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Have You Watched Them Yet?: 7th March – 21 May 2013 [updated 4/8/13]

So yes, this is the drama/film version of ‘Have You Listened To Them Yet’, which I have been doing for songs and covers from March-June. I figured that it wasn’t very appropriate to use the original titles, since these aren’t very recent updates.

Note: I haven’t watched the films and shows below so the comments will be my zeroth(because there’s a first?..and before that is :P) impression. More information is a click away:)

Movie Picks

1.High Heels: The film sounds like it’s going all out with the comedy, with Cha Seung Won leading as a cop, Ji Wook, from the ‘Violent Crimes’ department who wants to be female. That’s so extreme O.O I mean, I totally love Cha for his masculine, charismatic image and imagining him as someone who wants to change his gender and do girly stuff (like wear heels for instance, or even shopping) is just mind-blowing. I am very curious as to whether another actress will play after-operation-Cha, or will Cha continue playing the character, just in female-wear and wigs? 

Also, transgender is no small matter in Korea, especially for men. Perhaps the plot will inject some seriousness with regards to how the family takes it…unless the cop doesn’t have a family… I’ve been thinking too about whether Cha Seung Won’s decision to change gender is related to the character’s occupation and the cases he handled and handles. Esom will play the role as a bff(I suppose), Jang Mi, in helping the man with his wish, while Oh Jung Sae acts as Cha Seung Won’s rival, Heo Geon. Casts include Go Kyung Pyo and special appearances by Oh Ji Ho, Ahn Kil Kang and Lee Eon Jeong

Another show that’s along the same lines as High Heels is Kim Myung Min‘s Kang Ho’s Childbirth Story. Why do the two guys have to be a ‘Violent Crimes’ cop?! Or why don’t the two films merge!

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Drama/Film News [Feb – 6th Mar 2013]

I know I haven’t been very punctual about my drama/film news updates. But it’s here now! Hehe..

Note that I only post drama and film news with somewhat complete information that I like:) Click the links to read and see more:)

Wild Dogs is a new film starring Kim Jung Hoon as the lead who comes by a village and starts unraveling their secrets. I don’t like Kim Jung Hoon…So while the premise sounds exciting, it’s actually quite common so..

Weekend drama You are the Best, Lee Soon Shin starts today(9 March) We have IU as Lee Soon Shin, which was the exact name of a famous general in Korean history. She dreams of being a singer and meets Jo Jeong Seok‘s typical first lead character. 2nd sister Yoo Shin (Yoo Inna) and Go Joo Won‘s character will have something going on with each other~♥ School 2013‘s Lee Ji Hoon will play Jo’s best friend. Sohn Tae Young plays the eldest sister. 

park hee soonGod of Workplace has a storyline that’s iffy for me. It’s got this make-or-break kind of premise. So, for now, I will just be hearing comments from others about the show~hehe. I have mixed feelings for All About Romance too. It’s all because of the politics! Damn it. >.< For Park Hee Soon then? ;P

I think I will wait it out and see how Gu Family Book fares. For now, I’m neutral. Lee Yubi has joined the drama’s cast along with Jo Sung Ha, Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk.

More on the fuzzy weekend drama Wonderful Mama where Lee Chung Ah (The Five) joins as Jung Yu Mi’s besty🙂

New Films

1. ZE:A’s Siwan and Song Kang Ho will co-star for Attorney, a movie about a legal representative who helps his benefactor’s young activist son. Though both are not confirmed for the role, I think the film is sure to be heart-warming.

 im and song for attorneyTop Star

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Drama/Film News [15th – 28th Dec 2012]

Sorry for the delayed post. This will be the last drama/film update for the year and a short one since nothing much that was new and current caught my interest.

New Films

2 more new films will be coming to the big screens soon and they are The Berlin File and The Five, which has confirmed Kim Seon Ah‘s participation.

1.A February release, The Berlin File is an adrenaline-pumping film of 4 spies (Ha Jung Woo, Han Seok Kyu, Ryu Seung Beom and Jeon Ji Hyeon) ordered to kill each other. (If everyone dies, anyone near me will have to say hello to danger level 10.)

Think of Ha Jung Woo’s spy #1 character as Snape/ Laughing Kor (putting the two names together makes me laugh for some reason). He works for North Korea and doubles as a double agent in South Korea. But he fails as his identity gets known. Hmm..What will be more interesting if he’s a double double agent (He works for South. Actually no, he works for North. Oh my brains, he works for South?!). Mann, that would be so confusing and tricky. Ha.

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Drama/ Film News [8th – 14th Dec 2012]

There was nothing much new in k-drama and k-film land(s?) that I liked. So this will be an extremely short update.   Btw, Kang Ji Hwan’s in a court case. I’m not sure what’s going on myself. But DB posted an article about it. The comments should be helpful too:)

New Movie

kang and ha's new film Ha Jung Woo and Kang Dong Won‘s (comeback) 2013 movie sounds quite awesome. It’s got the same Robin Hood/ Iljimae/ Hong Gil Dong plot where Ha Jung Woo’s butcher character forms a team of thieves that aim to help the poor civilians during corrupted 19th Century Joseon era. Without a doubt, this angers the corrupted rich nobleman. Kang Dong Won is the wealthiest Nobleman’s son as well as the best fighter or swordsman. However, as the son of his dad’s concubine, he isn’t recognised by daddy which causes him to stupidly go wayward. Well, it could be his way of seeking his dad’s anger attention. It seems as if the writer split Hong Gil Dong’s two sides (avenging the civilians side and illegitimate son side) onto two characters. Not a bad idea.

I’m more invested in Kang Dong Won’s role. I wonder if Kang Dong Won would be recruited into Ha Jung Woo’s good bandit team. If yes, I wonder how the conflict between father and son would play out and settle. Moreover, the film format has time limitations. How will the movie tie up everything?


Just…Just watch this CF. LOL. This, was epic!

why, hello there hottie ;D

Baek Sung Hyun is confirmed for a role in Iris2. He’s going to be a excellent hacker for the good guys. He’s also trained by Jang Hyuk, who trained Lee Da Hae and Doo Joon.

I wasn’t planning to post this. But I have liked him ever since White Christmas. He’s so good-looking :DDDD

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed:) Merry X’mas to y’all~

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Drama/ Film News [Nov – 7th Dec 2012]

There are some interesting dramas and films that have captured my attention. School 2013 was here and there for me but I’ve heard good things about the show. And since the drama has already started (isn’t it 2012 still??), I won’t comment about it. Also, I’ll Tell You Something Shocking, which is like a skit set-up kinda rom-com, has already started. And BTW, the EOY reviews at Dramabeans have started:) Here’s the link for the review and the polls.

By the way, TvN is now called (Channel) M. Also, did you guys know that Lee Taesung’s brother is the singer of band BOB4?!

Most of the dramas and films are looking for a 2013 release.

Yeo Jin Gu to star in a new film.

New Films

1. Hwa Yi is an action thriller that depicts a young boy’s (Yeo Jin Gu is considering the role) revenge against his daddies who raised him, and along the way discovering a twisted conspiracy. This is a rather incomplete but curiosity-piquing plot. In DB’s post, Girlfriday had inserted inverted commas to the word father(I used daddy). This sounds like some City Hunter plot. Jo Jin Woong and Kim Yoon Seok are also possibly part of the cast.

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