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How about some Drama/Film News? [22nd Aug 2012]

I didn’t think that leaving drama/film news out just once, would leave me so much to cover. Haha. Well, there wasn’t very much drama/film news on 16th Aug then,…hehe:P

New Dramas!

1. May Queen starring Jae Hee, Han Ji Hye and Kim Jae Won has begun airing last week, on the 18th( last Sat. oh so weekend drama.). I know I know. I’m behind time. Anyhow, the show will be a 32 episode series, ‘following a woman’s success story in the shipping industry’. Of course, I do like how it’s focusing on a woman’s accomplishment. However the only things that come to mind are makjang and the many hours I have to spend watching this. 😛 As for the three leads, they do look the part. * saliva drooling over their Jae Hee in his suit * I’ve missed Jae Hee so much, but my drama commitment issues….LOL.. well, I’ll just have to settle for his last drama, Colour of Woman. Sigh..another long drama I have to say goodbye to…

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How about some Drama/Film news? [9th Aug 2012]

New Dramas!!

1. Vampire Prosecutor!!!This is getting ridiculous. How the hell can I not watch season 1 and be waiting excitedly for season 2?!           2. Kim Ji Hoon is back! But he’s in a daily drama. 😦 He’s also going to be acting with his Wish Upon A Star co-star, Choi Jung Won, but they are playing siblings – twins at that. I loved his acting in WUAS. But sorry Ji Hoon deary, I have drama commitment issues. I’m just happy you are back. Missed you! :”D Kbye 😛

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Review #3: Delightful Girl Choon Hyang/DGCH(2005)

(wow that was a type-ful..u type..he..he? :P)                                                                      This is going to be extremely short, unlike the first two reviews. Have fun reading anyway!  


**Greater Warning: I didn’t like the show. So, stay away from future rage!**

If you haven’t watched DGCH, I..I have no rights to tell you to watch it or not. I’m just gonna say that there are other recent Hong Sisters Dramas out there that might quench your thirst the same way or possibly in a better way.

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