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K-Pop News/Songs So Far [15th Feb – 6th March 2013] part 3

This will cover the Others section.

Covers: by Lunafly with Train’s 50 Ways to Say Goodbye and LedApple with 1D’s Kiss You, their own single I’ll Be There and JB’s Baby (oh boy..)nicely done:)  LedApple’s covers are gradually becoming more open to the outdoor life. LOL. It’s great to see them having fun outside of the studio.;)

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K-Pop Songs So (really really)Far [5th – 26th Jan 2013] part 1

There have been many releases the past 3 weeks. And that’s an understatement. I apologise for not being able to give an update for the past weeks as I was busy with school. As for this time round’s KSSF, I have to inform you guys that I’m not going to be very nice with some of the things. LOL.

Do note that there are some albums where I only listened to just the songs provided on the akp songs. You can go to bubblefeetgravitych4 (and their many other similarly-named youtube channels)) for the missing tracks

[5th – 11th releases]


1.Verbal Jint is back with Good Start. It has a nice,pleasant mv and not a bad song. I initially thought the singer was hwayobi. But she’s Miss $’s newest member Kang Min Hee. Youtube link.

2. Speed‘s comeback starts off with Sad Promise, featuring Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung whom I would call an unnecessary addition. Why, the guys couldn’t sing? And I don’t think this is a dance version of the MV…

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K-Pop News So Far [23rd Sept 2012] part 3

There have been so many releases that I may consider a part 4. Hope I can do it in one post only:)

BTW, is there something wrong with utube audios? I have to refresh the page a few times sometimes.


1. 100%‘s concept is nothing like their teaser photos. So random, by the way. Lol. The song is great and I’m pleased with the vocals. The drawn-out ‘Uri ga wae’ (and chorus) is the highlight for me. Here’s the Live version of both the intro WE, 100% and the title track Bad Boy (Nappeun Nom)  The intro track seems to be the preview for the title track and it’s relatively slower which gives a different impact that’s on par with Bad Boy. The MV is right here for your viewing pleasure ;D. Still again is the last song on the debut album and it’s nothing much.

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