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K-Pop News So Far [10th Sept 2012] part 2 [updated]

K-Pop doesn’t allow a week without any release. Commence Youtube videos/links!

Debuts: I’m actually quite scared of this word now. I’m not liking how many are debuting each/this year. I understand that the K-Pop industry is extremely competitive. Everybody is scared to lose out. But if the quality is not good or stays stagnant, there’s just no point in pushing the debut date up. I see a recent surge in talented groups so far. But even those with talents can get ignored/pushed aside easily because there are just, too many groups and too many (similar type of) songs. Oh and too many visuals. =.=

We have 2 new groups and a soloist entering the (over-populated) stage: 24k( two four k), Lunafly and Baek Ah Yeon.

24K’s debut song was a good listen. You can tell that the group has great vocals they can rely on. (Shouldn’t that be the first and foremost concern for all groups actually?)  The MV didn’t really help in differentiating who’s who. And it’s funny how ‘hurry up’ sounded nothing like their teaser.

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