles me up. And my inner ferocious feminist in me just can’t help but nag like an old granny. (heh) Of course, I do understand the need for provocation, but when I see these girl groups who are more or less around my age and younger, I feel so bad for them. Perhaps they like it, I don’t know. I can’t even understand how they might like it as I feel that the worse humiliation for any female, is to have focus only on her body. Here too. omg

And for an example, a very short one, here’s’s oops @3:06-3:08: At 3:06-3.08, I was shocked – the camera was on her boobs. That was just unnecessary. I couldn’t dismiss it. If the camera man didn’t mean it, he would have noticed and then immediately turn the camera to shoot something else. It was 2 seconds too long.

From wikipedia: Spontaneous, involuntary surprise is often expressed for only a fraction of a second. Studies show that this response happens extremely fast, with information (in this case a loud noise) reaching the pons within 3 to 8 ms and the full startle reflex occurring in less than two tenths of a second.

I guess there’s some blame to be put on the choreography. The song is cute and light-hearted and I have grown fond of it too!!

Also, I remember seoulbeats once talked about something like this with a girl group called chocolat and how a scene was just.. OMG&*#$!*(##. 2:15-2:20 mark: 

Even for guys, I hate it. It’s so (sorry, if I offend) cheap. I never liked how guys had to show off their abs or whatever. Really, I never liked it. Of course, being a girl, I can’t say I don’t like the scenery. But I dislike the action of doing it. I won’t say anymore because this belongs to another topic, specifically speaking.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Feel free to rant to your heart’s content!


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