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(Not-a-review) Review #5: 9 End 2 Outs(2006) [updated: 10/2/13]

The first of the two reviews I promised is here:D Haha. For this review, it’s just going to be about my thoughts/comments on the show, seeing as both Kaedejun and Dramabeans have done a great review of 9E2O which already has points I originally wanted to cover.

** SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s better if you don’t know** LOL

9 end 2 outs is a drama that I never thought of trying. I have never even heard about the show until I saw it on Dramabeans. The me who is easily persuaded by DB’s positive comments coupled with the me who have always liked the idea of a best-friends-turn-lovers premise, thought I‘d just try it out and even if I come to dislike it, I can always stop watching.

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