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Have You Listened To Them Yet?: 1st -15th Aug 2013 [updated on 1/9/13]

You know, being a newbie at blogging kinda spares you from the hate when some interpret honesty as being evil because no one really knows you one really knows me yet… bahh!

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to.

Sorry in advance, if the post takes long to load. heh 😛

Songs I Like/ Would Like to Recommend

Hip-hop foursome M.I.B suit up for ‘Men In Black/Dash’. The cute, witty thing about the group is that their group name is always used as the initials for a song, or an album name, I realised. ‘Men In Black’ is a club song that is very easy to like on the first listen. The song has very nice bold beats along with an addicting chorus that follows those beats (and it’s exactly this part of the song that reminds me of another song…). The ‘Modu Deuri Deuri Dae’ part is really awesome. Btw, I really like that Gang Nam has a different melody to sing in. Haha. This time, 5Zic(why is he Zic to the O in the lyrics?) participates in the singing parts. When will it be Sims‘ turn?? Haha. Who’s the girl who sang? I wouldn’t say the concept was a bad choice. Just, it wasn’t even doing its job. (Maybe, it did, with what they are wearin’..) So, the fluid just made them cooler? Is becoming cool such a painful process? Haha. Looks like the group’s sex appeal comes in the form of 5Zic…or Zic O. ..Like DUH right. He’s so hot. 😛 

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K-Pop Songs So Far [8th – 14th Dec 2012]

There will be no KSSF and drama/film news next week as I will be going for a holiday. But I’ll be sure to give an update when I’m back.

By the way, there have been some serious car accidents this week, involving both Secret and Crispi Crunchy. Hope both groups recover quickly and that nobody else gets hurt!


1. Hwayobi just released her mini album in the later part of Nov, which can actually be found on this blog. But that’s not the point. In addition, she has participated in weekend drama, My Love, Madame Butterfly‘s OST. 

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K-Pop News So Far [27th Aug 2012] part 3

Part 2 is a click away above. Hopefully, you guys like the song picks for this time round’s K-Pop news:D


With GD back, I do feel sorry for the debuts, especially, and comebacks that are released around the same time. A mere post of GD’s MV is quite enough to bulldoze everything in sight, except Psy and Tiger JK. Haha. I’m so pleased with GD’s ‘One of A kind’! It’s edgy and has this weirdly addicting sound that suits GD well. The tiger cub and bear in the MV<3 Sorry I was so distracted by this daring addition to a music video. But I did notice Taeyang’s cameo 😛 It was a good surprise!  The lyrics are very GD and I’m so glad that it’s about something other than love between a guy and a girl. I love the rap, both the slow and fast ones. This guy’s charisma and confidence is magnetic. Even though the lyrics is egotistical, one can’t help but react to his pull. Honestly, I had extremely high expectations for his solo comeback. You can’t blame me really. GD has had his share of producing hits like ‘haru haru’ and ‘last farewell’ and when you have such talents, it’s no surprise people think of you so highly. 😀 But like what Gary would say: stree~ss. haha

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