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K-Pop Songs So (really really)Far [5th – 26th Jan 2013] part 2

Onto [12th-18th releases], as we continue getting some really good tracks for our music players:D

If some of you wonder about the choices, yes, there are inconsistencies. Somehow, it depends on my mood and whether the tracks seem similar to past songs I have listened to.


1. I was never much of a fan of CN Blue. They are those groups that I know and have a neutral feeling towards. But their recent comeback has me very surprised:) The MV and song for I’m Sorry are friggin’ awesome:)  Coffee Shop’s alright, but I love Na Geudae boda(I, more than you)   Naran Namja(A man like me) is good!  Lalala doesn’t have the same impact that IS, NGB and NN did for me but still on the fairly ok side. Where You Are is a smoking rock song.  Quite the incredible album for CNBlue. I’m still not an official fan but now I am quite there:D

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