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Drama/Film News [5th Sept 2012]

Short-term memory’s blamed for the shortened title. I’m still blaming myself…haha.

New Films

The first film is..a..erm..a thriller with Daniel Choi and Lim Chang Jung, called The Traffickers. From Dramabeans’s post, it’s a show about the illegal going-ons in the organ-trafficking world. Daniel Choi will be the husband to a woman who went missing after a boat ride and Lim Chang Jung is the man/leader behind the crimes. I..I can’t post more. (Too too dark!!! I’m a 3-year-old when it comes to such shows. Forgive the wimp in me.) Or else I would be scared to even visit my blog. (I had the heart not to post any pictures.) You can visit DB’s for more insight on the film as well as more pictures and trailer for those interested. But if you were to ask me, I actually wished Daniel Choi to be in Im Chang Jung’s role. It would be more interesting…even if I’m not watching it. hahaha. (those words on their faces look a little like barcodes to me)

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How about some Drama news? [30th July 2012, updated on 1/8/2012]

More dramas coming your way~~ (my drama list is crying)

1. Song Joong Ki’s ‘Nice Guy’ / ‘ No Such Thing as a Nice Guy‘ will be starting in Sept, which is a month later. I never thought SJK would play a role like this. It’s a pleasant surprise to see JoongKi choosing to play different characters rather than stay in ‘pretty boy’ roles. And yet, I’m afraid I will dislike him. LOL. Just don’t bother with me. Haha.

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