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Have You Listened To Them Yet?: April(2013) edition part 2 [updated on 23/6/13]

Disclaimer(for all posts actually): All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. 

Recommended Songs

1. Zion T‘s first full album Red Light is out and it’s a unique album that IMO experiments. So some songs might be difficult to ‘get into’ but they are harmless(?). I do recommend listening to the whole album and my favourites are O, Doop, Neon, On Na Na, Two Melodies(released in early May), Click Me(debut). If you agree with me that the album is not an easy listen, then title song Babay(feat. Gaeko) would be a better, smoother track. As for what I personally think of Babay, I think it’s OK. The MV is quite cute though:)For those who don’t know who Zion T is, he is a singer(hip hop, rap, RnB) who has worked with many. One of his more recent works: Infinite H – Without U, Primary – Question Mark/?(Zion T and Choiza), Jokwon – I’m Da One

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K-Pop Songs So (really really)Far [5th – 26th Jan 2013] part 3

[19th – 26th releases] ends this time round’s KSSF. Apologies if anyone’s waiting for drama/film news. Updates will return this coming Friday/Saturday. heh:P

Again, do take note that I have not listened to every song on the albums, minis and singles.


1. Tiny G‘s comeback with Minimanimo🙂 The title trck is a fun song with an interesting starting melody that captures attention very quickly…for me that is. youtube link. Come to play sounded a little childish for me. It’s on the akp link if you wanna listen it out for yourself. 

2. Rude Paper‘s follow-up song wadamin( slang for what do you mean) is out:)An ok song. The definition of the song as on akp: The song laments the rigid blueprint for a ‘good life’ in society today aka getting into a good college, landing that great job, getting married, and providing for a family. The music video showcases these sentiments as the lone person is seen doing well meeting expectations, but feeling stifled., featuring Naomi, the female singer. I like the MV:)

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