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K-Songs So Far: [1st – 20th Nov 2013]

Disclaimer: All posts are just containing my OPINION. I don’t mean to offend. I mean to give only my honest feedback. Also, I do not listen to every song, although I try to. (I might have missed them or the site may not have posted on it. The ‘Discovered’ section exists for this reason.)

By the way, this link here is for those who wish to look at (almost) every song that came out in each week. Since I don’t like EVERY song that comes out, I thought the Soompi tag should reflect a better picture of the releases. 😀 Another link here may help too: LINK

From this post onwards, my source should permanently be from Soompi.

Songs I Like and Would Like to Recommend

1. Soloist Sameul Seo sings, raps and produces(!!!) in his English-Korean debut(?) hip-hop album ‘Welcome To My Zone’ (His songs are extremely hard to find prior to this post.). He makes me think of One Ok Rock with his smooth transition between the two languages. Overall, I found myself liking the singing parts of his songs most of the time. 😛 Title track ‘The Pink Room(feat 2Tak)’ is a laid-back hip-hop song. It has this classy sound to it that’s pretty addicting. 🙂 ‘Enough Said’ reminds me of E-Sens ‘Poison’ because both have this contemplative, poignant vibe. ‘Die For Today’ is a beautiful ballad. I didn’t really like the rap but I thoroughly enjoyed the singing parts. ‘Everyday’s The Same(featuring Jin Sol)’ is more the typical kind of hip-hop song listeners are used to, especially with respect to the rap. ‘White Noise’ has nice offbeat…beats (heh) that goes well with the lazy(?) singing. This time, the rap is just nice. 😀 ‘The Hall (feat Jayho) [interlude]’ is nothing really special but the singing parts are my favourite. Heh. I think ’11PM Birthday(feat Qim Isle)’ is not too bad IMO. ‘Aqua(feat Nucksal)’ is definitely not mainstream music. There isn’t a certain melody structure to ‘get into’ easily, so it does take effort to like, me included. Also, the quotes in the song are interesting. ‘With No Exit(feat #WM)’ is a sexy Hip-hop RnB track. Really love it.  Click title to read more comfortably or click to continue

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K-Pop News So Far [9th Nov – 29th Nov] songs

Haha I’m back! Sorry for MIA-ing. I had a test and assignments for the last two weeks. Hopefully, I can deliver my end-of-year project for you guys on time 🙂

It’s like overdose by songs. Seriously, the were so many songs that came out in the past three weeks that I might have passed wrong judgements on which songs to recommend.

It’s going to be a loooo~ooong post. Enjoy~


There have been quite a number of good songs but they only in showed up in the later part of the November news. Hopefully, I will satisfy you guys with my choices, though I know it’s gonna be like old news. (Fine, it is!)Hehe. In no order of liking, just maybe the top ones…hee

1. Beast/B2ST’s Yoseob has recently got his solo debut album, named Caffeine. Produced by JunhyungCaffeine may sound generic at first but it’s got a nice tweak to it that causes the entire track to sound diff. Slick MV, very cool heart scene. The other songs on the album were also ok:  Even Then, I (strongly recommend), Look at me nowYou don’t knowJust do as you always did. The BTS vid akp linky.

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