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Drama/Film News [5th – 31st Jan 2013]

And here it is!

It has been a long while since I updated you guys on the happenings of the drama/film world. I have been reading the updates on Dramabeans but none of the upcoming projects have hit me and got me interested real bad, like as though I will die from curiosity if the film/drama isn’t set to air. I mean, there were some that sounded okay but then when I think about it again, wasn’t much. More of the drama details are in the db link.

(Drama) Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek: I might try it out for Jin Goo. I have been dying to see him in a drama..because I don’t know this actor. I know. Call me strange. The plot sounds good-natured and all. Maybe I will see it, maybe I won’t. Who knows? Maybe it actually is a good show. Like how I had zero expectations for Dr. Champ. Cast: Jin Goo, Park Ha Sun, Jo Hyun Jae and Han Chae Young. 

(Drama) Nine: One of those shows that confuses me but might have something in there. It’s got time-travelling and mystery going on. Just like the kind of feeling Incarnation of Money gives me. Cast: Lee Jin Wook, Jo Yoon Hee, Jeon No Min and Park Hyun Shik.

Ninehey there hottie

(Film) Battle of Yeonpyeong is about a real border attack from North Korea to South that happened in 2002. The film can be promising if done right. For now, the film has Jung Seok Won leading as commander Yoon Young Ha, a real military officer and a hero.

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Drama/ Film News [Nov – 7th Dec 2012]

There are some interesting dramas and films that have captured my attention. School 2013 was here and there for me but I’ve heard good things about the show. And since the drama has already started (isn’t it 2012 still??), I won’t comment about it. Also, I’ll Tell You Something Shocking, which is like a skit set-up kinda rom-com, has already started. And BTW, the EOY reviews at Dramabeans have started:) Here’s the link for the review and the polls.

By the way, TvN is now called (Channel) M. Also, did you guys know that Lee Taesung’s brother is the singer of band BOB4?!

Most of the dramas and films are looking for a 2013 release.

Yeo Jin Gu to star in a new film.

New Films

1. Hwa Yi is an action thriller that depicts a young boy’s (Yeo Jin Gu is considering the role) revenge against his daddies who raised him, and along the way discovering a twisted conspiracy. This is a rather incomplete but curiosity-piquing plot. In DB’s post, Girlfriday had inserted inverted commas to the word father(I used daddy). This sounds like some City Hunter plot. Jo Jin Woong and Kim Yoon Seok are also possibly part of the cast.

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