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Review #6: A Crazy Little Thing Called Love(Thai Film, 2010)

Yes. This is a Thai movie review. So, apologies if you guys, the readers, were waiting for a korean film/drama review. It was an unexpected decision to see it because never in my life would I have thought of having a thai film in my list of have-watched films/dramas but, it was a pleasant surprise!

When my friend introduced this movie to me, I was a little hesitant about the suggestion. I wasn’t exactly excited about thai productions since most of the shows they are famous for are violent fighting shows. But then again, it’s a show with ‘love’ in its

** Spoiling the show for you beyond this message, by yours truly :P**

The Storyline

Anyway, ACLTCL is first and foremost, a film about crushes with Nam’s told in an ugly-duckling-to-swan style.

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