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K-Pop Songs So Far [7th – 16th March 2013] + a TVB song?!

Sorry for the late update. I was extremely busy and tired during the weekends. Note: I never listened to every song that was released.


1. Lee Hi‘s album: As mentioned in the last KSSF, I didn’t exactly like or dislike Lee Hi’s It’s Over. Perhaps it was something I wasn’t used to *shrugs*. The other songs in Lee Hi’s new mini-album of 5 are my kinda tracks. The sound and melody of Dream was interestingly mature and thought-provoking. LinkOne-sided love is a jazz song that I feel needs some scolding. (It would be awesome if there could be a song about scolding someone…O.O) LOL. Unless the dude’s already attached, I say go for it. (Of course, it isn’t easy but I realised myself that there’s no use pining for someone who doesn’t like you back. But since this is a crush, who knows? It could be a a-crazy-little-thing-called-love scenario!) Special is an RnB track that I really like. Link. Turn it Up is more towards hip-hop and I freakin’ love it.

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