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Drama/Film News [5th – 31st Jan 2013]

And here it is!

It has been a long while since I updated you guys on the happenings of the drama/film world. I have been reading the updates on Dramabeans but none of the upcoming projects have hit me and got me interested real bad, like as though I will die from curiosity if the film/drama isn’t set to air. I mean, there were some that sounded okay but then when I think about it again, wasn’t much. More of the drama details are in the db link.

(Drama) Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek: I might try it out for Jin Goo. I have been dying to see him in a drama..because I don’t know this actor. I know. Call me strange. The plot sounds good-natured and all. Maybe I will see it, maybe I won’t. Who knows? Maybe it actually is a good show. Like how I had zero expectations for Dr. Champ. Cast: Jin Goo, Park Ha Sun, Jo Hyun Jae and Han Chae Young. 

(Drama) Nine: One of those shows that confuses me but might have something in there. It’s got time-travelling and mystery going on. Just like the kind of feeling Incarnation of Money gives me. Cast: Lee Jin Wook, Jo Yoon Hee, Jeon No Min and Park Hyun Shik.

Ninehey there hottie

(Film) Battle of Yeonpyeong is about a real border attack from North Korea to South that happened in 2002. The film can be promising if done right. For now, the film has Jung Seok Won leading as commander Yoon Young Ha, a real military officer and a hero.

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K-Pop News and Songs So Far, Drama/Film News [29th Dec 2012 – 4th Jan 2013]

I’m not sure if this is how the Korean Entertainment world wanted to start out – news of break ups and scandals, but I guess it started 2013 with a bang…?


There were many (many because there usually aren’t as many as 3 AKP headliners like WGM had an issue with Oh Yeon Seo’s alleged dating news, Rain and Kim Tae Hee and Army and Block B with their court case against Stardom Entertainment.

More news of Go Young Woo’s sick acts have also been revealed. Link. (Bastard, pinching a minor’s thigh is no normal act. Way to go for phrasing such perverse deeds as nothing much.)

Oh Yeon Seo and WGM:

I don’t really think much of the issue because I have never watched the variety series and so I’m very neutral to the situation at hand. I’m honestly confused by the whole matter too.. lol..

rain, kim taehee and armyNews of Rain’s relationship with Kim Tae Hee and Army:

Objectively speaking, Yes, Rain is wrong. How can it be right to do other things when you had received orders to do something else? And isn’t obedience very important in Army? How old is Rain for his label to call him young? He’s a perfectly grown-up man to know where his priorities and responsibilities are.

Gossip-me speaking, it could be that the country’s beloved actress was taken away by him know..haha. They can’t put all the blame on Rain since the Army actually gave him permission for the number of vacations he had and failed to check until this day.

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Drama/Film News [15th – 28th Dec 2012]

Sorry for the delayed post. This will be the last drama/film update for the year and a short one since nothing much that was new and current caught my interest.

New Films

2 more new films will be coming to the big screens soon and they are The Berlin File and The Five, which has confirmed Kim Seon Ah‘s participation.

1.A February release, The Berlin File is an adrenaline-pumping film of 4 spies (Ha Jung Woo, Han Seok Kyu, Ryu Seung Beom and Jeon Ji Hyeon) ordered to kill each other. (If everyone dies, anyone near me will have to say hello to danger level 10.)

Think of Ha Jung Woo’s spy #1 character as Snape/ Laughing Kor (putting the two names together makes me laugh for some reason). He works for North Korea and doubles as a double agent in South Korea. But he fails as his identity gets known. Hmm..What will be more interesting if he’s a double double agent (He works for South. Actually no, he works for North. Oh my brains, he works for South?!). Mann, that would be so confusing and tricky. Ha.

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K-Pop Songs So Far [15th – 28th Dec 2012]

Hey everyone:) How was Christmas? Hope all had a wonderful one. A new year will be starting very quickly:) So before I end this year’s KSSF, Happy New Year everyone:) And I would like to say: To my loyal readers, thank you for being with me. To my new readers, welcome:) Thanks for putting up with my laziness. See you next year:)…

… holidays, when will I ever meet you again?


1. Sunny Hill’s Joobi and K Pop Star’s Yoon Hyun Sang releases a duet song Cold Day. A song you would definitely like for a cold wintry Christmas:) Weeeell, I would…

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Drama/ Film News [8th – 14th Dec 2012]

There was nothing much new in k-drama and k-film land(s?) that I liked. So this will be an extremely short update.   Btw, Kang Ji Hwan’s in a court case. I’m not sure what’s going on myself. But DB posted an article about it. The comments should be helpful too:)

New Movie

kang and ha's new film Ha Jung Woo and Kang Dong Won‘s (comeback) 2013 movie sounds quite awesome. It’s got the same Robin Hood/ Iljimae/ Hong Gil Dong plot where Ha Jung Woo’s butcher character forms a team of thieves that aim to help the poor civilians during corrupted 19th Century Joseon era. Without a doubt, this angers the corrupted rich nobleman. Kang Dong Won is the wealthiest Nobleman’s son as well as the best fighter or swordsman. However, as the son of his dad’s concubine, he isn’t recognised by daddy which causes him to stupidly go wayward. Well, it could be his way of seeking his dad’s anger attention. It seems as if the writer split Hong Gil Dong’s two sides (avenging the civilians side and illegitimate son side) onto two characters. Not a bad idea.

I’m more invested in Kang Dong Won’s role. I wonder if Kang Dong Won would be recruited into Ha Jung Woo’s good bandit team. If yes, I wonder how the conflict between father and son would play out and settle. Moreover, the film format has time limitations. How will the movie tie up everything?


Just…Just watch this CF. LOL. This, was epic!

why, hello there hottie ;D

Baek Sung Hyun is confirmed for a role in Iris2. He’s going to be a excellent hacker for the good guys. He’s also trained by Jang Hyuk, who trained Lee Da Hae and Doo Joon.

I wasn’t planning to post this. But I have liked him ever since White Christmas. He’s so good-looking :DDDD

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:) Merry X’mas to y’all~

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