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Drama/Film News: Bite-size Edition [30th Aug 2012]

I thought you guys may need an update of what’s happening on the other side of the entertainment world, so this post will be an update about what’s to come for the new dramas and announced ones.

Casting News

Moon Geun Young has confirmed her role in sitcom ‘Cheongdam-dong Alice’. Her co-star would be Park Shi Hoo. To be honest, I’m not impressed with the story line. It sounds so generic and cinderell-y. I actually wished MGY’s Alice was a high-flyer designer who then got into some sort of controversy or back-stab because of her attitude. With her nose still in the air, she is obliged to work for her present boss’s wife, whose talent is obviously incomparable to Alice’s. I can envision all the humiliation and the boss’s wife being hilarious at trying to win because of her inferiority complex already! Haha. I hope I’m wrong. It will be nice seeing MGY in a good drama:D

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How about some Drama news? [30th July 2012, updated on 1/8/2012]

More dramas coming your way~~ (my drama list is crying)

1. Song Joong Ki’s ‘Nice Guy’ / ‘ No Such Thing as a Nice Guy‘ will be starting in Sept, which is a month later. I never thought SJK would play a role like this. It’s a pleasant surprise to see JoongKi choosing to play different characters rather than stay in ‘pretty boy’ roles. And yet, I’m afraid I will dislike him. LOL. Just don’t bother with me. Haha.

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