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Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [25th Feb – 16th Mar 2014]

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK #1 , LINK #2

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend

Alternative/Modern Rock band Nell presents an artistic comeback in ‘Four Times Around The Sun’, ending the Gravity series with their 6th album, <newton’s apple=””>. The representative track, is a mid-tempo Alternative/Modern Rock track that’s nicely matched with the light, bittersweet vocals of Kim Jong Wan, making the ‘FTATS’ quite the addicting song. Click title to read more comfortably or click to continue

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Drama/ Film News [8th – 14th Dec 2012]

There was nothing much new in k-drama and k-film land(s?) that I liked. So this will be an extremely short update.   Btw, Kang Ji Hwan’s in a court case. I’m not sure what’s going on myself. But DB posted an article about it. The comments should be helpful too:)

New Movie

kang and ha's new film Ha Jung Woo and Kang Dong Won‘s (comeback) 2013 movie sounds quite awesome. It’s got the same Robin Hood/ Iljimae/ Hong Gil Dong plot where Ha Jung Woo’s butcher character forms a team of thieves that aim to help the poor civilians during corrupted 19th Century Joseon era. Without a doubt, this angers the corrupted rich nobleman. Kang Dong Won is the wealthiest Nobleman’s son as well as the best fighter or swordsman. However, as the son of his dad’s concubine, he isn’t recognised by daddy which causes him to stupidly go wayward. Well, it could be his way of seeking his dad’s anger attention. It seems as if the writer split Hong Gil Dong’s two sides (avenging the civilians side and illegitimate son side) onto two characters. Not a bad idea.

I’m more invested in Kang Dong Won’s role. I wonder if Kang Dong Won would be recruited into Ha Jung Woo’s good bandit team. If yes, I wonder how the conflict between father and son would play out and settle. Moreover, the film format has time limitations. How will the movie tie up everything?


Just…Just watch this CF. LOL. This, was epic!

why, hello there hottie ;D

Baek Sung Hyun is confirmed for a role in Iris2. He’s going to be a excellent hacker for the good guys. He’s also trained by Jang Hyuk, who trained Lee Da Hae and Doo Joon.

I wasn’t planning to post this. But I have liked him ever since White Christmas. He’s so good-looking :DDDD

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:) Merry X’mas to y’all~

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K-Pop News So Far [23rd Sept 2012] part 1

Looks like infiltrating into RM to kidnap Gary is not going to work any more. The more pressing problem at hand: It’s going to be even harder smuggling Gary. Haha. I’m just kidding. As a Gelly-sshi fan, I am shocked. I still am. I can’t imagine what would happen to RM and my future watching experience. To tell the truth, Monday Couple was one of the reasons I watched the show. I love everyone but Monday Couple took a special place in my heart. I literally re-watched the front parts to see how far they have come. I squealed at their skin-ship and chuckled over their interactions. As for Gil, I don’t watch Infinity Challenge. But it’s the same. There’s a saying that ‘no one is indispensable’. But as time passed, that person becomes irreplaceable.

…and so let KNSF part 1 chubaaa~l 

LOL of the day

Through an idol, I got to know an I-gadget App (SimSimi) that replies to your comments. Now this is interesting. It’s something you need when you want to seem busy lol. So what did SHINee’s Jonghyun talked about with SimSimi?

AKP translation: The singer: “Hey SimSimi, today’s ‘Confession Day’. I’ll be bluntLet’s start dating, today’s day 1…“. SimSimi responded, “Yes, today’s day 1, honey“, to which Jonghyun said, “That’s cheesy, let’s break up“. SimSimi: ‘what the..’

So absurd, it’s funny.

Click title to read more comfortably or click to continue

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K-Pop News So Far [5th Sept] part 3 [update on opinions]

Sorry for the late post. No reviews next week. But if anyone’s asking, the next review would be My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

This week was comebacks week!

G-D continues to rock my socks with comeback song #2: that xx. If I’m not wrong, the full title in Korean is  새끼 which translates to ‘that jerk’.  This song was a total surprise. The songs I would relate to G-D and/or Big Bang would be music that is fresh and unique, with an added charismatic edge to it. Another surprise is I actually liked this song because honestly, I didn’t like their previous big bang comeback title song ‘tonight’. The simplicity of the song (the guitar!) and rap just got me the instant I heard it. It’s just nice. (I’m not sure if my mood for certain songs change because now that I’m trying out ‘blue’ again and I actually like it. LOL.) As for the mv, it has this toned-down, plain nature to it that’s so attractive. The blue, greyish tones portray the melancholic side of the song. But nothing really stands out with an ‘in your face’ kind of attitude and it fits the understated vibe of the song. Check out Seoulbeats’ write-up. Without beep version.

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