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Drama/Film News [15th – 28th Dec 2012]

Sorry for the delayed post. This will be the last drama/film update for the year and a short one since nothing much that was new and current caught my interest.

New Films

2 more new films will be coming to the big screens soon and they are The Berlin File and The Five, which has confirmed Kim Seon Ah‘s participation.

1.A February release, The Berlin File is an adrenaline-pumping film of 4 spies (Ha Jung Woo, Han Seok Kyu, Ryu Seung Beom and Jeon Ji Hyeon) ordered to kill each other. (If everyone dies, anyone near me will have to say hello to danger level 10.)

Think of Ha Jung Woo’s spy #1 character as Snape/ Laughing Kor (putting the two names together makes me laugh for some reason). He works for North Korea and doubles as a double agent in South Korea. But he fails as his identity gets known. Hmm..What will be more interesting if he’s a double double agent (He works for South. Actually no, he works for North. Oh my brains, he works for South?!). Mann, that would be so confusing and tricky. Ha.

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Drama/ Film News [Nov – 7th Dec 2012]

There are some interesting dramas and films that have captured my attention. School 2013 was here and there for me but I’ve heard good things about the show. And since the drama has already started (isn’t it 2012 still??), I won’t comment about it. Also, I’ll Tell You Something Shocking, which is like a skit set-up kinda rom-com, has already started. And BTW, the EOY reviews at Dramabeans have started:) Here’s the link for the review and the polls.

By the way, TvN is now called (Channel) M. Also, did you guys know that Lee Taesung’s brother is the singer of band BOB4?!

Most of the dramas and films are looking for a 2013 release.

Yeo Jin Gu to star in a new film.

New Films

1. Hwa Yi is an action thriller that depicts a young boy’s (Yeo Jin Gu is considering the role) revenge against his daddies who raised him, and along the way discovering a twisted conspiracy. This is a rather incomplete but curiosity-piquing plot. In DB’s post, Girlfriday had inserted inverted commas to the word father(I used daddy). This sounds like some City Hunter plot. Jo Jin Woong and Kim Yoon Seok are also possibly part of the cast.

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Drama/Film News [7th Oct – 1st Nov 2012]

This is going to be hard..I didn’t realise it had been this long. ehehe. Do note, though, that I’m picking based on whether I like what I’m reading about the shows.

If anyone wants a point of view on recent shows, DB has podcasts every now and then. Ep 14 part 2 link is here. Seoulbeats occasionally have such posts too.

New Films

1. Jackal is Coming stars Song Ji Hyo and JYJ’s JaeJoong and it looks like it’s going to be cracktastic. Something tells me Jaejoong will be rocking it out in his asking-for-a-punch idol character. It may be his 4d personality that is giving me this positive outlook. Lol. Song Ji Hyo’s character reminds me of her role in RM. Han Sang Jin, Oh Dal Soo and Kim Sung Ryung co-stars as a former FBI agent, detective and the top star’s sponsor respectively. Why can’t this be a drama?!

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