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K-Pop Songs So (really really)Far [5th – 26th Jan 2013] part 3

[19th – 26th releases] ends this time round’s KSSF. Apologies if anyone’s waiting for drama/film news. Updates will return this coming Friday/Saturday. heh:P

Again, do take note that I have not listened to every song on the albums, minis and singles.


1. Tiny G‘s comeback with Minimanimo🙂 The title trck is a fun song with an interesting starting melody that captures attention very quickly…for me that is. youtube link. Come to play sounded a little childish for me. It’s on the akp link if you wanna listen it out for yourself. 

2. Rude Paper‘s follow-up song wadamin( slang for what do you mean) is out:)An ok song. The definition of the song as on akp: The song laments the rigid blueprint for a ‘good life’ in society today aka getting into a good college, landing that great job, getting married, and providing for a family. The music video showcases these sentiments as the lone person is seen doing well meeting expectations, but feeling stifled., featuring Naomi, the female singer. I like the MV:)

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K-Pop Songs So Far [15th – 28th Dec 2012]

Hey everyone:) How was Christmas? Hope all had a wonderful one. A new year will be starting very quickly:) So before I end this year’s KSSF, Happy New Year everyone:) And I would like to say: To my loyal readers, thank you for being with me. To my new readers, welcome:) Thanks for putting up with my laziness. See you next year:)…

… holidays, when will I ever meet you again?


1. Sunny Hill’s Joobi and K Pop Star’s Yoon Hyun Sang releases a duet song Cold Day. A song you would definitely like for a cold wintry Christmas:) Weeeell, I would…

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K-Pop News So Far [9th Nov – 29th Nov] songs

Haha I’m back! Sorry for MIA-ing. I had a test and assignments for the last two weeks. Hopefully, I can deliver my end-of-year project for you guys on time 🙂

It’s like overdose by songs. Seriously, the were so many songs that came out in the past three weeks that I might have passed wrong judgements on which songs to recommend.

It’s going to be a loooo~ooong post. Enjoy~


There have been quite a number of good songs but they only in showed up in the later part of the November news. Hopefully, I will satisfy you guys with my choices, though I know it’s gonna be like old news. (Fine, it is!)Hehe. In no order of liking, just maybe the top ones…hee

1. Beast/B2ST’s Yoseob has recently got his solo debut album, named Caffeine. Produced by JunhyungCaffeine may sound generic at first but it’s got a nice tweak to it that causes the entire track to sound diff. Slick MV, very cool heart scene. The other songs on the album were also ok:  Even Then, I (strongly recommend), Look at me nowYou don’t knowJust do as you always did. The BTS vid akp linky.

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K-Pop New So Far [16th Sept 2012] part 2

Sorry for the late post! It has been a hectic week for me. Hope I can churn out the other intended post asap.

Gosh I’m addicted to Vampire Pros 2’s ‘Danger‘ OST!

Not-quite Debut

Take Hyun is the only person in this section but that’s good enough, seriously. I’m not sure if anybody knows him  but his 2 releases (one of them is his official debut song, ‘Stand By Me’) are not bad! Check them out below!

‘Stand By Me’ is an amazing song. I was actually surprised that a rookie would take up a rock genre for his debut. But he didn’t let me down. Those vocals of his are outstanding and if he plans to rock it out a little longer, then that’s great news! When an MV tries to tell me a story, I’m lost. lol..My brain is terrible at analysing. I’m not sure if it’s because I get distracted very easily or that I’m just not that deep. However it’s obvious what the video was getting at: a painful break up that a guy doesn’t want. He’s so badly hurt that he trashes everything. Even that poor guitar.

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K-Pop News So Far [10th Sept 2012] part 2 [updated]

K-Pop doesn’t allow a week without any release. Commence Youtube videos/links!

Debuts: I’m actually quite scared of this word now. I’m not liking how many are debuting each/this year. I understand that the K-Pop industry is extremely competitive. Everybody is scared to lose out. But if the quality is not good or stays stagnant, there’s just no point in pushing the debut date up. I see a recent surge in talented groups so far. But even those with talents can get ignored/pushed aside easily because there are just, too many groups and too many (similar type of) songs. Oh and too many visuals. =.=

We have 2 new groups and a soloist entering the (over-populated) stage: 24k( two four k), Lunafly and Baek Ah Yeon.

24K’s debut song was a good listen. You can tell that the group has great vocals they can rely on. (Shouldn’t that be the first and foremost concern for all groups actually?)  The MV didn’t really help in differentiating who’s who. And it’s funny how ‘hurry up’ sounded nothing like their teaser.

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