K-Songs/News So Far [27th – 31st Jan 2013]

02 Feb

Hi again:) Updates for drama/film will be done by today or tomorrow, latest. But I’m afraid I will not be updating the blog as frequently as I would like to for the coming weeks. I apologise for the inconvenience caused.


1. Yayyyy! DMTN(Dalmatian)/ Determination, Motivation, Timing, Now (??Now?! What about ‘now’?)
 is back
The song, I love it!! The heavy beats were so awesome:D The slow rap was a great idea and I liked how Inati did it.The MV though..On one hand, I liked the way the MV was shot (so blue – romantic with a mix of melancholy) and loved it when the guys were just walking. But on the other hand, I feel that Inati kept getting left out of the MV.  Also, the MV was a little incoherent for me (please don’t trust my analysis. lol) and while I like the idea of idols getting a shot at acting through MVs, I didn’t think the acting was that great – some parts were alright and yet some were a little cheesy and awkward. Btw, what shirt(white one) is donglim wearing?! Oops. Well, I didn’t say everyone had the same opinion about the clothes..

2. OSTs: Lee Jung contributes to Flower Boy Next Door‘s OST! Sighh..The pain of chasing dramas..I had to listen without being able to look at the mv..:( but the song and lee jung’s vocals are great:) Lee unstoppable marriage feels!  As for Ailee, she sings Ice Flower for Queen of Ambitions. what can I say? She’s awesome. Really, it’s like any song she sings will turn out great. The mv’s really really dramatic though. Hehe.

3. B.A.P‘s leader has recorded an audio clip (perhaps a new song??) for us fans!!I loved it. It’s got this thriller feel to it but byg’s rap makes it less scary, perhaps trying to fight against the haunting feeling. Not a fan of the ending though haha. Btw, he has a tumblr account according to the akp post’s comments.

4. Sistar19‘s comeback to me, wasn’t very satisfying. Check it out for yourself: The song was on the ok side. Why? Because it sounded like another Alone due to the mellower/toned down vibe as compared to Ma Boy. For me, that wasn’t the only thing. Even the dance reminded me of Alone. Is Sistar trying to be like Sistar19 or is the subunit trying to be like its full group? I’m not disappointed by the similarity in concepts but I thought that the subunit was a deviation from the group – keeping Sistar relevant but yet showing a different side and sound to the duo. Which is why, I preferred and recommend A Girl In Love. 

5. Ahh a ballad? Yes it is and it’s from a duo who’s enlisting soon, December. It has indeed been a long time since I added a December song but I liked this new song from them. There are two versions to the song actually. But I’m just gonna add the MV.

Ambiguous – those that have their merits and demerits

BoA‘s disturbance, featuring Shinee’s Taemin as her ex. AKP link.

Superstar K4’s Takers (remember them from So Ji Sub’s recent album?). AKP Link. Note: The duo has great vocals but the song and mv, well..

4Men‘s Hello, It’s Me is out. Okay, first and foremost, the song is good, objectively speaking but I’m not in the mood for overly dramatic ballads at this moment. I like ballads but I can’t stand dramatics. Shin Yong Jae always wows me over but I feel for the other two members. Even saying ‘the other two’ is a direct hurt to them. There are other songs on the album but I got lazy since I’m not receptive to ballads for now.

Ali‘s return wasn’t so bad actually. I didn’t exactly like or dislike her title track, Eraser but as it’s a ballad…I liked The Tears Are Gone (ft C-Clown Kang Jun). The collaboration made the ballad better. Don’t Say Another Word is a more upbeat/brighter song that’s actually my fav out of the songs on the akp post.


1. Loved Leessang and The Seeya‘s Yoojin Tears? Catch the three recording the song in action here!

2. Glam‘s Zinni dances to the b-girl(?) remix of the group’s title song I Like That. One word: impressed.

3. LedApple covers Big Bang‘s Love Song and I must say, the rock version has it’s own appeal:D 


1. Bromance ftw~! After Shut Up Flower Boy Band kicked start the bromance in 2012, 2013 has School 2013‘s leads, Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin as this year’s representative. Hmm..I wonder if this would be a trend…that I don’t mind! Haha. 😛

shin min ah being awesome

2. Shim Min Ah models and endorses for fashion brand Joinus. Here are more pretty pictures! I love what she’s wearing in every shot:)

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! Drama/Film News will be up next:)


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