K-Pop News So Far [23rd Sept 2012] part 3

30 Sep

There have been so many releases that I may consider a part 4. Hope I can do it in one post only:)

BTW, is there something wrong with utube audios? I have to refresh the page a few times sometimes.


1. 100%‘s concept is nothing like their teaser photos. So random, by the way. Lol. The song is great and I’m pleased with the vocals. The drawn-out ‘Uri ga wae’ (and chorus) is the highlight for me. Here’s the Live version of both the intro WE, 100% and the title track Bad Boy (Nappeun Nom)  The intro track seems to be the preview for the title track and it’s relatively slower which gives a different impact that’s on par with Bad Boy. The MV is right here for your viewing pleasure ;D. Still again is the last song on the debut album and it’s nothing much.

2. Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul finally has a solo debut after his group one 13 years ago. I may not like all the songs in this album of his but I found some I enjoyed. 🙂  Missing You is a light song with wonderful acoustics that makes me think of this image: spring, coffee, a book and a comfy chair. Love Dawn is a lovely instrumental piece. I wouldn’t want it with any vocals. It’s perfect like that. I didn’t exactly disliked Memories of the Wind on the first try but when I listened to the title track with more focus, it became one of the songs I liked out of this album. It’s quite the melo piece actually. I like the MV for being a little different. It’s sad but at the same time, heart-warming. Start of a farewell is another beautiful track in this album that is a bit on the jazzy side. It does sound a little similar to Memories of the Wind but gentler. I absolutely love the harmonisation in I am still. The song is almost like Missing You:D Stone of Zion is actually a hymn that Naul sings in English. I was quite shocked that a song in the album would touch on religion. I may be a free-thinker but Stone of Zion is a great song nonetheless.

3. Female soloist Andamiro debuts with a weirdly-titled track Hypnotise. Andamiro is a great singer, so don’t miss her out! She’s got a fierce and quirky vibe that I like:P All her songs(remixes and other songs) are great and they somehow sound similar and yet different. LOL. How do you start hypnotising a person whose eyes are closed?! The MV shows that it’s more drugging (hypnotic drug then?) than causing him to fall into a trance.  Very 70’s disco-like. Awesome and funky! This is a more pop-y kind of song. It’s got this carefree vibe that’s refreshing and attractive:D Fever is the catchy k-pop song we are attuned to. Very fun and her vocals are always a joy to listen to:D I don’t care is also a nice song. It actually sounds like hypnotize.

4. Anybody who’s on the look out for Lunafly’s official debut in Korea can read about it: here.( it’s on 27th sept) Yeah I know. I’m overtime. heh:P Also, Infinite H( Our Yadong) will be officially debuting as a sub-unit next year!


I apologise to the other comebacks, osts, others. GD’s comeback takes priority! lol.

1. So I have listened to GD’s 2nd solo album and am loving it, except for Crayon though. (For me, it’s quite an all-over-the-place song. Maybe it’s supposed to be like that because you let loose when you go crazy. But to any one, it may be the kind of song for you 🙂 ) GD’s bonus track Light it Up which features Dok2 and Tablo is an epic listen. It’s so edgy and fierce. It’s totally awesome!  In the End/Eventually is a song that has the same vibe as That XX in that both are songs that aren’t trying to force themselves on you. Very pleasant and addicting. The female singer is a great addition and has a mature vocals that I really enjoy. Thumbs up really. * Crispi Crunchy’s song and head bobbing starts~*  Very fun and playful instrumental, I must say. The song’s lightness coupled with Jaurim’s Kim Yuna’s indie-ish vocals and GD’s rap is a perfect combination. (GD has this flexible rap style that I admire and thoroughly enjoy listening to. ) Today is a naughty song. It’s like the song is trying to sweeten up the cheating side of the relationship deal by sweeping me off my feet with Kim Jong Hwan’s beautiful falsettos. And If I didn’t listen till the end of the chorus, I wouldn’t have known this cheater was having so much fun. Sneaky bastard!

By the way, GD performed That XX Live with Jung Sung Ha on Inkigayo. Watch it here!

2. Spica’s back! I’ll Be There is catchy and refreshingly uplifting with the flawless harmonisation. The MV makes me think it would be a dark song like Painkiller. The cow<3 Hahaha. am a little disappointed with their gimmicky MV though. But being spica, everyone sounds great, especially Boa and Bo Hyung( She looks like clazziquai’s Horan!). I’m also glad that everyone is not overly exposed. LOL. Now are they playing around with their group name? [I have yet to try out their other songs so if I have the time, I will go over them and add them in future KNSFs 🙂 ]

3. With Lyn as the featured singer, Mighty Mouth releases At Times Like This, an apt title. Lyn sounds great as always and the rap lyrics for Shorry are quite witty. Sangchu’s acting is actually not bad, except the ending scene though. Haha. He’s becoming quite the MV actor these days. I loved the part where Sangchu literally stopped the music, like it was not a song the MV was accompanying.The MV was good in terms of changing up some stuff in post-break-up videos.  You get seriously tired and frustrated of being constantly reminded of your ex. Sheesh!

4. U-Kiss’s comeback kicks start with title track Stop Girl (monochrome and coloured versions). The song and both versions of the MV are all good. (Very pop but the beats and harmonisation are delicious.) Monochrome provides a stylish side to the MV. There’s an English version of Stop Girl here. Btw, lens flaaaaaares~. lol. Is this an OST? It’s a lovely ballad between Soo Hyun and Kevin:)  AJ<3 I’m biased like that. hehehe:P Time To Go isn’t that bad but it isn’t that good too.  Are you trolling me U-Kiss? I need me a full version for this intro traaaaack!

btw, simonandmartina have posted U-kiss’s interview and MV bts, etc.

5. ChAOs returns with Kiss Kiss. * Groans at the title*  The song has a nice accompanying latin-ish acoustics to it. I like:D The MV is a stunner, in a good way. I admire the quintet for their hard work. The MV is so creative and cute that the song was pushed to one side on the first lyrics though, scares me. >.<

6. I have no idea who Ashgray is but I enjoyed Killheel. Gilme did well on her part. *Love you baby, love your girl* They had me at their harmonisation and falsettos. 😛 On the other hand, the MV is….hard to watch. It was too focused on certain…body parts…

7. BtoB releases a dance version MV of WOW. I actually prefer looking at the members, knowing who’s singing/rapping what and watching the dance in its total glory.

8. Ga In will be making a comeback soon on Oct 5th! 

9. And it looks like I need a part 4 😀

10. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned to part 4:)


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