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Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [26th Apr – 15th May 2014]

Have You Listened To Them Yet?: [26th Apr – 15th May 2014]

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Two other links here may help too: LINK #1 , LINK #2

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend

Superstar K3’s Shin Ji Su (her smile <3) and Crucial Star perform a live version of ‘Show Me Your Light’ through 1theK’s youtube channel. The mid-tempo Hip-Hop and RnB collaboration track has an understated quality which might not satisfy everyone. Great choice of both rapper and singer.The lyrics are also something to look out for. 🙂 Click title to read more comfortably or click to continue


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