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Drama/Film News [6th oct 2012]

For those who have been waiting for k-pop news, I had to skip one week of updates because I was seriously too busy and tired. Not to worry, the KNSF coming soon will include two weeks worth of news:) Hopefully part 1 and 2 will be up by Sunday or Monday.

This post will be mostly on Drama Updates.

1. Hope I’m not too late with this news. Science fiction-y fusion period drama The Great Seer/Dae PPung Soo( starts on Oct 10 on SBS) looks like it would be an epic sageuk. Story-wise, it’s an interesting perspective. Except the fact that we have a *eye-rolls* birth secret that can put a major damper on things. On the other hand, the costumes, teaser and stills are quite enough to attract my attention. What’s better is that the drama has some of my favourite actors and actresses are in it. Heck, I shall be double standard:P Read more @ DB🙂 

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Drama/Film News [30th Sept 2012]

Omg..I didn’t know I missed out on so much drama news. I really thought I just missed last week’s update. I’m really sorry!

New Films

1. Yoon Kye Sang has a new like-a-drama comedy film called Acting Lessons. The plot’s really strange. Yoon Kye Sang’s character has never made it out of extra-sphere as an actor. His father’s debt becomes a problem for the family when dad goes into a coma. With the liability(both the debt and lesser income) in mind, he takes on a job where he pretends to be a wealthy family’s long-lost disabled son. I’m curious as to how the writer/director would fit such a storyline into a few hours. But…how is this about acting? Well, I guess acting requires you to act your heart out. I…I’m clearly confused..

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