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How about some Drama/Film News? [22nd Aug 2012]

I didn’t think that leaving drama/film news out just once, would leave me so much to cover. Haha. Well, there wasn’t very much drama/film news on 16th Aug then,…hehe:P

New Dramas!

1. May Queen starring Jae Hee, Han Ji Hye and Kim Jae Won has begun airing last week, on the 18th( last Sat. oh so weekend drama.). I know I know. I’m behind time. Anyhow, the show will be a 32 episode series, ‘following a woman’s success story in the shipping industry’. Of course, I do like how it’s focusing on a woman’s accomplishment. However the only things that come to mind are makjang and the many hours I have to spend watching this. 😛 As for the three leads, they do look the part. * saliva drooling over their Jae Hee in his suit * I’ve missed Jae Hee so much, but my drama commitment issues….LOL.. well, I’ll just have to settle for his last drama, Colour of Woman. Sigh..another long drama I have to say goodbye to…

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How about some Drama/Film news? [9th Aug 2012]

New Dramas!!

1. Vampire Prosecutor!!!This is getting ridiculous. How the hell can I not watch season 1 and be waiting excitedly for season 2?!           2. Kim Ji Hoon is back! But he’s in a daily drama. 😦 He’s also going to be acting with his Wish Upon A Star co-star, Choi Jung Won, but they are playing siblings – twins at that. I loved his acting in WUAS. But sorry Ji Hoon deary, I have drama commitment issues. I’m just happy you are back. Missed you! :”D Kbye 😛

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